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Monday, December 8th, 2008 7/8c


16 Years ago – Manhattan, New York
Hiro and Claire watch as the scene where she his handed over to Noah Bennett plays out once again atop the Nakamura Building. Claire recognizes Hiro but because Hiro didn’t learn English until after he turned ten there is a communication gap. When Hiro hears that his mother is near he goes in search of her and Claire follows.

Kaito, Hiro’s dad and our favorite Star Trek character still on TV, discusses the catalyst with his wife, Ichi, and how he wants the baby (Claire) to have it. They both are aware that she is dying. She wants Hiro to have the catalyst but Kaito thinks Hiro useless because he is always playing games and reading comic books. When a dove dies in its birdcage Ichi blows a breath on it and it lives again. Hiro now knows that his mother is/was someone with ability too.

Kaito finds Hiro roaming the house but does not recognize his son (16 years into the future). He sends him to the kitchen thinking him the new chef and orders him to start cooking.

Present Day
Sylar, covered in blood, gets a call from Arthur. Arthur wants him to come back but Sylar tells him that he will no longer help him. Then Sylar covers the buzz-cut body of Elle in lighter fluid, says goodbye and lights her corpse on fire using his new ability of electricity.

Angela tells Peter that he must work with the Haitian to nullify Arthur’s powers and kill him. She also explains to Peter that Arthur intended to kill Nathan which is why she poisoned him. Peter takes the gun and tells his mother that he will kill Arthur.

At Pinehurst, Nathan is ready to take over the project and become the “face” of the Corporation. Arthur is reluctant to let go but sees the value of Nathan as the public figure of the Company. Tracy reminds Arthur that they’ve already agreed to this.

Later, Tracy tells Nathan that leading the Corporation and his efforts in the Senate can propel them into the Presidency. (Note: In the future, we have seen Nathan Petrelli as President of the U.S. and who we thought was Niki, as the First Lady. They were given a press conference in front of Pinehurst in an earlier episode.)

Tracy begins to outline what Pinehurst intends to do with the formula and shows Nathan to an open area filled with soldiers. This is the Genesis of the new “Army.” Evidently, they intend to inject an elite unit of soldiers and turn them into super-warriors!

16 Years Ago
And in one of the creepier scenes Claire inserts herself into the lives of the Bennett’s before she’s even born. Sandra believes Claire to be a neighbor’s niece and invites her into the Bennett apartment. Claire ingratiates herself to Sandra and offers her help as a babysitter. She then proceeds to change her own diapers! (Uh, blink, blink, yuck!)

Present Day
Sue Landers walks through her office to fellow workers who wish her a happy birthday. She smiles and enters her office to find a delivery man already present. But, this is no ordinary delivery-man! It’s Sylar and what he’s delivering is a massive headache to one Sue Landers. Because she has the power to identify when someone is lying to her she realizes that Sylar is not in her office to make a delivery. As we’ve seen time and time again Sylar cannot control his impulses and buzz-saws Sue’s cranium to get at her power. When Sue’s fellow workers enter the room to congratulate her, Sylar, with hands bloody from the ‘operation,’ stands up and says, “Cake!” Using one of his other abilities he flings the door shut behind them. (I imagine the party to follow was a wild one! – The Alternative One)

In the meantime, Nathan talks with a sergeant and wonders why he wants to become enhanced. The soldier explains that he felt helpless during two tours in Iraq and he wants to become a better soldier. Nathan tells him their intention to administer the drug.

Daphne, who is apparently dragging Matt and Ando with her at super-speed, appears at the bike delivery station in New York in the hopes of finding Isaac Mendez’s sketchbook.
They talk to the dispatcher who tells them it would be impossible to locate something that old. Matt “reads” him and finds out that he is both till-tapping and in possession of the sketchbook. When Matt threatens to turn him in for the $5K theft he tells them he has the sketchbook in a safe and will retrieve if for them. After he’s gone for a few moments Daphne sees him trying to escape by bike. She gives chase, cuts him off and the man relinquishes the sketchbook to her.

16 Years Ago
Hiro is in the Nakamura kitchen “cooking” (actually making a huge mess) when he overhears his parents discussing the catalyst and Hiro’s irresponsibility. Hiro’s ten year old ego is deflated and what’s worse is, he’s made a huge mess in the kitchen!

Noah Bennett comes home to find Claire, who calls herself Bonnie, in the apartment caring for Past baby Claire. When he tells her that he knows the neighbors don’t have a niece Claire starts thinking fast. When Claire calls her Past baby self (still gotta get a handle on the future/past/present terminology) “Claire-Bear” Noah Bennett realizes that she means the baby no harm. But he’s still suspicious.

Hiro, who was having trouble in the kitchen, presents perfect waffles to his mother. (I’m guessing they were frozen!) They begin a conversation about Hiro and he confesses that he can manipulate the space/time continuum and that he is there from the future. In what is probably the tenderest scene of the entire show Hiro is reunited with his long-dead mother who is overjoyed to see him. Using her ability as a healer she kisses Hiro on the forehead and he regains his memory and his power. Then tells her that he has saved the world, twice!, and that he and his dad had form a wonderful, respectful relationship. ( I wonder why he lied?) Hiro’s mom defends her choice to keep the catalyst in the family and decides to give it to Hiro. When the catalyst is given to Hiro, in a swirling glow of light, she dies.

Present Day
The Haitian and Peter are on their way to kill Arthur Petrelli. In the car, the Haitian asks Peter for the gun and tells him that he is no killer and that he won’t be able to pull the trigger. Peter takes his stand and retains the weapon. He must be the one to pull the trigger!

Sylar, covered in the blood of his last buzz-saw-kill-orgy-fest, enters the elevator in Sue Landers’ building. A business man, frightened by Sylar’s presence and in great stress, lies to Sylar about being afraid. Sylar responds, “It does tingle!”

Ando, Daphne and Matt are perusing Isaac’s sketchbook and find that Hiro has lost his ability to travel through time.

16 Years Ago
On top of the Nakamura building, Claire and Hiro decide it is time to return from the past but before he can teleport them away Arthur Petrelli shows up (how in the hell did he know they’d be there?) steals the catalyst and, using his power of telekinesis, pushes Hiro off the roof. But, Hiro does not die. He is however, precariously hanging onto a flagpole a few stories from the roof crying for help. True to Isaac’s last comic Hiro and Claire are now stuck in the past and Hiro has lost his ability!

Present Day
Daphne, Ando and Matt are still pondering over the implications of the last comic when they conclude that someone needs to become a time traveler. Ando immediately responds by thinking he can be the next Hero and decides to find Arthur Petrelli and the formula.

Back at Pinehurst, Arthur brushes the catalyst into the formula (which looks suspiciously like blood) which causes the special batch to glow.

*** We now take a break for all the evil henchmen in the audience! Please laugh manically and rub your hands together as we contemplate… do-do-do… THE SECRET FORMULA! We now return you to your normally scheduled program.

Peter and the Haitian arrive at Pinehurst and taking out a guard make their way, once again, to Arthur’s office. But Arthur, Mohinder, Tracy and Nathan are busy with the formula. Arthur’s “spidey sense” tingles and he realizes that someone has entered the building. Peter confronts him with gun drawn and Arthur tries to flick the weapon away but his power has been diffused by the presence of the Haitian. Arthur reminds Peter that he is no killer and won’t be able to pull the trigger.

Meanwhile, in another part of the building, Nathan is overseeing the injection of the first volunteer serviceman, the army sergeant. Mohinder injects him with the catalyzed formula and the soldier immediately goes into massive convulsions.

For some unexplained reason, the Haitian is having trouble controlling Arthur and he begins to lose his power over him. He struggles and tells Peter that he needs to kill Arthur now. Then, almost simultaneously Peter fires the gun, the Haitian loses power over Arthur and Arthur lashes out at Peter cutting his face. (And we see how Future Peter got his facial scar!) In a fraction of a second Sylar appears, holds Arthur at bay and slows the bullet in mid-air. The Haitian’s powers at this point are ineffectual. The bullet turns slowly inches from Arthur’s head! With his new-found enhanced ability to detect lies Sylar asks Arthur if he is really his father. Arthur lies and tells him yes and Sylar, knowing the truth, releases the stopped bullet which hits Arthur dead-center in the forehead (pardon the pun!) Peter regards his dead father as Sylar leaves with the Haitian hot on his heels.

