Monday, October 16, 2006


Re-cap of Episode Chapter 4: "Collision" formerly “Come Together”

Air date Monday, October 16, 2006 7/8c

What if all the Heroes gave Peter a group hug at the same time?

Matt Parkman has been captured by HRG and the mysterious man. HRG confesses to drugging Matt and tells him that they are testing his Resting Rate. HRG directs the mysterious man to “Go deep, clean him out!” Hiro and Ando arrive in Las Vegas and are ensnared by the sound and lights. Niki and Micah pass Hiro and Ando in the casino on their way to see Linderman. Linderman, it seems, will rescind Niki’s debt if she will only keep Nathan busy. Claire awakes in the morgue in the middle of her own autopsy but finds a way to escape. Isaac contemplates his gift while Peter and Simone “come together.” Nathan is confronted by Mohinder Suresh but calls his body guards to take him away. Nathan tells Peter that he was contacted by Suresh and that he should make himself scarce for awhile. Claire lies to her “father” (HRG) about what she was doing with Brody and Mohinder receives a box that contains the ashes of his father. Hiro uses his powers to cheat and make some cash at the casino. Peter finds Mohinder and Eden and tells them that he thinks his power is that he can use others powers when he is in their vicinity! Isaac tells Simone that he is going to be a hero and Zach and Claire have a discussion in which Zach thinks Claire can be “rebooted.” His pet name for her now is “Little miss miracle grow!” Niki meets Nathan in the bar at the casino which has been staged. We learn during a discussion between Peter and Mohinder that Mohinder believes in his fathers work and that he too is a geneticist. We also find out that Lori Trammel was also raped by Brody Mitchell. Isaac shoots up and sees Claire running from Uluru sometime near Homecoming. Hiro and Ando are thrown out of the casino and Hiro is punched. Nathan and Niki spend some time together but when the moment comes Niki says she can’t and Nathan understands. On her way out Niki is assaulted by one of Linderman’s stooges but Niki2 come to the front and throws him around the elevator. She gives him warning and then goes back to Nathan’s hotel room to finish what Niki1 started. While Peter and Mohinder return from an unsuccessful visit to Isaacs apartment Peter finds that time has stopped and that he is alone on the subway. Claire meets Brody after school and asks him fro a ride home. She then asks to drive. During a conversation in which Brody admits to raping Lori and Claire Claire drives the car at high speed into a wall. HRG and the mysterious man end up in Nathan’s hotel room standing over a sleeping Nathan and Niki. HRG tells the mysterious man to take just the one. Peter is met by a very confident and self-possessed future Hiro who tells him that he has a message for him.

The next-weeks episode preview ends with the following cryptic message:

Is this Hiro's message to Peter?


* The MBG kisses his symbol necklace prior to wiping Matt’s memory.

* When the coroner removes the stick from Claire’s brain it takes approximately 3 seconds for the wound to begin to heal and about 35 seconds for Claire to come back to life.

* Hiro and Ando and Niki and Micah are at the Montecito Casino which is a fictional casino from the NBC drama “Las Vegas.”

* Peter Petrelli’s apartment is on the lower east side of Manhattan. The apartment number is 1407.

* Mohinder is recreating his father’s and Sylar’s map. In one scene he is tacking up the newspaper article of Nathan Petrelli that was on Sylar’s map.

* Mohinder’s apartment number is 613.

* Ando bets his last money on 26 black on the roulette table.

* While gambling at the roulette table Ando and Hiro mention Peter Parker and Spider-man. In the comics Peter Parker is the name of Spider-man.

* The license plate number of Niki’s black AMC Gremlin is Nevada 231-HQV.

* The number on the Isaac’s studio door is “681”. This may be an inconsistency as his address in Hiro’s comic book is 215 Reed Street, # 7.

* The sign in the Union Wells High School hall reads “Wildcat Pride!”

* Zach calls Claire “Little Miss Miracle Grow.”

* Zach tells Claire that she "rebooted" after the stick was pulled from her head.

* During a video montage transition the song “Eyes” by Rogue Wave plays.

* When Hiro changes cards in the poker game the Cowboy High Roller is holding the King and Queen of diamonds and the Aces of hearts, clubs and spades and Ando’s hand is the Queens of hearts and spades and the seven of hearts, the three of clubs and the two of hearts . Later, after Hiro changes cards, Ando’s hand is the same two queens he originally had and the Cowboy’s three Aces.

* Niki has a ticket to see Celine Dion when she bumps into Nathan.

* During the subway scene on the way to Isaac’s studio Mohinder and Peter are riding car # 8.

* “Rainman” reference – When Hiro and Ando are coming down the escalator in the casino they are dressed in suits very much like Dustin Hoffman and Tom Crusie in the movie “Rainman.”

* After being thrown out of the Montecito Casino Ando asks Hiro if he can teleport them to the crap table at Caesar’s Palace.

* The music playing when Niki2 is in the hotel room with Nathan "The Girl in the Other Room" by Diana Krall is playing.

* Nathan tells Niki that he is married and has two sons.

* When Niki leaves Nathan’s hotel room the counter (clock) on the surveillance camera reads 22:31:10:16 or 10:31pm.

* When Niki returns to Nathan’s hotel room the counter (clock) on the surveillance camera in te room reads 22:33:58:17 or 10:33pm.

