Monday, December 11, 2006


There has been some debate over Sylar's watch on some of the forum boards. Some believe that Sylar wears two different watches. After viewing them side-by-side I think that there is only one watch and it is a Sylar worn only by Sylar. The above image shows the watch after Chandra Suresh's murder (left) and six months ago (right). The watch on the right is not embedded in a case and covered with a crystal and therefore "looks" different than the other. This difference has been used to argue that there are two different watches. The only real difference that I can see between the two watches is that on the "6 Months" watch, the word "Sylar" is clearly visible. In the other one, where the watch is broken, you can't see where it says "Sylar" because the hands are in the way. The two watches have too many similarities to be different. What they have in common: The ball at the end of the second hand is identical. The minute and hour hands are the same. The triangular pips pointing to the hour numbers are identical and the winding mechanism is identical. They are, in my opinion the same watch.

P.S. Peter's watch, on the other hand, is a Nixon.

Also, there was additional speculation that in Peter's dream sequence that the sound of a ticking clock could be heard. I have watched the episode a number of times and find that the ticking is actually the "blinking" click-click-click of the construction arrow sign "> > >"in the background of the dream. The sound can only be heard when the arrow sign is visible (and just after it leaves the screen). It is not a Sylar sounding watch ticking.


Also, Graphic Novel # 12 "Super-Heroics" was released today (12/12/06) at the NBC Heroes Graphic Novel page.

While in a comma in the hospital, presumably after his dream sequence in "Fallout", Peter struggles literally with his inner self. This issue of the graphic novel resembles a true comic book more than any other previous issue. Peter, and his counterpart, are dressed in familiar super-hero garb (to quote Ando "tights and a cape") and are battling for domination over the other. After the battle the antagonist is revealed and Peter realizes that he has been fighting himself. While we are certain not to see super-heroes in tights and capes in the series this issue gives us an insight into Peter’s emotional state. The fact that he considers himself a good hero is weighed down by the fact that there is potential for both great good and great evil in all people. Peter understands this and fears that he may not be the “good” hero he wants to be. The doubt entertained here is probably something any normal person might experience when found that they possessed an extraordinary ability. I enjoyed this issue for all the above reasons but also because it appealed to the teenager in me. Obviously, after all the thought and analysis required to publish this site I sometimes forget that “Heroes” really is a great deal of fun and presented to us for our entertainment. The graphic novel “Super-Heroics” brought me back 30 years, even if for just a moment of pure comic entertainment, and for that I truly appreciate their efforts.

P.S. Episode 12, which is scheduled to air January 22nd, 2007 is entitled “GODSEND”.


Bicho said...

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Starseeker said...

Keeping it up during the interim weeks... *bows down*

I find the other Heroes sites full of flaming and disagreements about things that aren't really important enough to disagree about.

Yours, on the other hand, gives ramblers (like me) room to ramble.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Lol, post coming at you from *gasp* an XP machine!

Merry Chirstmas, btw. =)

The Alternative said...

All blog readers and posters--->



I've sent you an e-mail off-board. Thanks for contacting me. I've also added you to our affiliates.


Always nice to hear from you. When a program like Heroes goes on vacation the fans usually get left behind with nothing to talk about. It seems the case here too. The forum board has nothing new to discuss so flaming runs rampant. I notice there are some users who logged in on Dec. 10th and have over 100 posts. It makes me wonder what they are posting about. Feel free to come here anytime and ramble. That's what its here for.

Merry Christmas to you, too!

The Alternative said...

Starseeker said---->

Hiro's Sword:
'Sylar Slayer'... hehehe... I like it. He REALLY needs to get that sword soon, methinks.

How about 'Not Compensating'? I reckon it would be awesome if Conan or similar tanked-up fantasy film hero named their sword that. =)

Sylar playing 'Possum'
I didn't know that was a saying. Lol, but I also didn't see that coming at all. Who would have guessed he let them catch him?

Neutron Bomb
Fwoar, I didn't know very much about it. Sounds plausible, but I'm not convinced it was that.

Because if it WAS a neutron bomb, people would not have time to even open car doors - the blast radius expands at light speed - they'd be dead, right then and there.

Also, all the electronics (such as ticking billboards) would be EMP'd out.

Other stuff
Is that 'see the real heroes' nutjob posting in the comments again? I'm inferring from the deleted comments.


I agree that Hiro needs that sword. It defines him. While we’ve only seen Hiro with the sword once it was the coolest and most confident Hiro we’ve ever seen. “Sylar Slayer” was a jab at the posters looking for some spiritual name for the sword and my own love of swords and sorcery literature (especially Lord of the Ring, and its ilk.)

Sylar lying in the weeds was an assumption based on his previous actions. His existence lately has been to confront, kill and somehow assimilate the ability of someone else. It only makes sense that when confronted by someone with a power that can render him unconscious he’d want to posses it himself. It may not be what the writers wrote or intended but it seems very plausible to me.

The Neutron Bomb theory was just a theory to explain what might have happened but now that you mention the working electronics (light on taxi, construction sign, etc.) it couldn’t possibly be a Neutron Bomb. How about a Xyclonic Bomb (fictional, of course, but this IS television) which only disintegrates flesh?

As for deleted posts… I sometimes get the odd weirdo post but I usually allow it as long as it has something to do with Heroes. Occasionally, I get the advertisement post which I absolutely won’t allow in my comments. My readers, I think, are not interested in going to an on-line pharmacy or buying cialis while reading a blog about Heroes.

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