Down in the laboratory the soldier has stopped convulsing and Nathan, Mohinder and Tracy look on. Looking at their faces you can see that they (and we) are all asking the same question. What is your power? Then, the soldier releases himself from the chair straps by snapping the bonds, pulls the bolted chair from the floor and throws it through the glass of his cell embedding it in the concrete wall.

The formula evidently works! But, we have to ask for how long? And what are the side effects? (There are always side-effects! Just ask Mohinder!)

The Alternative Takes Note:

New Abilities:

1. Sue Landers – Able to detect when someone is lying (This ability was stolen by Sylar)
2. Army Sergeant – Super-strength – First human to be given an ability via injection of the catalyzed formula.
3. Ichi Nakamura - Hiro’s Mother – The Healer and receptacle of the Catalyst. (This ability was lost when Ichi died.)

Elle’s Phone Contact List:

Here are the names listed on Elle’s cell phone.
Byron Bevington
Curtis Hovespian
Daniel Buzzetti
Elizabeth Axelson
Gordon Hovey
Melvin Crum
Penkala Burton
Sparrow Redhouse
Sue Landers

Note: Where have we seen the names before?
1. Byron Bevington – Found on Chandra Suresh’s list from his laptop. From episode Homecoming. Byron also appears on NBC's interactive map, which notes his power as "precognition" and gives the following genetic markers: "UAY + GCA = ?"
2. Curtis Hovsepian - Found on Chandra Suresh’s list from his laptop. From episode Homecoming. On Elle's cell phone, Curtis' last name is misspelled as Hovespian
3. Daniel Buzzetti - Found on Chandra Suresh’s list from his laptop. From episode Homecoming.
4. Elizabeth Axelson – Not found.
5. Gordon Hovey – Not found.
6. Melvin Crum – Not found. 617-555-0145 is the phone number listed for Melvin Crum.
7. Penkala Burton - Found on Chandra Suresh’s list from his laptop. From episode Homecoming. Penkala also appears on NBC's interactive map, which notes Penkala's location as "12 Marshy Lane". According to Elle's phone, Penkala's phone number is 507-555-0164. (Godsend)
8. Sparrow Redhouse has been spotted before. Sparrow's name is the fifth of five names on Gabriel's list. Also, Gabriel's list gives New Mexico as her location. 505-555-0125 is the phone number listed for Sparrow Redhouse.
9. Sue Landers was also listed on Chandra Suresh’s laptop computer. 714-555-0149 is the phone number listed for Sue Landers.


Question # 1
If Hiro’s mother was a healer (and a powerful one, at that) then why couldn’t she heal herself? She healed the dove with a breath and brought back Hiro’s damaged memory with a kiss. But she cannot heal herself? There’s something someone’s not telling us?

Question # 2
Why did Hiro lie to his mother? Near the end he tells her that Kaito becomes proud of him and that they respect each other. Unless this is from a timeline downstream that we’ve yet to see this is a blatant lie. Why?

Question # 3
Why do Arthur and Tracy need an army of super-soldiers? What are they up to?

Question # 4
When Arthur died he glowed. This was after putting the catalyst into the formula. So the question then is this… Did he have some residual catalyst still inside? And where did it go to after he died? Lost forever? Or bestowed to the closest person with an ability? And why didn’t Sylar suck it up before he left? Yes, I realize that this is actually four questions but they inter-relate.


Hiro is ordered into the kitchen by his father who mistakes him for the new chef and tells him to make Tamagoyaki. Just what is Tamagoyaki? Wikipedia says:

A Tamagoyaki or dashimaki is a type of a Japanese omelet. It is often served as a Japanese breakfast dish. Some are sweet or salty, but there are many different types. They are usually cooked in a rectangular omelet pan.

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Air Date
Monday, December 1st, 2008 7/8c


As the Solar Eclipse wanes our Heroes and Villains struggle with the loss of their abilities…


After Nathan’s capture by Samdi, Peter and the Haitian escape through the jungle of Haiti. Peter reflects that since they are all powerless it might be a good time to make Samdi bleed. The Haitian agrees and the head back to Samdi’s compound.

Claire is brought to the hospital as she bleeds out from the gunshot wound inflicted by Elle. The nurse is suspicious of when the wound occurred. She believes that Claire was either shot well before they claim or that she has never been sick a day in her life. Infection races through her “powerless” body.

Sylar and Elle form a bond (again and again) on the floor of the Canfied House in California. As they writhe in ecstasy a laser target point appears on Sylar’s head and Elle rolls them away as three shots penetrate the window. Noah Bennett breaks through the front door guns blazing and Sylar and Elle run out the back door returning fire. As they exit Noah hits Elle with a shot to the thigh and she limps away bleeding badly. Noah follows the blood trail out the door and down the alley. When he looses them near a junk yard he bellows, “This ends today!” And damn it, he MEANS it!

Nathan has been imprisoned by the Haitian’s brother, Samdi and shares a cell with two captured Haitian sisters. Enter, the Living God Samdi, who tells Nathan that giving the girls his name was a mistake. Names, he says, can be used to posses someone or to carry great strength.

Mohinder continues to study the effects of the eclipse but seems to be getting nowhere. And, his mind is still on Maya and her dilemma of wanting her abilities to disappear. Arthur, who has Flint watching Mohinder’s every move, tells the scientist that he wants answers to why all the abilities are gone. Mohinder calls him scared and vulnerable and Arthur agrees. To show he means business, Arthur allows Flint to burn Mohinder’s hand.
The warning to work harder has been given!

As Noah Bennett searches for Sylar and Elle he gets a call from Sandra in the hospital telling him that Claire is in the hospital and that she doesn’t know what to do. He tells her to do what he would do! “You mean lie?” she responds. Noah finds the blood trail and continues his search for Elle and Sylar.

In Lawrence, Kansas Matt and Daphne are in a discussion about their powers and their relationship. Daphne tells Matt that she has Cerebral Palsy and that up until the first eclipse had to walk with braces and crutches. “But you are the fastest person in the world!” he responds.

Back at Mohinder’s laboratory Flint continues to antagonize Mohinder but he has had enough. Using, what looks like a very expensive microscope, Mohinder bashes Flint in the head. After a short struggle, Mohinder beats the living tar out of Flint.

At Sam’s Comics in Lawrence Hiro and Ando try to convince the Comic Store Guys to help them get Hiro’s powers back. Hiro starts to go through boxes of back issues of 9th Wonders Comics and the clerk tells him he can’t just take them Hiro whips out his Credit Card to buy them all. “This is awesome!” he says as he peruses the stack.

Sylar and Elle have made their way to a local grocery store where Sylar attempts first aid on Elle’s wound. The blood trail is very evident and Sylar knows that Noah Bennett will soon catch up to them. Sylar suggests that they split up but Elle wants to let him follow and set a trap. She certainly is more devious then we thought, isn’t she?

Back in Haiti, Peter and the Haitian sneak up on Samdi and the Haitian hits him in the head with a gunstock. Samdi is surprised by the fact that he is bleeding. (Remember his skin is impervious to bullets, knives, etc. but his powers too are negated by the Eclipse.)

Back at Sam’s Comics the Comic Store Guys tell Hiro, Ando and Matt that they think the powers will return when the Eclipse ends. The ten year old Hiro, after searching through the comics, declares that he never wants to grow up! Ando flips through the pages and sees the past images that made Hiro upset. Hiro’s stabbing of Ando, Charlie’s death, the sword fight with Adam have all affected the pre-adolescent Hiro.

Peter and the Haitian free Nathan and the girls from the cell in Samdi’s compound. Peter decides that he is expendable and tells Nathan that he will hold off the Haitian troops (with a machine gun) until they can escape.

In the hospital Claire is told by Sandra that she is fighting off an infection and that her dad will soon be there. A policeman, who calls Sandra Mrs. Butler, enters and we see that Sandra has taken her cue from Noah. She has lied to the police! But before they can question her Claire, who is in obvious pain, has a seizure.

Sylar and Elle continue to run from Noah who has followed them to the grocery store. In the back of the store Sylar throws Elle into a service elevator and slams the doors shut sending her down and out of danger. Noah finds Sylar and a fist-fight ensues. Noah gets the advantage and, just as Elle rises up in the elevator, slits Sylar’s throat with a box cutter. As the scene ends Sylar lays dead in a pool of spreading blood.

Back at the hospital, Claire, who has had her chest cracked, dies just as the Eclipse comes to an end. When the Eclipse finishes she gasps for air and is revived. Welcome back abilities!

In Lawrence, Kansas Matt returns to Daphne’s house but is told that she has gone. While he discusses this with Daphne’s dad his power returns and he hears Daphne talking out in the cornfield.