* When Mohinder and Peter are returning from Isaac’s studio a sign on the subway car wall reads: “DON’T GIVE YOUR HEART TO JUST ANYONE” The word “don’t” is in black lettering and the word “heart” is in red lettering.

* Claire meets Brpdy on the very stairs in which Isaac paints her running from someone casting a large shadow.

* When Hiro stops time on the subway and Peter scans the crowd Hiro can be see seated reading a newspaper.

* Future Hiro resembles (or is portrayed as) Trunks a character from Dragonballz that can move through time and is a great warrior.

My observations:

Note: Episodes 1 & 2 both begin with Peter Petrelli falling off a building… this may be significant. Episode 3 begins in the desert with Niki and Micah in the red Cadillac. Episode 4 begins with Matt Parkman in a hospital bed wired to monitors and electronic equipment.

Cast of characters - occupation/ ability:

Episode 1
1) Isaac Mendez – Painter / Psychic (foresight – manifests in his paintings during drug induced state)
2) Hiro Nakamura – Office worker / Bends space-time and teleports
3) Ando Masahashi - Hiro's co-worker / Unknown or none
4) Simone Deveaux - Unknown / Unknown
5) Charles Deveaux (Simone’s father) – dying patient / Unknown
6) Micah Sanders – Student / Genius, technopath (?)
7) Niki Sanders – Stripper / Doppelganger (Mirror double?)
8) Nathan Petrelli – Politician / Can fly
9) Peter Petrelli – Hospice Nurse / Unknown (perhaps can fly or assumes others abilities?)
10) Mrs. Petrelli – Mother of Petrelli brothers/ Unknown
11) Dr. Mohinder Suresh – Teacher / Narrator – Searching for Patient Zero
12) Dr. Chandra Suresh – Mohinder’s father / Geneticist w/ Hero clues
13) Claire Bennett – High School Student/ Rapid Cellular Regeneration
14) Mr. Bennett – Claire’s “father” - antagonist / Unknown
15) Zack – Claire’s videographer / None?
16) Uluru – Monster / Evil? Unknown
17) Linderman – Businessman - Mob boss (not in episode but mentioned)

Episode 2
1) Matt Parkman – Policeman / Can “hear” thoughts.
2) Mr. Petrelli – Deceased / Unknown, but his power may have caused his clinical depression and suicide.
3) “The Exterminator” – Undercover operative / Unknown or none.
4) Eden McKenzie – Works in bookstore - Actress / Unknown (Assists Mohinder.)
5) Policewoman 1 (CIA Agent)– Knows Sylar / Unknown or none.
6) Audrey Hanson - FBI Agent (Arrests Parkman) - Knows Sylar (mentions him as a mass murderer) / Unknown or none.
7) Jackie – High school cheerleader / Unknown or none.
8) Brody Mitchell – High school quarterback – serial rapist / Unknown or none.
9) Lori Trammell– Student at Claire’s school (Claire’s friend) / Unknown or none.
10) Molly Walker – Daughter of murder victims / Unknown.
11) Mrs. Walker (Murdered mother) – Unknown / Levitation?
12) Mr. Walker (Murdered father) – Unknown / Freeze?
13) Paul E. Sylar – Unknown / (Assumes others abilities? - Telekinesis, magnetism, rapid cellular regeneration and teleportation, probably more)
14) D. L. Hawkins – Father of Micah? / Unknown (mentioned by Niki as D.L. to her sister but did not appear in the episode.)
15) Linderman – Businessman - Mob boss (not in episode but mentioned)
16) Niki’s sister – Unknown / Unknown

Episode 3
1) D.L. Hawkin’s mother (Micah’s grandmother) – Unknown / Unknown but she is the mother and grandmother of “heroes”.
2) Mrs. Parkman - Matt’s wife / Unknown or none
3) Linderman – Businessman - Mob boss (not in episode but mentioned)
4) Mysterious man in bar – Unknown / Can block mind reading?
5) Linderman’s goon (policeman) – Bodyguard / Unknown or none

Episode 4
1) Nathan’s bodyguard – Bodyguard / Unknown or none
2) Linderman’s secretary – Secretary / Unknown or none
3) Texas Tina (Niki’s sister) – Unknown / Unknown
4) Cowboy gambler – Gambler / Unknown
5) Future Hiro Nakamura – Hero – Swordsman / time-space master!


Episode 1
1) Hiro has a screen saver on his computer that looks like a painting (Uluru) from a comic book by Isaac.
2) Micah and Hiro are both reading a comic book called “9th Wonder” with images that look like paintings by Isaac.
3) Peter is the hospice nurse for Simone’s dying (?) father.
4) Simone is Isaac’s girlfriend.
5) Isaac painted the train wreck where Claire saved a worker.
6) Claire’s “father” is following Mohinder.
7) Micah constructed a pinhole camera to view the eclipse. The same eclipse that Isaac painted earlier.
8) Hiro’s co-worker has a video of Niki on his computer.
9) Nathan Petrelli on TV in Isaac’s studio. “Nathan Petrelli served his country in Bosnia.”

Graphic Novel One: Monsters
1) Mohinder is being photographed by Mr. Bennett
2) The eclipse is shown in numerous scenes in the graphic novel.
3) Peter and Nathan, Hiro, Claire, Isaac and Niki surround Mohinder in one scene.
4) Hidden scenes from graphic novel (click on page 1) show Hiro witnessing the explosion from episode two and teleporting back to Tokyo.

