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Chandra Suresh’s Notebook and Computer “Heroes” List

There has been some speculation as to where the list of “Heroes” from Chandra Suresh’s computer originated. Some fans from the forum boards believed that Mr. Bennet (Horned Rimmed Glasses or H.R.G.) assembled this list and that Suresh somehow liberated it from him. Others believed that this list of “genetic anomalies” came from large public databases, like the Human Genome Project. While the first theory is most likely not correct the second is based on Mohinder’s mentioning of this database and merits some consideration. I, however, believe that a third explanation is more likely. I think that the list was actually compiled by Chandra Suresh and that the information and samples within where painstakingly collected by him directly over the years. Supporting evidence to confirm this belief is the notebook found inside Chandra’s computer by Eden and Mohinder. We have seen the inside of the notebook in two episodes (3 “One Giant Leap” and 8 “Seven Minutes To Midnight”) and the pages we have seen clearly show that Chandra collected the samples of DNA (fingernails, hair, etc.) and supplied the information about each test subject. Inside that book are pages and pages of research concerning people with super human abilities. Chandra explains on those pages where the person was from, their age and race and how he obtained the genetic material of each subject. On many of the pages can be seen a small baggy, which contains hair, blood and fingernail samples, all viable resources for extracting genetic material (DNA). I assume that the names on his list are the same names found in this notebook and that the computer listing may be only a single screen of a larger list of individuals. Because this list (see image below) contains mostly names of subjects in the United States we presume that the list must be much larger than the single page we have seen.

“Heroes” Listed in Notebook From Episode Three “One Giant Leap”

The notebook contains what looks like information concerning people with extraordinary powers (“Heroes”) that Suresh has documented. We have attempted to include as much information as we could decipher from the pages that we could view (HD DVR and all) but if anyone can contribute more information than what we have listed we’d like to see it and will include it here with the proper credit.

1) Entry March 19, 1991 (or 1971) 1:50PM
(Strange symbol under time – this is not “the” symbol but looks like “(-)”)
Location: Palu, Indonesia
Continent: Asia
S: Female
Age: 22 years old
Race: Malaysian
Sample Type: Toenail Clipping (Small baggy attached to page)
Acquisition of Sample: _____ subject in the _____ for a few weeks realizing that she had her nails done every five days. So I went to the _____ one day after seeing her _____ and asked the manicurist for samples. Subject was unaware of any intentions to get data from her.
Potential Power: Teleportation
(At the bottom of the page can be seen a Hindu word or phrase and the drawing of what looks like a foot. This has been translated to “nirala” and the literal translation means “unique.” Someone else (on the forum boards) has identified the foot as the “double helix genetic code which identify link matches.”)

2) Entry Feb. 12, 2005 7:05PM
(Strange symbol under time – this is not “the” symbol but looks like a “?”)
Location: Marabai, Brazil
Continent: South America
S: Female
Age: 13
Race: Columbian
Sample Type: Blood (Small piece of paper/cloth with blood smear in baggy)
Acquisition of Sample: I _____ this who was known as being Brazil's greatest wrestler under the age of _____so I had to check her out. It became apparent at the match to me that she had some special power. It was as if she knew every move that her opponent was going to make before they made it. She got distracted at one…

3) Sylar’s address: 1146 Trenton Place Apt. 1B, Queens, N.Y. 11011, is scrawled in the pages on the notebook (the date on the page following the address is October 2006)

4) Unknown house or apartment key found in back of notebook. Later we find that this key opens the bottom desk drawer of Chandra Suresh’s desk at his office in India. The folder for the “dream walker” Inyer Sanjog is found inside.

“Heroes” Listed in Notebook From Episode Eight, “Seven Minutes To Midnight”

Note: While Mohinder was flipping through the pages of his father’s notebook we caught a glimpse of a few other “heroes” that Chandra had been tracking.

1) … intentions to get data from him.
Potential Power: Tissue Regeneration

2) Feb. 16th, 1971 4:30 PM (drawing of a circle with four vertical lines over it)
Location: Lobatse, Botswana
Continent: Africa
Sex: Female
Age: 87
Race: South African
Sample Type: Fingernail
Acquisition of sample… she slept through the whole thing… subject was unaware of me attempting to get samples from her.
Potential Power: Telepathy

3) Oct. 17th, 1978 8:26 PM (drawing of a triangle)
Location: New Canaan, Connecticut
Continent: North America
Sex: Female
Race: Polish/Russian
Sample type: Red hair
Acquisition of sample… spotted me… and smiled… came up to me… put her finger to her lips in the universal sign for quiet… pulled a strand of her hair… and handed it to me… she was aware of my intentions to gather data from her.
Potential Power: Clairvoyance

Heroes List (from Chandra Suresh’s computer)

* The list of Heroes from Chandra Suresh’s computer:
Column 1
Name -- Location
Felipe Acerra – Deceased
D. L. Hawkins – Las Vegas, NV.
Byron Bevington – Marshfield, VT.
Niki Sanders – Las Vegas, NV.
Daniel Buzzetti – Greeley, CO.
Isaac Mendez – New York, NY.
Tracy Chobham – Frostburg, MD.
Nicholas Datre – Deceased
Paula Gramble – Monteith, IA.
Curtis Hovsepian – Grant Pass, OR.
Nathan Petrelli – New York, NY.
Noel Menzies- Deceased
Penkala Burton – Albert Lea, MN.
Theresa Hue Pham – Shreveport, LA.
Matthew Parkman – Los Angeles, CA.
Hiro Nakamura – Tokyo, Japan
? - Midland, TX. (Probably Charlie, ed.)

Column 2
Name -- Location
David Berman – New York, NY.
Leonie Pinkham - Deceased
Adam Soo Hoo – Kailua, HI.
Linda Tavara - Deceased
Norman Vantris - Deceased
Sparrow Redhouse – New Mexico
Amid Halebi – Los Angeles, CA.
Michelle … - ?
Candace W… - ?
Harry Fl… - ?
Ethan Ki… - Deceased
Abu Aswan… - ?
Frank Cav… - Deceased
Diego Vel… - Deceased
Jess Murp… - Deceased

Sue Lande... - ?
Pam Green - ?

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  • P.S. Episode 12, which is scheduled to air January 22nd, 2007 is entitled “GODSEND”.

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