In Haiti, Peter holds off the Haitian troops but surrenders to the larger force after a gunfight. Nathan and the Haitian return to rescue Peter. Samdi is pissed! Before he can act Nathan flies full speed at him and throws him into a truck but he is not affected by the collision. The Haitian steps in and empties Samdi’s brain using his ability. (That’s gonna leave a mark!)

Mohinder goes to see Maya but as he stands waiting for her to answer the door discovers that his “ability” (Snake skin? Lizard hand? Goo-man? Cacoon guy? Whatever!) has returned and he cannot face her. When she opens the door he is gone but he has left a Pinehurst business card behind.

At Sam’s Comics the Comic Store Guys try to convince Hiro to come out of the bathroom. They tell him that that being a Hero means that saving the world comes before anything and that Heroes give people hope! They also discover a back issue of 9th Wonders that show Claire and Hiro together in New York but they both know that Claire and Hiro have never met (it helps to be an obsessive comic reader I guess because all of this was in the fine details buried in the comic and evidently could only be seed using a magnifying glass!) Hiro teleports from the store and the Comic Store Guy repeats Hiro’s sentiment… “BEST. DAY. EVER.”

Claire and Sandra return home (Is Claire now legally dead?) and when Noah comes home Claire tells him that he will never change. She needed him and he wasn’t there, again! Sylar and Elle appear at the Bennett home and have Sandra captive. Sylar tells them that they are taking Claire and when Noah raises his gun Sylar dispatches him against the wall. Bennett tells Sylar that Arthur and Angela are not his real parents and that they are manipulating him. He also tells him that Elle helped create him. It’s apparent that he believes at least some of what Noah tells him. Sylar, his inner devil released once again with his powers restored, begins to cut Noah’s throat using his finger-in-the-air-buzz-kill- maneuver. Before he can kill Noah, however, Hiro suddenly teleports in, taps Sylar on the shoulder, calls him “Bad Man” and winks out. Seconds later the same thing happens to Elle. Hiro reappears, declares “Save the Cheerleader” and he and Claire teleport out of the house.

Back at Sam’s Comics Matt, Daphne, and Ando are trying to figure out what to do after Hiro’s disappearance. The Comic Store Guy tells them that he heard from a friend, who heard it from a friend who heard it at a Comic Convention that one more 9th Wonders story exists. He tells them that before Isaac Mendez died he bequeathed his sketchbook to a bike messenger in New York. Find the messenger and you’ll find the last story!

Nathan makes amends with Peter but begins to see the logic of his father’s interference with people and their abilities. Nathan hopes to work toward giving the “right” people abilities so that they can work to change the world. One person with good intentions can make important changes, he posits, so think what many could do! Peter is not convinced.

At Pinehurst Arthur Petrelli tells a dejected Mohinder, who has returned with his tail between his legs, that the Eclipse showed them who they really were – desperate, angry and weak! Arthur tells Mohinder that together they will find a cure!

Sylar and Elle have been deposited on the beach together by Hiro. Sylar wants to know what Elle knows about his parents (I guess he’s still convinced he’s a Petrelli) but Elle tells him that Bennett was lying to him. He does not believe her, however, and the scene ends as Sylar begins to buzz-cut into Elle’s head.

Manhattan – 16 Years Ago

Hiro takes Claire back to the time when she was a baby. On the infamous rooftop Hiro’s father gives Claire to Bennett who admits that he knows nothing about being a father. Hiro’s dad tells him that it is not a request!

The Alternative Takes Note:

1. Does anyone need proof that Sylar really is EVIL when he has his powers?
There was no reason to buzz-kill Elle, he already had her powers. The only reason, that I can see, for this murder is shear pleasure. Welcome back Sylar! There was just something wrong with Gabriel in an apron cooking waffles.

2. And, what I wouldn’t give to visit Sam’s Comics and peruse through their back issues of 9th Wonders Comics! And again Seth Green and Brecken Myers steal the show! Dude! Obviously, Comic Stores ARE where wise men gather!

3. When Isaac Mendez died he bequeathed his sketchbook to a mysterious bike messenger (according to the guys at Sam’s). So, who is this unknown messenger and why did Isaac trust him/her with his sketchbook?

4. So, Hiro who has never met Claire Bennett was finally able to, “Save the Cheerleader!” and at the same time removed Sylar and Elle from the picture. I don’t know about you but I wish he would have put them back in time. Say, the Jurassic Period, for instance. Wouldn’t it be cool to see Sylar fighting Veloceraptors and T-Rex with his powers?

5. Along with the 9th Wonders Comics Hiro also purchases a copy of Ultimatum “Ultimate” Comic. I could not find the cover that Hiro displays at Sam’s on the net but there is a real Ultimatum Comic. Here is a re-cap of the comic (sound familiar?):
Following up from Bendis' Ultimate Origins where 'it's all connected' comes Jeph Loeb and David Finch's Ultimatum! A five-part series that features the Fantastic Four, Namor, the Ultimates 3 line-up and Spider-man, just to name a few.

An organic but massive disaster happens to the Ultimate Universe and every ultimate character will play a part, as they go up against mother nature at her worse! What will happen to the Ultimate Universe after the Ultimatum events? A new beginning for some?

The end is here! Or, is it a new beginning? Massive climatic disturbances are wreaking havoc with the planet — underwater volcanic eruptions, tidal waves crashing over whole cities and snowstorms burying entire countries—and even the assemblage of the Ultimate U’s mightiest is no match for this worldwide destruction! Featuring Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, the Ultimates, the Hulk and more, find out whose lives are at stake in this defining moment of truth for the Ultimate Universe.


7. Arthur Petrelli and the quest for the cure – Why is Arthur so determined to find a cure to eliminate people’s abilities? He pushes Mohinder to work harder to come up with a cure every time he sees him. This has always been something I’ve always thought odd. Why would the man who can take anyone’s ability want a cure? Here’s my theory – Arthur intends to take as many different powers, from as many different people as he can (this includes Mohinder, Flint, Sylar, Tracy, Elle, Nathan, the Haitian, Angela, Hiro, Claire and Matt) and then spread the cure across the planet. He would then be the most powerful and near-immortal person on the planet! He could set himself up as king and never have to worry about being deposed. (Evil laughter) Mu-ha-ha-ha!!

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Air Date
Monday, November 24th, 2008 7/8c

Late breaking news…


Reports of the mass elimination of abilities among those with special powers rocked the Heroes world today. It appears that the eclipse has somehow blocked the use of all powers! It is uncertain at this time if the abilities will be restored when the eclipse is complete. Stay tuned for additional information.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast.


Arthur Petrelli, in a white-eyed induced trance, sketches the future and his is not at all happy. (And we know what happens when Arthur is pissed.)

Sylar and Elle practice the art of electrocution from a distance when Arthur shows up and asks Sylar to find Claire and bring her back to him. Elle decides to partner up with Sylar and together they head off to find Claire.

Angela tells Claire that she believes she is the catalyst and that she must be hidden and safeguarded for her own protection. She also tells her that Nathan has gone off to find the Haitian and Matt to find Hiro. It appears she is amassing the Heroes together for a reason.

At Primatech Nathan decides to head to Haiti and Peter convinces him to take him along. In a flash Nathan and Peter disappear with a contrail.

In the meantime, Mohinder dissects his failed experiment and finds that he is quickly turning into… something else (spiderman, lizardman, mothman? We’re not quite sure.)
Arthur shows him the sketches he’s made and tells him the “everthing is going to change today!”

At the Suresh apartment in Brooklyn, New York Matt and Daphne discuss what to do next. Daphne is afraid of Arthur and believes that he will take her powers if she does not do what he says. Daphne calls herself “a betrayer” but Matt tells her that he trusts her. Matt wants Daphne’s help finding Hiro when he and Ando conveniently show up at the apartment. Matt is told that Hiro has lost his memory and Daphne declares… “we’re all going to die!”

Noah Bennet brings Claire to Steven Canfield’s house (where he unleashed a black hole). He tells Claire that it is a safehouse and that he wants to keep her safe.

Back in Brooklyn Matt cannot read Hiro’s thoughts because he is thinking in Japaneses and Matt does not understand him. Daphne tells him that they’ve lost their “re-set button” and leaves in a flash because she feels that Matt doesn’t trust her.