Episode 2
1) A strange symbol (gene helix?) made an appearance tonight in many places: it was found in Isaac’s apartment in paintings (at least 7 times), on a stick-it note on Mohinder’s map, on the laptop computer from the jump drive, on Peter’s drawing, in the pool (hose) at the home of the murdered man and his wife and inside Chandra Suresh’s lizard tank (piece of wood). Also, multiple images of the symbol could be seen in the dirt where Niki was burying her mirror double’s victims.
2) Isaac Mendez is the artist of the 9th Wonders comic book. Hiro discovers himself on the cover of the comic book and finds a picture on the back page of Isaac with his picture shown and his address listed.
3) The voice of Nathan Petrelli seeking votes in the 14th District of New York is on Chandra Suresh’s voice mail.
4) A message from Sylar is on Chandra Suresh’s voice mail.
5) One of the murder victims has his head sawn off and his brains scraped out. Later on we learn that the same fate happened to Isaac Mendez.
6) Hiro visits Isaac’s studio in New York.
7) Mohinder, Isaac, and Peter have all drawn the symbol. Mohinder’s stick-it note, Isaac’s paintings, and Peter’s drawing.
8) The symbol shows up randomly in other places (pool, lizard tank, desert sand, etc.)
9) There is a picture of the moon on the wall in Chandra Suresh’s apartment. Chandra means moon!

Graphic Novel Two: Hiro (The Crane)
1) Hiro's teleportation skills and time warp exploits are discussed.
2) Hiro works for Yamagoto Industries as a Level 3 Programmer.
3) Hidden scenes from graphic novel (click on page 6) show Nathan Petrelli passing in front of his campaign posters. A fire truck passes Nathan on the street on the way to some emergency.

Episode 3
1) Ando downloads a video of Niki Sanders from the Internet to his iPod.
2) Mohinder calls Mr. Bennett “Horned Rimmed Glasses”!
3) Hiro calls Issac on the phone from Japan but Isaac hangs up on him.
4) Peter tells Nathan that he is going to search for Chandra Suresh.
5) Chadra Suresh’s book “Activating Evolution” is found in Mohinder’s apartment and Sylar’s apartment and Peter Petrelli also has a copy.
6) Nathan Petrelli’s photograph is found on the map in Sylar’s apartment.
7) Both Paul E. Sylar and Chandra Suresh have similar maps in their apartments.
8) seen on Ando’s iPod.
9) Isaac draws image of Peter kissing Simone.

Graphic Novel Three: Nathan (Trial By Fire)
1) First page of all three graphic novels show a picture of a Nissan Versa driving towards the eclipse. This is the vehicle Hiro had to rent in L.A. for their drive to Las Vegas.
2) Nathan Petrelli political posters are all over the city.
3) Nathan saves a girl from a fire. Claire saves a man from a fire.

Episode 4
1) Matt Parkman is abducted by HRG.
2) Niki and Micah pass Hiro and Ando in the casino as Niki is being lead to her meeting with Linderman.
3) Nathan wants $2 million in contributions from Linderman. Is this the same $2 million that D.L. took from Linderman?
4) Mohinder Suresh confronts Nathan outside his campaign headquarters.
5) Peter finds his way to Chandra and Mohinder Suresh’s apartment.
6) HRG and the mysterious man enter Nathan’s hotel room as he and Niki sleep. (This could be a double connection as it implies ties to Linderman. How else could they have gained entrance to the locked hotel room?)
7) Peter meets the future Hiro on the subway.

Nathan Petrelli

While its seems evident that both Nathan and Peter have the ability to fly, or in the case of Peter, at least levitate, it occurs to me that Nathan has more control since he has used his power longer, or known about it longer. He suppresses his power because he is concentrating on becoming a congressman and any weirdness surrounding him would cause his campaign to falter.

Episode 1
1) Is running for Congress 14th District New York City
2) Tries to get Peter to forget flying.
3) Flies to save his brother from falling.

Episode 2
1) Tries to convince Peter to forget about flying.
2) Tells Peter he tried to commit suicide.

Episode 3
1) Tells the public that Peter tried to commit suicide at a pep rally.

Graphic Novel Three: Nathan (Trial by Fire)
1) Saves a young girl from a fire.
2) Leaves his coat and a campaign button at the scene.

Episode 4
1) Nathan knows Linderman and wants his money for his campaign.
2) Nathan meets Mohinder Suresh.
3) Nathan meets Niki.
4) Nathan wants Peter to disappear for awhile.

Peter Petrelli

Is it true that Peter can only fly when he is upset or angry? I think that he has yet to understand or practice his skill and that it may take a while before he can truly control his power. There is no doubt that Peter is an empath. Whether he can assimilate someone else’s power remains to be seen. Episode four would indicate that Peter can and does assimilate other abilities. We are not sure of the proximity.

Episode 1
1) Peter is an in-home nurse.
2) He works for Simone and Charles Deveaux.
3) Dreams of himself flying.

Episode 2
1) Levitates for a few moments while under stress.
2) Draws a stick figure of himself and Nathan flying (includes symbol on drawing.)

Episode 3
1) Practices flying in the school yard (nice touch of the kid with the cape by the way!)
2) Finds book “Activating Evolution” by Chandra Suresh
3) Tells his brother that he is going to look for Chandra Suresh.
3) Tells Simone that he loves her.

Episode 4
1) Has relationship with Simone Deveaux.
2) Lives at apartment 1407.
3) Goes to Chandra Suresh’s apartment and meets Mohinder.
4) Peter meets the future Hiro on the subway.

Mr. Petretti

Perhaps, he too had powers he was unable to or could not control. Why the multiple suicide attempts, though? Was he “hungry” like Sylar but afraid to hurt people? Is he truly dead or have we already met him? I don’t believe that we have heard the last of him.

Claire Bennett

Claire may be the most important of all the Heroes. On an altruistic level her power means more to the human race than any other. Immortality cannot be far away from rapid cellular regeneration once it is understood. The search for her birthparents may be a critical point to the story and don’t be surprised to find out that Claire has siblings (other than the brother shown). She may be someone that Sylar has his sights on to victimize. And don’t forget that Zach knows all about Claire’s extraordinary powers.

Claire’s “accidents”:

Episode 1
1) Two foot pole through the neck
2) Jumping from a high structure
2a) Dislocated shoulder
2b) Ribs sticking out through skin
3) Fingers caught, cut and severed in the garbage disposal
4) Intense fire at train wreck (arm on fire)
5) Multiple stab wounds in the chest (self inflicted)
6) Exposure to radiation (as reported on news from train wreck “The train is registered to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission…”)
7) Hit by a truck (As seen in Episode: Chapter 2 preview)

Episode 2
1) Broken neck (head twisted all the way around) in an accident on the football field.

In Theatre Trailer
1) Broken every bone in her body.

Episode 3
1) Piece of wood punctured through skull (which evidently kills her?).
2) Survives an autopsy.

Episode 4
1) Pieces her cut-up chest muscles and skin together after the autopsy.
2) Survives head-on collision with a wall.

Graphic Novel 4: Aftermath (Claire)
1) Head through windshield of car / head-on collision
2) Saves Brody from burning car / burned on arms
3) Explosion of car rips her back open
(How many uniforms does Claire own?)

Mr. Bennett (Horn Rimmed Glasses or HRG) :

Listening to Sylar on Chandra Suresh’s voice-mail it is very hard to determine whether Mr. Bennett and Mr. Sylar are the same person. Their voices sound very similar to me but I don’t believe they are the same. Perhaps the similarities were included on purpose by the writers to provide drama and intrigue. Is he evil? Could he be after Sylar himself? Putting a finger in the leaky dike, so to speak. There seems to be a genuine affection for Claire but that could very well be an act. Also, Claire’s little brother… does he also have a latent power? Has Bennett (HRG) collected him for another purpose?

Mr. Bennett (Claire’s “father”)

Episode 1
1) Seen in Mohinder Suresh’s father’s apartment after his death.
2) In Mohinder’s cab. (Matrix reference: "…but I'm sure there are a lot of Suresh's where you're from, it's like Smith or Anderson." Smith and Anderson are the antagonist and protagonist in the Matrix.
3) “Father” of Claire Bennett.

Episode 2
1) Mr. Bennett (HRG) may be Sylar but more information is needed to verify.
2) Mr. Bennett (HRG) has Zach’s tape of Claire’s “accidents.”

Episode 3
1) Points out Brody and asks if he is the quarterback (I think that Brody is working fro HRG)
2) In previews fro next episode he is seen looking at Matt Parkman who is in a hospital bed (?)

Episode 4
1) Abducts and studies Matt Parkman.
2) HRG and the mysterious man abduct Nathan.
3) HRG obviously knows Linderman (or is Linderman?)

Issac Mendez

Like Hiro Isaac has seen a fragment of the future. He knows that the attack on New York, and perhaps the entire world, has to be stopped. As an artist, the most accessible medium to send out your message is through the mass production and distribution of your comic. So he decides to tell the story in the pages of 9thWonders! (Cool name for a comic, BTW) and decides to include his address inside the pages! Has Isaac begun his search for the Heroes? Perhaps he feels they will come to him if they know where he lives? Is a gathering of the Heroes eminent? Is this why Sylar killed Isaac? If so, then it would prove that Sylar is afraid of the combined powers of the Heroes. And that would mean—game on! And what role will Simone and her father play in the drama? They have been very quiet the past two episodes but I can’t shake the feeling that they will be crucially important in future episodes.

Isaac’s Bio (from the back page of the comic book):

“Published by writer / artist:
Isaac Mendez
215 Reed Street, # 7
New York, New York 10010

Urged on by his instructor, Dominick Cabalo, Isaac honed his art skills and took various summer classes to help develop his craft. It wasn’t until high school when he began winning illustration contests.

With even more classes in illustration and art design classes under his belt, Isaac moved to New York and soon after, high school took various courses in college for comic book illustration.

It wasn’t until the annual New York Comic-Convention that he caught the eye of Comacho Comics and they hired him on the spot.

He worked there for 3 years, all the while learning the ins and outs of the business. _____ 2002, he self-published his own line of comics ____ ____ his old uncle Burk’s name – one of the ____ ____ ____ ____. We hope you all enjoy _____ _____ _____ wonders!

Logo designed by:
Dom Cabalo

_____ “

Note: While the address in the comic book states that Isaac’s address is 215 Reed Street the sign on the outside of his door reads “681.”