Sylar and Elle arrive at the Hotspur Car Rental Agency. Elle tells the ‘rental car guy’ that Sylar is a serial killer and that he has kidnapped Elle. When Sylar asks why Elle tells him that he is chained by his father and that they should be allowed to do and take anything they want. The rental car guy shows up brandishing a shotgun and Sylar gets smacked with the butt of the gun. During the dialogue the rental guy thinks he can become a hero if he captures Sylar. Sylar’s response? “I hat heroes!”

Mohinder studies the total solar eclipse and finds that he is changing into… something else and he can’t control it. He is leaking goo from his hands.

Noah teaches Claire self defense with a board from the broken floor at Steven Canfield’s place. When Claire asks if he’s trying to teach her Tai Kwon Do he says, “No, baseball!”

Tracy calls Arthur to report and tells him that Nathan went to get the Haitian. Arthur tells her that it was a smart move on Nathan’s part and then he orders her to go to Paris Island. When she questions him about the Marine training facility at Paris Island he responds, “Every war needs an army!” Angela hears part of their conversation and in a forshadow Tracy clich├ęs, “No rest for the wicked!”

Matt tells Hiro and Ando that they must go to Lawrence, Kansas to find Daphne and Hiro teleports them to Kansas. As they head to Daphne’s house the eclipse begins.

In a montage we see the following:
- Arthur throws the sketches off his desk.
- Mohinder cocoons himself against the wall of the lab.
- Angela reminisces over a family photograph.
- Nathan and Peter are falling from the sky.
- Sylar and Ells steal a car from the rental agency.
- Clair practices “baseball.”
- Close-up of the sketch of a bleeding Claire in Noah’s arms.

Mohinder extricates himself from the cocoon and finds that he has changed back to his old self. The lesions, sticky goo and sores have all disappeared.

Nathan and Peter get lost in the jungle of Haiti and find messenger/prayer dolls.

Back in Lawrence, Kansas Matt meets Daphne’s dad but he won’t let Matt in to talk to Daphne. Matt tries his mind trick on him but it does not work. Daphne tells her dad that she wanted to come home because “it’s happening again!”

Nathan and Peter are still lost in the jungle and are fighting. Nathan yells at Peter and tells him that all he’s ever done is save his life. Peter calls his brother a puppet. While they fight the Haitian appears and cautions them to be quite.

Claire is still breaking boards and tells her dad that she is mad at him for always leaving. Elle appears at the front door and tries to use her electrical power on Claire but her powers fail her. Sylar tries to use his ability on Noah but he too cannot force his powers to work. A fight ensues and Noah cracks Sylar’s arm (it sounded like he broke it). Elle grabs the gun and shoots Claire who does not heal. Noah leaves carrying Claire out of the house.

Noah brings Claire home and tells Sandra that they cannot call 911 or they’ll report it to the police. He tells her that they will take care of her themselves.

Hiro, Matt and Ando cannot use their powers and Hiro tells Matt he must save Daphne with a Hero’s Quest (sans powers). Throwing ears of corn at Matt Hiro tells Matt he’ll continue throwing corn until he can stop him.

When Matt leaves to see Daphne Hiro and Ando go off on a task of their own. They’ve reached the end of the comic book and they must find the next issue.

Mohinder is in complete remission of his changing symptoms and he decides to go and find Maya. But before he can leave Arthur and Flint confront him and tell him that he needs to get people their abilities back.

Hiro and Ando find Sam’s Comics in Lawrence.

Nathan, Peter and the Haitian are moving through the jungle. The Haitian tells them that he must find his brother who is an evil man and his power is that his skin is impenetrable. He also tells them that he must stop him again. Peter wants to help but before they can decide what to do the jungle erupts in gunfire. They run but Nathan is captured. When he tells who he is the Haitian’s brother tells him that his father warned him that he’d come!

Back at the Bennett house Claire seems to be healing (like normal people do) and Noah intends to leave. Sandra tells him that he can’t go because Claire needs him but he tells her that he has unfinished business to attend to.

Daphne’s dad leaves and Matt comes back. He tells Daphne that he loves her and she tells him to come in. He does and finds that Daphne has not only lost her ability but has lost motor function also. She is in leg braces and using crutches.

Sandra finds Claire bleeding out and calls and ambulance.

Elle fixes Sylar’s separated shoulder and they are both panicked by the loss of their abilities. Sylar tells her that the loss of power is a relief and that the hunger is gone. Elle and Sylar kiss and the camera pulls back to reveal… Sylar’s face in the sights of a sniper rifle aimed by Noah Bennett!

To be continued…

The Alternative Takes Note:

Arthur Petrrili’s Sketches:
1. Noah holding a bleeding, seemingly dead, Claire.
2. The Eclipse
3. Matt, Hiro and Ando at Daphne’s house in Lawrence, Kansas.
4. Sylar kissing Elle
5. Peter and Nathan falling out of the sky.
6. Mohinder dead (or just cocooned?)

People who have painted the future (so far):
1. Isaac Mendez (the first and original)
2. Peter Petrelli (temporarily)
3. Unturu (the African tribesman)
4. Arthur Petrelli
(also, Hiro and Matt have both gone eye-white in visions but did not paint or sketch.)

The Haitians:
(Dichotomies of power)
- The Haitian can cancel all abilities just by being present.
- His brother, Baron Samdi (sp), has the ability to withstand anything penetrating his skin.

New Ability:
The Haitians brother has the ability to withstand bullets, knives or fire from penetrating his skin and is impervious to their effects.

Level 5 detainees:
There are still a number of Villains detained at level five:
1. The Puppeteer
2. Danny Pine (the metal-handed guy)

Sam’s Comics:
1. Sam’s Comics in Tokyo (Hiro and Ando visited there last week)
2. Sam’s Comics in Lawrence, Kansas (Hiro and Ando again visit in search of the new issue of 9th Wonders). Incidentally, both Seth Green and Brecken Meyers are employees at the Sam’s in Kansas! Are they the wise men of which Hiro speaks? Cool!

Hiro’s places where wise men gather:
1. Greek Oracle at Delphi
2. The Library at Alexandria
3. The Hall of Justice
4. Sam’s Comics

9th Wonders comic:
The new issue had an advertisement for a Tit-Tat Kandy Bar on the back page.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Air Date
Monday, November 17th, 2008 7/8c

It’s Coming...

The Eclipse is back….
(And very much at the forefront of the story)

Three minute re-cap:
- Arthur has “mind-washed” Hiro who believes that he is once again ten years old.
- Arthur tells Sylar that his “hunger is not about killing but about power” (I begin to see exactly which son is the favorite – Gabriel Petrelli is leading this week…)
- Elle has been captured by Arthur who leaves Sylar alone with her. Elle, in anger at her father’s death, turns Sylar into a piece of “Burnt Toast” (Pun intended!)
- Knox and Flint attempt to kidnap Claire but she swan-dives out the window into the alley below. A familiar alley, BTW, as this is the place we see: a) Usutu’s painting of the world cracking w/ symbol embedded, and b) where Future Claire shoots Peter.
- Arthur reveals to Mohinder that there is a part of the formula missing and tells him that the “catalyst” it is not a something but a “someone”.
- Deep fried Sylar heals himself after Elle’s electric onslaught.
- Matt and Daphne are on a mission to find Angela Petrelli and find her lost in Arthur’s imposed mind-prison. Daphne reports it to Arthur.
- Peter tells Claire that in the future she becomes a killer and that she shoots him in the alley they’ve just vacated escaping from Flint and Knox. Hmmm… Future Claire shoots Peter and Future Peter shoots Nathan… you’ve got to wonder when Future Nathan gets his chance!
- Hiro begins to re-visit his powers and, as a typical ten year old, commits a number of pranks at the bowling alley. (Ketchup on a chair, salt lid removed, bowling balls moved and spit-balls redirected.)What fun! Yatta… and Waffles too!
- Matt delves into the fragmented world of Angela’s head.
- Elle continues to pummel Sylar with bolts of blue-hot electricity. After one huge discharge, in which Sylar again heals himself, she asks him to kill her.
- Nathan and Tracy go to Pinehurst to find Papa Petrelli. Arthur tells Nathan that his role was never explained and that the assassination attempt, Linderman, and his Senate seat are all part of a bigger plan. Nathan tells his dad that his plan destroys everything and Arthur tells him that with the formula they can save the world.
- Sylar looks like he’s going to buzz-cut Elle but instead frees her from her chains. They begin to bond and in a moment of pure empathy Sylar forgives Elle and her powers are mysteriously transferred to him. Sylar begins to understand that he no longer needs to “free a brain” to gain an ability.
- Knox and Flint attempt to kidnap Claire again but Peter (without using any powers except thought, for a change) outwits the captors.
- In a poignant moment Sylar tells Elle “we are all at war with ourselves” and she begins to teach him how to use the power of Tesla!
- Hiro begins to re-learn his power and transports himself and Ando to the Mecca of all knowledge. The mystical and spiritual… Comic Book Store!
- Nathan flies away in a supersonic cloud as he heads off to Primatech looking for answers to his questions. Tracy returns to Arthur and using her charms and experience in Marketing and P.R. convinces him that she can make Nathan the face of Pinehurst.
- Matt walks the halls of Angela’s mind and Daphne shows up. I’m not sure if this is metaphoric or literal… but she stabs him in the back!
- Angela finds a way to suck Arthur into her world and convinces him to let her go. With this task accomplished she is released from her coma. Matt and Daphne find themselves committed to each other and in love!
- Ando shows Hiro the 9th Wonders Comic and the return of the eclipse.
- In the finale, Peter, Claire and Nathan are reunited at Angela’s bedside with Matt and Daphne. Angela tells them that the third part of the formula, hidden by Hiro’s father can be found in the blood of the host. Claire, who remembers Sylar telling her that she is different from everyone else, is convinced that she is the catalyst! (I, however, am not as sure about this as she seems to be!)