Isaac Mendez:

Episode 1
1) Isaac Mendezas a large painting of Uluru hanging over his bed, which implicates him as the artist of “9th Wonders”, making Hiro and Micah his fans. Hiro may even be searching for him while he is in New York.
2) The painting that Isaac is covering with black paint is of a hand holding a vial of foaming liquid. This may be something to look for in the future.

Episode 2
1) Isaac is found by Hiro in his studio with the top of his head sawn off and his brains scraped out.
2) Is the artist of the 9thWonders! Comic books.
3) Originator of the symbol?
4) Dies on November 8th?!?
5) Isaac lives at 215 Reed Street, # 7, N.Y., N.Y., 10010 (from back page of comic book.)

Episode 3
1) Forces Simone away.
2) Insists that he can paint the future.

Episode 4
1) Has a drug-induced vision in which Claire is running away from Uluru.
2) Calls himself a hero for the very first time.
3) Paints in a trance with pure white eyes.

Isaac’s paintings:

Episode 1
1) Eclipse of the sun.
2) Suicide bombing of a bus in Israel.
3) A hand holding a foaming vial of liquid.
4) Train wreck and ensuing explosion.
5) Nuclear explosion in New York City.
6) Image of Peter Petrelli falling from a building.
7) Image of Claire Bennett in her cheerleading uniform.

Graphic Novel One: Monsters
1) Isaac paints the explosion over New York City on the floor of his studio.

Episode 2
1) Nuclear explosion in New York City, now painted on the floor of his studio.
2) Small color painting of mushroom cloud in corner of studio.
3) Painting of Peter Petrelli falling/flying.
4) Small black and white drawing of mushroom cloud in corner of studio.
5) The painting of the hand holding a foaming vial of liquid now has “the symbol” painted into the black paint.
6) The symbol is found in at least seven (or eight) different paintings.
7) Yellow painting, with blue and red lines (obscured by camera angle) on wall in Isaac’s apartment (when Hiro faints.)
8) Unfinished page to 9thWonders! comic book.

Episode 3
1) Painting of Claire talking to Zach (segue from scene).
2) Painting of the silhouette of Simone holding the painting of a man.
3) Painting of the eclipse.
4) Painting of the symbol.
5) Sketch of Peter and Simone kissing in the rain under the red umbrella.

Episode 4
1) Painting of Claire reaching out.
2) Painting of Nathan Petrelli reaching out.
3) Painting of the eclipse.
4) Painting of a woman that lopks like Niki but could be Claire.
5) Painting of the bus bombing in Israel.
6) Painting of Peter Petrelli flying.
7) Painting of Uluru alone.
8) Painting of Uluru chasing Claire at the ampitheatre.
9) Painting of Hiro and Ando with a bloodstained (?) hoMECOMing sign over their heads. It looks like they make it to Odessa, TX.
10) Sketch of Peter and Simone kissing in the rain under the red umbrella.

Hiro Nakamura

Hiro has seen a glimpse of the future and he is very frightened. Now that he knows what will happen what will he do to prevent it? Obviously, our young programmer friend will not be able to convince anyone that the end of the world is near (whoever in T.V. does?) While a bit weak-kneed after the Issac be-skulling (all right, you tell be what word to use here ‘cause it sure ain’t beheading!) Hiro will need to find a way to marshal his strength to help save the world. This should be very interesting!

Hiro’s “events”:

Episode 1
1) Makes the clock stop and reverse for one second.
2) Causes the subway to be fourteen seconds late.
3) Teleports into the women’s room of a nightclub.
4) Teleports from Tokyo to New York City.

Episode 2
1) Discovers himself as the subject of a comic book.
2) Warps time (October 2nd to November 8th and back again.)
3) Teleports from New York City to Tokyo just before being eliminated by an explosion.

Episode 3
1) Stops time to save a little girl from being hit by a truck.

Episode 4
1) Stops time to place the roulette ball on Black 26 in casino in las Vegas.
2) Stops time to the three aces from the Cowboy gambler’s hand and place them in Ando’s.
3) Stops time and propels himself from the future to meet Peter Petrelli on the subway.
4) Seems to have picked up a swagger, some martial arts and a katana in the future.

Mohinder Suresh

Mohinder is the narrator of the story and the catalyst behind the search for Patient Zero. In the end he may bring all the Heroes together to fight the evil Sylar and his allies. The edge he has is the book of answers and the research notes that his father kept. The need to find out how his father died will be outweighed by his need to find Patient Zero and stop Sylar and his group. Eden may be introduce as a love interest but Mohinder will need to keep an eye on her until she declares which side she is on.

Mohinder Suresh:

Episode 1
1) Is reconstructing the map in his father’s apartment of supposed Hero activity.
2) Finds audiocassette tape labeled “Sylar” in his father’s apartment.
3) Believes that mutated or “different” genetic codes may be the next step in evolution.
4) Is being followed by Mr. Bennett.
5) Has his father’s folder of Hero incidents.
6) Is not heard entering his father’s apartment.

Graphic Novel One: Monsters
1) Mohinder has a fixation with the Hindu goddess Kali.

Episode 2
1) Is not heard entering his father’s apartment. Hmmm….
2) Believes that the answer to patient zero is in the genetic code.
3) Finds genetic information on a portable hard drive in his father’s apartment.
4) Has an image of the symbol on his map.

Episode 3
1) Finds his fathers notebook.
2) Visits Sylar’s apartment.
3) Finds a key with no indication what it is for.

Episode 4
1) Seeks out Nathan Petrelli.
2) Is found by Peter Petrelli.
3) Receives his father’s ashes.
4) Travels with Peter to Isaac’s studio to confirm the stories.

Chandra Suresh

Episode 1
1) Dies in New York City
2) Working on tracking down individuals with strange powers

Graphic Novel One: Monsters
1) Chandra worked for the Chelsea Cab Company at the corder of Cedar and Trinity.
2) His death was called an accident but his cab was ripped to pieces!

Episode 2
1) Has a lizard named Mohinder
2) Was interested in Darwin’s Origins of the Species

Episode 3
1) Wrote the book “Activating Evolution”
2) Photo of Dr. Suresh is on the back cover.

Episode 4
Not found – except on cover of book.

Chandra Suresh’s notebook (Episode 3):

The notebook contains what looks like information concerning people with extraordinary powers (Heroes) that Suresh has documented:

1) Entry March 19, 1991 (or 1971) 1:50PM
(Strange symbol under time – not “the” symbol but looks like “(-)”)
Location: Palu, Indonesia
Continent: Asia
S: Female
Age: 22 years old
Race: Malaysian
Sample Type: Toenail Clipping (Small baggy attached to page)
Acquisition of Sample: _____ subject in the _____ for a few weeks realizing that she had her nails done every five days. So I went to the _____ one day after seeing her _____ and asked the manicurist for samples. Subject was unaware of any intentions to get data from her.
Potential Power: Teleportation
(At the bottom of the page is an unidentified genetic shorthand and the drawing of what looks like a foot. Someone else has identified this as “double helix genetic codes which identify link matches.”)

2) Entry Feb. 12, 2005 7:05PM
(Strange symbol under time – not “the” symbol but looks like “?”)
Location: Marabai, Brazil
Continent: South America
S: Female
Age: 13
Race: Columbian
Sample Type: Blood (Small piece of paper/cloth with blood smear in baggy)
Acquisition of Sample: I _____ this who was known as being Brazil's greatest wrestler under the age of _____so I had to check her out. It became apparent at the match to me that she had some special power. It was as if she knew every move that her opponent was going to make before they made it. She got distracted at one…

3) Sylar’s address: 1146 Trenton Place Apt. 1B, Queens, N.Y. 11011, is scrawled in the pages on the notebook (the date on the page following the address is October 2006)

4) Unknown house or apartment key found in back of notebook.

Niki Sanders

Niki’s mirror double may be the most powerful of all the Heroes we have met. Does she need Niki to survive or would she continue to thrive in the mirror world even if Niki were dead? The implication is that Niki and her double are on the edge between what is right and wrong and that she/they could easily cross over at any time. The glimpses of her doppelganger that we have seen tell us that she is capable of great harm. And this isn’t the first time…

Niki Sanders:

Episode 1
1) Finds two hit men dead in her garage studio after waking up.
2) Her double communicates with her through the mirror.
3) Has very smart son.

Episode 2
1) Mirror double cleans up the mess from the killings.
2) Mirror double purchases red Cadillac
3) Mirror double leaves a note in the glove compartment and a map and the bodies in the trunk of the car.
4) Lives at 37 Parker Street, Henderson, NV. 89014 (Auto registration)

Episode 3
1) Explains why D.L. was captured (stole 2 million dollars from Linderman).
2) Is told that D.L. has escaped the authorities.

Episode 4
1) Meets Nathan Petrelli.
2) Niki2 beats up a Linderman security guard.
3) Niki2 has relationship with Nathan Petrelli.
4) Niki2 has a tattoo of the symbol on her back. (Does Niki1 have a tattoo?)
5) Is told by Linderman that she can work off her debt.

Micah Sanders

Genius, technopath and polymath, young Micah is another child of two individuals with unique powers. Does this amplify the degree of the power? If so Micah may be a power to be reckoned with in the future. He may know more than he lets on too.

Episode 1
1) Re-solders the logic board on his computer.
2) Reads the comic 9th Wonders! with cover of Uluru.
3) Is called gifted by the principal of the school.

Episode 2
1) Sleeps through the burial of the two dead goons sent by Linderman.

Episode 3

Episode 4
1) Plays scrabble.
2) Knows what his mom does in the garage (acting).
3) Is called a boy-genius by his mother.

D.L. Hawkins

Although not yet seen in any episode D.L. Hawkins is important and has seen considerable discussion on the boards. Niki tells us in episode two that D.L. is on the run from the police but insider information tells us that he is in prison and has the ability to walk through walls. Could he be on the run after escaping from prison? That possibility exists. But why was he in prison? Could he have taken the fall for one of Niki’s earlier mirror-double murders? It is possible that D.L. could walk through walls and took the blame knowing he could escape at any time. But why did he wait until he was in prison? Couldn’t he have walked out of the jail cell prior to his trial just as easily? Perhaps his power is one that does not manifest itself until a trauma occurs?

From and NBC Press release October 5th, 2006:
"... a fugitive from justice (D.L. Hawkins) continues to baffle authorities who twice have been unable to contain him. "

Episode 3
1) Stole 2 million dollars from Linderman and killed his accomplices (?)

Episode 4
Not mentioned

Eden McKenzie

This character is shrouded in conjecture and rightly so. When Mohinder first meets her and introduces himself she fails to give him her name. She also tells him that his father shared his theories with her. But why would he do that? It does not seem to make sense to me that a genetics Professor working on a key to special powers would share that information with an antique bookstore employee. Even a lonely old professor would not share sensitive information. I think that she may be a mole or a plant that is destined to side with the Heroes.