The Alternative Takes Note:

And speaking of the eclipse (or solar flare depending on who you listen to), why is Arthur Petrelli so fascinated with it?
Speculations include:
1. Those with abilities loose their powers during the eclipse
2. Something extraordinary takes place during the eclipse
3. The “catalyst” is more powerful during the eclipse
4. The eclipse enhances abilities in those who have power (and this is a bit frightening because of Arthur Petrelli and his “gift”!)

Hiro, in the comic book store, references three shocking superhero comic plots because of his recent memory loss due to Arthur Petrelli’s mind-washing:
1. “Spider-Man reveals his secret identity to the world” – In what is quite possibly the most shocking and historical event in the Marvel legacy, Spider-man reveals his secret identity to the world as part of the Civil War storyline. In the Civil War Series [Civil War #2 (June 2006)] Peter Parker, dressed as Spider-Man, holds a press conference and reveals his secret identity to the world.
2. “Captain America died” - Daily Bugle: Captain America shot and killed
Living legend assassinated on steps of Federal Courthouse
By The Daily Bugle Staff
Earlier today, we reported on the attempted assassination of a former superhero. We can now confirm that the victim has been identified as Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America. Rogers was pronounced dead at Mercy Hospital due to injuries suffered from multiple gunshot wounds to the shoulder, chest and stomach.
Eyewitness reports claim that the initial bullet, tagging Rogers in the shoulder, came from a sniper perched atop or in one of the buildings adjacent to the Federal Courthouse. Several other shots were fired during the ensuing commotion--hitting Rogers in the chest and stomach--but witnesses fleeing the scene, as well as the U.S. Marshals who were escorting Rogers, have stated there was only one sniper shot fired. ["Captain America Vol. 5, No. 25." The "Sentinel of Liberty"]
3. “The Hulk is red” - Red Hulk, referred to as Rulk in comic narration, is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in Hulk #1 (January 2008) and was created by writer Jeph Loeb and artist Ed McGuiness.

The inevitable questions, questions, questions:
1. Why was Arthur distracted from Hiro by the painting of the eclipse?
2. Who is the “creature” that Mohinder is testing? It reminded me of Danny Pine (the metal-handed guy captured by Thompson and Claire’s mom during her training.)
3. Why is there a picture on an eclipse on Mohinder’s screen that is labeled “Solar Flare”? This doesn’t make much sense to me.
4. Why did Arthur take Hiro’s memories? What is he afraid Hiro will do?
5. Why have Sylar and Elle bonded?
6. What is the significance of the eclipse?
7. Who is the catalyst?
8. Why does Elle have a sudden change of opinion about Sylar? And where is this story-line (love story?) leading?

The Eclipse: An eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when one celestial object moves into the shadow of another. The term is derived from the ancient Greek ekleipsis, which means, "I cease to exist." This gives me the impression that all abilities will be dampened or suspended during the phenomenon.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Air Date
Monday, November 11th, 2008 7/8c


No synopsis or re-cap tonight - instead let's play spot the connections!!

(Note: I'll start and you see if you can add any others - Leave a comment or e-mail me if you found one I haven’t listed.

The Connections:

1. Hiro eats Usutu’s (the African Tribesman) concoction of hallucinogenic herbs and donkey poo and takes a spirit walk into the past as he follows the underworld in which Arthur Petrelli travels. Hiro is now connected to Matt Parkman who ate the same poo-goo. The difference? Matt walked into the future while Hiro stalked the past.

2. Arthur Petrelli and Linderman are in league and plot Nathan’s death. Nathan’s work as an assistant D.A. threatens to uncover their deceit and their, what else, connection. Also, we find that Linderman is aware of Arthur’s ability.

3. Thompson (Season 2 Primatech Company operative played by Eric Roberts) is trailing those with abilities and in Memphis, Tennessee he finds Meredith and Flint. We find out that Meredith and Flint are brother and sister, making flint Claire’s uncle. Another connection!

4. After Sylar’s first kill (Brian Davis who can move objects with his mind) guilt sets in and he attempts suicide. Fortunately, for fans of Zachary Quinto, Elle enters the watch shop and finds Sylar swinging from his noose. Using her ability she cuts him down before he can kill himself. Elle and Sylar are now, once again, connected! (Yes, you’ll get sick of hearing it after this post!)

5. Elle and Bennett (HRG) are working together for the Company and following Sylar’s every move. Bennett, who calls Sylar Mr. Gray (because this is in the past) is driving a Primatech Paper van. Elle, Sylar AND Bennett are connected.

6. Thompson captures Meredith in a convenient store hold up in Memphis and enlists her into the Company as an agent. Thompson and Meredith and by extension Claire are now… connected!

7. The attempt on Nathan’s life (with his wife Heidi in the car) on the highway is engineered by Linderman. Now we find out who was behind the attempted murder from Season 1.

8. Nathan tells his father that Linderman’s men caused the accident that paralyzed his wife and that he will do anything to put him behind bars, thus establishing the hatred and link between Linderman and Nathan. But why does Linderman haunt future Nathan?

9. Meredith and Thompson (A.K.A. Jim Farrell of the V.A.) begin working together in the field. Their first assignment? A bum named Danny Pine who has a unique ability (more details on this later in the trivia section). Meredith and Thompson are now linked via their partnership.

10. Sylar has a duplicate map (or a reasonable facsimile) to that of Chandra Suresh’s in his apartment. This is a convoluted connection in some ways and not of people but circumstance and the links on the maps are the numerous connections to many of the people in the world with abilities. BTW, these connections were established in the very first few episodes of Season 1 and solidified in this episode.

11. Sylar’s list of others with abilities shows five names; three of which become his future victims (Davis, Trevor and Charlene), Molly, who he attempts to capture but is saved by Matt Parkman and Sparrow Redhouse (whose past role eludes me at the moment.) Sylar is connected to four of the five people on the list. (More about the list can be found in the trivia section below.)

12, Flint is captured by Thompson and held in Cell 8 at Primatech. This is the second time that Flint has been caught and incarcerated at Primatech. Flint is then connected to a place – Level 5.

13. Angela finds out that her husband and Linderman are planning Nathan’s death. Arthur wipes her mind. Linderman mentions a guy in Montreal who worked for him in Vegas. Angela is now aware of the fact that the two are in league and are up to no good. Linderman is connected back to Vegas (and his Niki using days.)

14. Meredith releases her brother, Flint from his cell and tells him that “Daddy used to say, God gave you a big sister instead of a brain.” We might consider the parentage here for a moment: Just who IS Meredith and Flint’s Daddy? If Peter and Nathan, the children of those with abilities, both have powers then it follows suit that Meredith’s parents also have abilities and are somehow… connected!

15. Thompson catches Meredith and Flint on a train in Texas as they head for freedom in Mexico. This establishes a re-connection between the three of them. The ensuing battle that takes place causes a fire to erupt. What else when Flint and Meredith are involved?

16. Linderman tells Angela that Arthur is messing with her thoughts and that he has wiped her mind numerous times. A hint of subterfuge crosses her mind as she makes a lentil soup. Also, Linderman mentions his pot pies, which brings us back to the kitchen sequence in Vegas during Season 2 where he is cooking.