Episode 4 - If Eden McKenzie is a plant then why did she leave the apartment before Mohinder talked to Peter? She knew he was "one of them" but she left the apartment before the actual discussion occurred. This does not seem like the actions of someone sent to spy. Wouldn't you expect just the reverse?

Eden McKenzie:

Episode 1
Not seen in pilot

Episode 2
1) Rescues Mohinder from the “Exterminator.” She picks up his gun and chases the “operative” away.
2) Notices voice mail messages on Chandra Suresh’s phone.
3) Finds portable hard drive in lizard tank.
4) Discussed theories with Chandra Suresh. This seems a bit odd to me. Why would Mohinder’s father discuss this very important information with her? Could she be a mole?

Episode 3
1) Finds Chandra Suresh’s notebook in the computer.
2) Goes with Mohinder to Sylar’s apartment.
3) Does not look surprised when Sylar’s apartment is emptied.

Episode 4
1) Knows that Peter Petrelli has come to see Mohinder.
2) Delivers the ashes of Chandra Suresh to Mohinder.

Eden McKenzie and KEYS:
(Eden may be a KEY! I think we should keep an eye on more possible key connections as the series progresses.)

Episode 2
1) Eden discovered the portable hard drive, which contains the "key" to the genetics surrounding the Heroes.

Episode 3
1) It was revealed that Eden has a key to Chandra Suresh's apartment.
2) Eden found Chandra's notebook and the key hidden within it.
3) Eden is present when Moihinder attempts to use this key to enter Sylar's apartment.

Episode 4
1) Says to follow the smoke trail to the fire.

Matt Parkman

His ability will prove to be vitally important should all the Heroes gather together. He will be the central processor, the listening post and the command center. He may be the one who ultimately makes all the connections between characters. Does he get to close to Sylar? Is that why we see him with Bennett and his associate in the previews? Does he use his skills as a detective and thought-reader to dig too deep?

Episode 1
Not found in pilot

Episode 2
1) Hears the thoughts of the little girl who is hiding
2) Hears thoughts of policewoman 1 (CIA Agent)
3) Hears thoughts of Audrey Hanson (FBI Agent)

Episode 3
1) Hears the thoughts of Audrey Hanson (FBI Agent)
2) Hears the thoughts of his wife
3) Hears the thoughts of many patrons at the bar.
4) Cannot hear the thoughts of the mysterious man at the bar.
5) Passes out at the bar.

Episode 4
1) Is drugged by HRG and the mysterious man.
2) Wakes up in the laboratory of HRG and is being studied.
3) HRG wants the mysterious man to go deep and clear his mind. (Memory wipe?)

Policewoman1 (CIA Agent) (redhead)

The remarks made by this character make me believe that she has her own agenda. She may possibly be working for Sylar or with him. Consider this, she says that the little girl is “of utmost importance.” While this might be exactly what every parent would want to hear from the police under these circumstances it seemed to me like she meant something else entirely. Also, it makes sense that the little girl has some power herself, as it seems both her parents were Heroes.


(According to Mohinder, Sylar is Patient Zero) Could Sylar be the result of genetic testing gone very wrong? Was he created by a covert scientific government organization? And whom does he work for? While his voice is similar to that of Mr. Bennett (HRG) I do not feel that they are one and the same person. It is obvious that Sylar is using his power for evil. His power may be the ability to assimilate others powers. His name is being associated with mass murder and that’s never good. There is no doubt that Chandra Suresh was working with Sylar but probably only as a means to uncover the identities of the Heroes. It is most likely that Sylar killed Professor Suresh and may even be responsible for following Mohinder.

Paul E. Sylar:

Episode 1
1) The name “Sylar” found on a cassette tape by Mohinder in Chandra Suresh’s apartment.

Graphic Novel One: Monsters
1) Syler is named Patient Zero by Mohinder Suresh.

Episode 2
1) “Sylar” mentioned by policewoman1 at murder scene in connection to a murder (or murders) in Barstow, CA.
2) Name repeated by Matt Parkman to policewoman1
3) Policewoma2 said, “Sylar, the last words of a dying victim.”
4) Heard on Chandra Suresh’s voice mail… “The hunger… I can’t control it!”

Episode 3
1) Tries to kidnap Molly Walker.
2) Gets shot by Matt Parkman.
3) Regenerates and teleports away from scene.
4) Lives at: 1146 Trenton Place Apt. 1B, Queens, N.Y. 11011
5) Looks like Sylar could be Brody the football player. (Speculation)

Galley Photographs
1) Full name Paul E. Sylar (Birth Announcement – Denver Chronicle)
2) Birthdate: June 11, 1962 (Birth Announcement – Denver Chronicle)
3) Newspaper article w/ headline: “Prime suspect wanted in gruesome murders”
4) Photograph of altar boy holding book (Bible?)
5) Enlarged microscope image of cells (?)

Episode 4
1) Mentioned only once by Mohinder to Peter.