17. The fire on the train causes an explosion which derails the train. As Meredith and Thompson walk away from the scene they discuss Meredith’s long dead daughter. Thompson informs her that she is not dead. Enter Claire in her cheerleader uniform as she scampers into the train wreck to test her ability and unintentionally saves a man. We can now connect an event, the train wreck caused by Claire’s mother, to Claire, Meredith, Flint and Thompson.

18. We find that Elle has invited Trevor Zatslan (a name from Sylar’s list) to dinner and we find out the identity of Sylar’s second victim. Sylar and a name on his list are immediately connected. Of course, the connection is broken when Sylar saws his skull open.

19. Angella poisons Arthur’s soup which causes him a heart attack. Angela has invited the Haitian to ward off Arthur’s powers and making it impossible for him to change her mind. Note: We find that the Haitian is working for Angela Petrelli and by logic then we must conclude that Bennett is also working for her.

20. The mysterious bloody handprints on the door to Sylar’s inner sanctum (found by Mohinder in Season 1) are from Sylar’s be-skulling of Trevor. A visual from Season 1 is connected with this episode.

21. Angela and the Haitian plan the removal of Arthur Pettrelli’s body but Nathan finds his father on the floor and calls 9-1-1. This does two things: 1. It prevents Angella from completing her task and removing Arthur and 2. Sends Arthur to the hospital and within range of people he can manipulate with his mind.

22. Bennett leaves Texas on another mission. He catches a taxi which has just been vacated by Peter Petrelli and which is driven by Mohinder Suresh. The three are now connected in the past before they have ever actually met!

23. The doctor at the hospital tells Nathan and Angela that Arthur has passed away. (I got the feeling that she didn’t believe a word of it!) The poison has rendered Arthur incapable of movement but he controls the doctor’s mind and he agrees to provide another body to use for his cremation. This initiates the genesis of the Pinehurst Corporation!

24. Arthur Petrelli kills Usutu (presumable by thinking his head off?? I’m still shaking my head in wonder at this one folks…) and grabs Hiro by the head… (To be continued)

Trivia Section:

1. Early in the program Linderman refers to Arthur and Angela as “my King and King” inferring some type of royalty. I wonder what he knows?

2. Two new abilities were revealed tonight: 1. Danny Pine who has the ability to create a metal hand (didn’t Tycho Brahe do something similar in the mid-1500’s?) and 2. Trevor Zetslan who can shoot invisible energy bullets from his fingertips.

3. Usutu’s Paintings (as I saw them):
a. Arthur Petrelli
b. The symbol
c. A man in a red haz-met suit?
d. A woman in a blue dress (Tracy maybe?)
e. Dead man in a large pool of blood
f. Flint with hands ablaze
g. Sylar cutting a skull open
h. Benjamin Knox punching someone or something
i. Matt Parkman holding Daphne in his arms

4. Sylar’s list:

“Brian Davis
14 Berman St. NY NY

Trevor Zetslan

Janis Walker (Molly)
Los Angeles

Charlene Andrews
Burnt Toast Diner Midland, TX

Sparrow Redhouse
New Mexico”

Note: The list is written on “Gray and Sons” stationary and has “No. 611936” printed in the lower right hand corner of the sheet. All the names on the list are connected to Sylar, who is in my estimation, PATIENT ZERO!!!

Due to a death in the family the last two episode of Heroes will not be reviewed on this blog. I apologize for it but some things cannot be helped. The Alternative.



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

VILLAINS – CHAPTER FIVE “Angels and Monsters”

Air Date
Monday, October 13th, 2008 7/8c

Recap of events:

Opening Montage
As heroes opens Nathan speaks over multiple scenes about the nature of special abilities and how they are gifts from God. We see the scenes change from Nathan and Tracy in bed together after Nathan’s high-flying rescue, Mohinder sits in Central Park eyeing a young drug dealer, Claire is seen sitting in her car outside a pawn shop and has just purchased a very illegal taser, and Hiro and Ando are found muscling Adam’s casket from out of his grave.

Nathan and Linderman – Washington, D. C.
Nathan offers Linderman a drink, which he refuses (because he ain’t real), and asks him for straight answers to his questions. He asks how Linderman knew that Tracy was in trouble and Linderman reverts to Biblical-ese. Nathan tells Linderman that he is NOT a messenger from God, Tracy walks in on the discussion and asks Nathan who he’s talking to!

Mohinder and the drug dealer – Central Park, New York
Mohinder pretends to need a fix and when the drug dealer asks if he needs the usual bill of fare Mohinder tells him that he needs something stronger and accosts the man.

Peter and Sylar - Primatech Facility – New Jersey – Level 5
Peter materializes inside Sylar’s cell on Level 5 and attacks him without preamble. In the scuffle Peter breaks Sylar’s neck! Angela comes screaming and demands to know what Peter is doing. As Peter buzzes his mothers head open Sylar resurrects, fixes his neck and throws Peter into the glass wall of the cell, thereby protecting his mother from death by finger-saw. Noah Bennett meets Sylar in the hall and tells him that they have a lead on a new target.

Mrs. Bennett and Meredith (Claire’s biological mother) – Costa Verde, California
Mrs. Bennett realizes that Claire lied to her about the cheerleading camp and is furious. As she goes through a box of Noah’s secret papers she uncovers the identity of two new villains; Stephen Canfield and Eric Doyle. Stephen can create vortexes and force people and things into them never to be seen. We are not told Eric Doyle’s power at this time but Meredith recognizes him and is afraid that Claire might run into him. She leaves quickly to look for Claire.

Stephen Canfield and Claire – Somewhere in California
Canfield is on the phone and explains that he wants his family back. There is resistance and he opens a vortex and forces papers through it. As it snaps shut Claire enters the house and tazers Canfield into unconsciousness.

Adam, Hiro and Ando – Adam’s gravesite
When Hiro opens Adam’s casket he is attacked. Ando cleverly slams the coffin shut saving Hiro. A truce is struck and Adam is released. When Hiro discusses the formula Adam acknowledges that he is aware of it and that Angela Petrelli is the villain behind it.

Linderman and Daphne – In undisclosed office building
Linderman tells Daphne that a New World Order is on the rise and that she must begin to recruit more aggressively. He shows her a picture of Mohinder and instructs her to recruit him because it is time “to give them purpose!” Daphne is only in it for the money and tells him so.

Sylar and Noah Bennett – On the road – Somewhere in California
Noah tells Sylar that their partnership was Angela’s idea and not his. Sylar tells him that rehabilitation doesn’t happen overnight.

Stephen Canfield and Claire – Somewhere in California
Claire has taken Canfield prisoner and tells him that she is taking him to Level 5 to be detained. She believes him to be a villain and a killer. Canfield confesses to killing a man but by accident in the heat of an argument and that his only wish is to see his family again, even if for the last time. Claire calls him a monster as he conjures a vortex and sweeps the tazer into the well of darkness.

Mohinder and Maya – Isaac Mendez’s old studio – Manhattan, New York
Mohinder drags the obviously dead drug dealer into his lab. As he removes his shirt we find that his skin condition (or lack thereof) has gotten worse. Maya enters and asks Mohinder why he didn’t come home the night before. She presents him with a missing person flyer for his neighbor and Mohinder feigns ignorance. He then claims to be working hard to find the cure but Maya sees the blood trail on the floor, is obviously frightened, and excuses herself quickly. In the back room of the lab we see that Mohinder has cocooned his neighbor to the wall.

Stephen Canfield and Claire – Somewhere in California
Canfield continues to support his stance that he is not a monster but someone who made a mistake. This time, Claire, who is now his prisoner, listens more closely. When he tells Claire that he never meant to hurt anyone a glimmer of understanding becomes apparent. When Canfield discovers that Claire is not from the company he tells her that she can go! Claire is surprised at being released and begins to realize that she may be mistaken about Stephen Canfield.

Nathan and Tracy – Washington, D. C.
Nathan quizzes Tracy on why she felt she needed to kill herself. When she confesses that she killed the reporter to keep him from writing the story about her being Niki Sanders we realize that she could not handle the guilt of taking another life. When Nathan tells her that God gave them the power she tells him flat out that it was really a Doctor in Reseda, California.

Stephen Canfield, Claire, Sylar and Noah Bennett – Somewhere in California
Claire helps Canfield track down the phone number for his family and during the call asks them to meet him. They agree but Noah Bennett and Sylar arrive with guns drawn (for HRG, literally and for Sylar, figuratively). Canfield grabs Claire and opens a min black hole in his living room. As the vortex sucks Claire and Noah into its maw Sylar grabs Claire and saves her from disappearing into the hole. During the disturbance Canfield escapes and Noah quizzes Claire about Canfield’s location. She declares that he is not a killer and Noah tells her that if that is true they will make other arrangements rather than imprisoning him. (Does anyone out there really believe that Noah’s statement is sincere? I sure didn’t!)

Adam, Hiro and Ando – A corner tavern
The threesome enters a tavern and Adam tells Hiro and Ando that this is the place to be for “specials for hire.” Hiro immediately equates it with the Cantina from the Star Wars movie. When the three put on their tough guy swaggers the bartender, who recognizes Adam, attacks and knocks Hiro unconscious. During the fight Adam escapes the bar and Hiro’s immediate influence.

Angela, Nathan, Tracy and Peter – Primatech Facility – New Jersey – Level 5
Tracy and Nathan arrive at Level 5 and Angela tells them that she has put Peter into a medically induced coma because he has Sylar’s hunger and is suffering the consequences. She then tells Tracy that her and her sisters (Niki and Barbara, who we’ve yet to meet) were given their abilities synthetically. Then, she tells Nathan that when he did not observe any abilities naturally that he too was synthetically enhanced with his ability to fly.

Mohinder and Maya – Isaac’s old studio – Manhattan, New York
Maya enters the empty lab and finds the cocooned neighbor and the drug dealer stuck to the wall. When Mohinder enters she hides beneath the gurney but he realizes that she is there and begins searching for her. Maya’s powers kick in and Mohinder and the neighbor become shows signs of the effect (their eyes burn brightly black.) Mohinder implores her to fight it and she does. The effect rescinds. She calls him a monster and he advances…

Hiro, Ando, Adam and Benjamin Knox – Exterior of the tavern
In the alley Hiro and Ando search for Adam who escapes detection but is cold cocked by Knox and thrown in his van. Knox dials a number on his phone and tells his boss (presumably Linderman) that Adam is in his custody. He also asks what to do about Hiro and Ando.

Angela, Nathan and Tracy – Primatech Facility – New Jersey – Level 5
Angela continues to discuss synthetic abilities with Nathan and Tracy and tells him that he was not born with the genetic code. She confesses that they wronged those who were given abilities synthetically and that is the reason why the formula was hidden. Nathan demands to know who else was used as guinea pigs and believes that finding Mohinder Suresh might give them the answers they seek.

Mohinder and Maya – Isaac’s old studio – Manhattan, New York
Mohinder has gone over the edge and cocooned Maya. Now he has three victims wallpapered to his laboratory wall.

Stephen Canfield, Claire, Noah and Sylar (on the sideline) – Somewhere in California (at the carousel)
Claire finds Canfield seated at the carousel and tells him that Noah is willing to listen to his story. He tells Claire that his family never showed up and that they are afraid of him. Noah shows up and pointing a gun at Canfield’s head tells him that if he vortexes Sylar he can walk away. Canfield continues to admit that he is not a killer but Noah tells him that he is not asking. Sylar stands innocently at the car and is unaware what Noah is attempting. Canfield realizes that he cannot create a black hole to kill Sylar and opens a small vortex in his hand, drags himself through it, and disappears!

Hiro, Ando, Daphne and Benjamin Knox – Back inside the tavern
Hiro and Ando are drowning their sorrows when Daphne shows up with Benjamin Knox in tow. Daphne tells them that they are recruiting and Hiro immediately tells her that they are badass and want to join! Knox retrieves a sword from the wall and tells Hiro that he must commit a criminal act to join them and that he must kill Ando! “Kill Ando?” Daphne and Hiro echo each other in surprise. Hiro then tells Ando that he must make a sacrifice to save the world and shoves the blade through Ando’s abdomen. Ando falls lifeless to the floor.

Eric Doyle and Meredith – Also, somewhere in California
Eric has taken complete physical control over Meredith’s body. She mimics his movements during dinner and demands that she kiss him. Her mind, however, is resistant but she cannot deny his power and does as he asks. As the camera pans through Eric’s apartment it stops on a group of marionettes and we are given his true power. Eric Doyle is a puppeteer!

Angela Petrelli – Primatech facility – Level 5 (Bob’s old office)
Angela drifts off into a dream state and is awoken by a scream. It is obvious that she is in one of her trances but she heads out into the hall and finds Tracy on the floor with her throat cut. Nathan has a huge gash on his forehead, similar to Sylar’s buzzing maneuver and appears dead. Peter stands before her with his hands covered in blood. “Tell me you didn’t do this!” she implores and Peter falls to the floor with a foot-long length of pipe imbedded in the back of his head.

Angela is surprised by the presence of a stranger wearing the same ring as the original conspirators whose features are blurred in the dream. He tells her that she is meddling and that her foresight into the future is dangerous. He also tells her that she won’t be able to move. We then see Angela seated at her desk totally immobile.

Daphne and Linderman – Pinehearst Company – Fort Lee, New Jersey
Daphne tells Linderman that she is not a killer and is only in it for the money. Linderman tells her that she needs to recruit another and that he is very important. He shows her a photo of Matt Parkman! Daphne is confused and tells Linderman that her ability allows her to sneak up on anyone but not him! She waves a folder at him, which travels through him and she realizes that he is not real. Linderman claims that this fact is not important at that she must bring him Parkman!

Matt Parkman’s father steps out of the shadows when Daphne leaves and enters the Pinehearst Company building. He comes to a hospital room and has a discussion with a mysterious man in a bed hooked up to a ventilator. In one-half of a conversation he tells the stranger that Daphne is spreading the word and gaining recruits and that Knox will have Adam Monroe brought to him tomorrow. In the end Matt’s dad calls the stranger… Mr. Petrelli! (And now we know that Arthur Petrelli is truly pulling the strings!!!)

The Alternative takes notes:

New Villains:
1. Stephen Canfield – Creates vortexes (small black holes) which anything that enters is never seen again. To me this was a very cool ability and was eliminated much too early in the season. I’d have liked to see more of Canfield and his guilt-ridden dilemma throughout the season. Unfortunately, the writers have written in many disposable characters and abilities this season.
2. Eric Doyle – The Puppeteer – We are not originally told what Eric’s ability is but throughout the show we begin to understand that he can take complete physical control over someone and dictate their moves. We also find out that while the mind is resistant to his power the body id not. Meredith is finding this out (or reliving it) for us.
3. Mohinder – Spider Man? – Mohinder is becoming something unexplainable before our eyes. He is susceptible to light, creates a sticky substance on his hands, is losing his flesh in great slabs, and has begun to cocoon his victims. Why is he doing this? And what is he saving them for?

Humorous lines:
Adam calls Hiro a “little Japanese Nazi” which I found extremely funny.
Hiro and Ando tell Adam that when they take him back to Level 5 “we’ll give you a nice cell with a window… and a vent!” Also, very funny, especially considering last week’s episode when Hiro and Ando tried to escape through the vent system.
Sylar says: “Rehabilitation doesn’t happen overnight!” As if!!

Symbol Sighting:
1. The Pinehearst Company’s logo encompasses the DNA strand and the symbol which is shown in the episode when Linderman and Daphne are talking.
2. The symbol is seen on the wall in Mohinder’s lab adjacent to the neighbor and his cocoon. It is not clear if this is a new sighting or a painting left over from Isaac Mendez.

For those engaged in the Heroes ARG (Alternative reality Game) some clues were revealed this evening. Note: I’m not playing so this may be old or recycled information. Stephen Canfield asks Claire if she is working for the Pinehearst Company and shows her the business card. On it we see the following:
Pinehearst Company
26877 Century Drive
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
Ph # 877.309.7463

Monday, October 06, 2008


Air Date

Monday, October 6th, 2008 7/8c

Recap of events:

Manhattan, N.Y.

Mohinder, who is still losing skin and other adverse side effects of the formula, continues to study the effects of the formula but is interrupted by shouting in an apartment upstairs. When he investigates the man pushes him and Mohinder uses his new-found strength to bash him into the wall. The wife objects and Mohinder backs off.

Reseda, California

Tracy Strauss is meeting with Dr. Zimmerman to find out why and how she has the ability to freeze matter. He tells her that Tracy, Niki and Barbara were three test subjects that were given powers by manipulating DNA. When she asks for more information Zimmerman relays to her that a company was involved but that they made him forget everything about the research. She gets angry and demands that he take the powers away. When he tells her she cannot she begins to freeze him but releases him before he splinters into ice shards.

Somewhere in Africa

Matt Parkman is looking at the painting of him carrying a woman. When he asks the tribesman who she is he is told that it is his future to unravel. Matt takes a green porridge from a bowl and eats asking if it will help him see the future. When that doesn’t work the Tribesman places his headphones on Matt whose eyes then turn white (i.e. Isaac Mendez fashion). Matt dreams…

New York City – Four Years in the Future

Future Peter and Present Peter arrive in the future and people everywhere have abilities. Some speed by quickly, to fast for the eye to see, as others fly away on their normal daily rounds. Future Peter tells his companion (a younger himself – I don’t think I’ll ever get the terminology of time travel straight) that all those with abilities will destroy the world. Future Peter asks Present Peter to find out who has developed the formula and to stop him. In the process he tells him not to step on too many butterflies (referring once again to the Butterfly Effect). Future Claire suddenly appears and shoots Future Peter. As Present Peter flees the Haitian tries to capture him but Peter hits him as he goes by.

(Note: The poor Haitian has taken a beating the past two episodes – First, Ando whacks him at the movie theatre and then Present Peter does the same in the alley.)
Claire stands over the body of Future Peter with Benjamin Knox and Daphne and tells them that Future Peter is not dead! Claire tells them that they need Molly (Molly Walker from season one) to find the younger Present Peter so that she can kill him.

Primatech Facility – Level Two – Hartsdale, New York

Hiro and Ando are locked in a cell at Primatech and discuss a means to escape. Ando is angry that Hiro does not trust him and that it all stems from Future Ando killing Future Hiro.

Washington, D.C.

Nathan is choosing a desk for his new senatorial office when Linderman shows up again. Linderman again declares that Nathan is the only one that can see him and that he wants to make him the next President of the United States. Linderman tells Nathan that this is the path to salvation and Nathan tells him he wants none of it if Linderman is leading the way.

Manhattan, New York

Mohinder continues to deteriorate and is now highly sensitive to sunlight. Maya tells him that he is working too hard but he tells her that it is too help eliminate her power. In his audio journal he explains that the formula is transforming him. (Just into what has not yet been determined.)

Manhattan, New York – Four Years in the Future

Present Peter comes to see Mohinder who has digressed into… something very different. Among Isaac’s old paintings Present Peter asks Mohinder to help him find Sylar because he needs his powers. Mohinder tells him that he got the formula wrong and that Sylar’s power is very dangerous (as if we didn’t know that!)

Bennett House – Four Years in the Future – Costa Verde, California

Gabriel and his son Noah (huh!) are making breakfast when Present Peter arrives. When Sylar realizes that this Peter is from the past he tells him that his power is a hunger that consumes and pushes a person to know more and to want to have more. Present Peter tells Sylar that he can save the world!

Four Years in the Future – Matt’s Dream

Daphne and Matt are married and have a small baby together. Molly Walker lives with them. They are discussing the fact that Present Peter and Future Peter must be stopped.

Future Claire, Future Daphne and Future Benjamin Knox discuss the best way to eliminate both Present and Future Peter.

Bennett House – Four Years in the Future – Costa Verde, California

Present Peter asks Sylar to paint the future. When his eyes roll up in his head and he finishes we find the picture of the world exploding, again! Sylar hands Peter the Sylar watch he’s kept all those years and tells him that if he can fix it he will gain his powers. Present Peter fixes the watch using his powers.

Future Knox, Daphne and Claire enter the house and take Noah, Sylar’s son, captive. A fight, in super-fast motion, begins between Daphne and Peter as Sylar and Knox battle it out. Knox throws the table into Noah killing him and Sylar becomes angry, kicks Knox’s ass and then in a whirling, throbbing ball of flame explode into an immense nuclear cloud.

Primatech Facility – Level Two – Hartsdale, New York

Hiro and Ando are trying to escape out the vent in the ceiling and are discussing their friendship woes. Hiro apologizes to Ando and just as he is about to escape the Haitian appears.

Washington, D.C.

Tracy Strauss tries to turn herself in for the murder of the reporter but freezes the telephone in an emotional outburst. The phone falls to the floor and breaks into pieces.

Manhattan, New York

Mohinder is studying the mutation and remarks to his audio journal that he cannot reverse the effects of the formula. A knock on the door interrupts his work and it is the bully from the apartment upstairs. The man punches Mohinder and tells him that he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with. Mohinder says, “Neither do you!” and snatches him into the laboratory. Presumably, to be guinea pig number one.

Washington, D.C.

In the meantime, Nathan is visited by Tracy who hands in her resignation. Nathan is surprised and Linderman tells him that he must go after her and that he must pray for guidance.

Tracy Strauss is then seen on the bridge overlooking the mall in D.C. over the Potomac River. In a suicidal attempt she jumps but is rescued by a flying Nathan. Later, at Tracy’s apartment she understands that she is not the only one with powers and shows Nathan her ability. They kiss and the rest is well… history or the future or the past. I’m having trouble keeping up!

Four Years in the Future

Outside the Primatech Company, beneath a large ornamental piece of art in the shape of the symbol, President Nathan Petrelli and the First Lady Tracy are mourning the loss of life at Costa Verde, Californian in the explosion. During the press conference Nathan tells the nation to find their loved ones and pray for the souls of the dead.

Four Years in the Future

Future Peter lies dead on a gurney as Present Peter is confronted by Future Claire and the Haitian. She tells him that 200,000 died in Costa Verde and that he is going to feel the pain of every last victim. She cuts Peter over the chest a number of times but before she can really begin the butchery Nathan steps into the room and commands her to stop. Claire asks if it’s the President or her father asking. When he says, “both” she leaves. Nathan releases Peter from his bonds and tells him that one man cannot save the world. Nathan tells Peter that he knows he doesn’t trust him and that he should read his mind. Peter admits that Nathan believes what he is saying but thinks he’s wrong. In a fit of rage Peter buzzes through Nathan’s head and time warps away…

Primatech Facility – Level Five – Hartsdale, New York - Present Day

Sylar is still captive in his cell on Level Five as Peter appears and grabs Sylar by the throat. Sylar looks into his eyes and reveals that Peter has the hunger! Peter tells him that he will not become evil but Sylar tells him that he already is. In the process he also calls Peter, brother!

Somewhere in Africa

Matt Parkman is still in a trance. He watches T.V. with Molly as the tragedy at Costa Verde, California unravels on the news. He is obviously upset because he knows that Daphne went to Costa Verde. Daphne appears at the door and Matt is obviously relieved to see her but she tells Matt that she wasn’t fast enough. As she falls Matt sees that her entire back has been badly burned. This scene then renders the Tribesman's painting of Matt holding Daphne true.

Primatech Facility – Hartsdale, New York

Angela and the Haitian are discussing the formula with Hiro and Ando after their failed escape attempt. Angela tells Hiro about how the formula can turn normal people into those with abilities. Ando tells her that Hiro will not rest until the formula has been safely rescued. Angela tells him that he is the only one that can do it and that he holds the key to the mystery.

Later, Hiro and Ando are seen in the dark in a cemetery exhuming a coffin. When they open it they find a less than happy Adam…


At the Pinehurst Company we see two pieces of sculpture that are in the shape of the symbol. Also, the logo for Pinehurst is the DNA strand.

The Tribesman tells Matt Parkman to “find his totem” and that it will “guide you on your journey.” When Matt asks if that was a tribal thing he tells him that it is Carl Jung “Analytical Psychology.”

Mohinder’s first audio journal entry is 13 and the second is 16 which means that they must be relatively close in time together.

The number on Mohinder’s laboratory # is 681.

The apartment that Matt, Daphne, Molly and the baby share looks suspiciously like Peter’s old apartment.

The Tribesman is wearing a Universal Studios t-shirt.


1. Power Dampening at Pinehurst

There is obviously some "thing" at the Pinehurst Facility that dampens powers. With the Haitian travelling to Germany, etc. it is not feasable that he is the source of the dampening. There must be some other mode being used to restrict the abilities of those enprisoned there.

Also, with Hiro and Ando being held captive on Level Two and the real villains on Level Five it makes me wonder about what is being kept on Levels Three and Four. And... is ther a Level Six?

2. The Zimmerman family?

When Tracy visits Dr. Zimmerman the above photo is seen in the house. Dr. Zimmerman, one of the three test subjects (Tracy, Niki, or Barbara) an unknown woman, and The German. Hmmm... the plot thickens!

3. Noah Petrelli

Sylar's son Noah calls Peter Uncle when he first comes into the home. Does this mean that in the future Sylar is unveiled as Gabriel a brother? Or, is Claire the mother?
More to think about...