Sylar’s Apartment:

Episode 3
1) A strange looking magnifying glass is seen when first entering the apartment.
2) Open book depicting a brain operation of some sort.
3) There is a book in a glass case in the center of the room.
4) Sylar has a map on the wall very similar to Mohinder’s map (including photos).
5) There are many more “strings” or lines to heroes than that found in Suresh’s apartment.
6) There is religious writing on the back wall of the apartment.
7) Writings on the wall include: Forgive me! Forgive me father for I have sinned. Tete. I have sinned. I have sinned. I have sinned.
8) Chandra Suresh’s book “Activating Evolution” is seen on the desk in the apartment.
9) There are many, many books on the shelves of the apartment.
10) The phone is a rotary style phone. (Old desk style.)

Paul E. Sylar’s Apartment (Galley photographs)

Image hro_1003_97
1) Map of the world with photographs, newspaper articles, pins and threads from pin to pin.
2) Wood cut of skeleton – the skull is suspiciously cut in half
3) Woodcut of torture scene (?)
4) Large number of books in stacks and on counters, tables and plastic milk boxes

Image hro_1003_102
(Image of hallway)
1) Large specimen jars with filled various organs, etc. (about twenty)
2) Tin cans (about thirty)
3) Cans of food
4) A small mirror
5) Large stack of books on floor

Image hro_1003_074
1) Numerous religious Candles (red)
2) One religious candle (white)
3) Statues of angels (x’s2).
4) Religious post cards on wall.
5) Plastic vinyl curtain between back room and wall with “Forgive Me!”
6) Antique chair.

Image hro_1003_75
1) Antique chair (w/ paisley print)
2) Open Bible on table
3) Open telephone book (?)

Image hro_1003-76

Stacks of books in corner.

Glass Cabinet with 30 glass front cabinets

Top of cabinet
1) Anatomical model (on top of cabinet)
2) Model of human digestive system (on top of cabinet)
3) Model of human spinal column (on top of cabinet)
4) Maps, books and newspapers (on top of cabinet)
From top left to right

Cabinet 1

Cabinet 2
1) 60 caliber shell
2) Books

Cabinet 3

Cabinet 4
1) Large glass jar with glass lid

Cabinet 5 (Image hro_1003_91)
1) Model head with wig and tray
2) Human skull in plastic bag
3) Japanese doll in kimono

Cabinet 6 (Image hro_1003_90)
1) Large doll head

Cabinet 7 (Image hro_1003_94)
1) Sabre Tooth Tiger skull
2) Intricate chalice with large wings (?)
3) Bottom jaw of Sabre Tooth Tiger

Cabinet 8 (Image hro_1003_93)
1) Quart can of paint
2) Tin can (about quart size)
3) Cigar box
4) Chocolate candy box
5) Small doll in dress
6) Brass candle stick
7) Turtle (?) shaped ash tray

Cabinet 9
1) Brass lantern
2) Glass lantern

Cabinet 10 (image hro_1003_92)
1) Large copper canon shell
2) Silver chalice
3) Large rock or fossil
4) Bison (?) skull – reproduction (?)

Cabinet 11
1) Crumbled butchers paper

Cabinet 12
1) Crumbled butchers paper

Cabinet 13
1) Large glass jar

Cabinet 14
1) Wooden folding measuring stick
2) Horse shoe
3) Small wooden box

Cabinet 15
1) Crumbled butchers paper

Cabinet 16
1) Baseball cap with plaid bill
2) 1/8 (?) scale dolls bed
3) Plastic shopping bag (x’s 2)

Cabinet 17
1) Newspaper covers most of glass door

Cabinet 18

Cabinet 19

Cabinet 20
1) Crumbled butchers paper
2) Alligator (?) skull

Cabinet 21
1) Red hot water bottle

Cabinet 22
1) Large glass jar
2) Mammoth tooth (?)

Cabinet 23

Cabinet 24
1) Jaw bone
2) Leather notebook
3) Metal Hookah or chalice

Cabinet 25

Cabinet 26
1) Large record book

Cabinet 27

Cabinet 28
1) Crumbled butchers paper

Cabinet 29
1) Large picture book
2) Large glass jar

Cabinet 30
1) Crumbled butchers paper


Episode 1
1) First seen on 9th Wonders! Comic book (read by Micah)

Episode 2
Not found.

Episode 3
Not found.

Episode 4
1) Painting by Isaac seen in Isaac’s apartment.
2) Isaac paints Claire running away from Uluru.

“The Exterminator”

This may be a literal connotation rather than a nickname too! Who could he be working for? The possibilities seem to me to be three: First, he could be working for Sylar but I somehow doubt this. Sylar seems more like a lone wolf to me. Second, he could be working for Mr. Bennett (HRG), which makes more sense. Or, third, he could be working for a government agency that has somehow learned that the Heroes are walking the planet unmonitored. Regardless, the bug he was planting was real and someone is interested in what Mohinder has to say.

Molly Walker:

Episode 2
1) Found hiding under staircase at her parent’s home after their gruesome murders.

Episode 3
1) Almost kidnapped (Probably Sylar as assailant had “Hero” powers.)

Episode 4
Not found in episode

The Symbol

The symbol appears to be a shadow (or an eclipse) of the human DNA helix. The intersecting horizontal lines seem to be markers where the DNA has mutated. This is possibly the super-genome or a “new” or “mutated” protein that identifies the Heroes. It can be found in too many locations (see below) to be a mere coincidence. Is it a calling card to those with special powers? And will they rally around it?

Episode 1
1) Found on 9th Wonders! Comic book that Micah was reading (Uluru issue – upper left hand corner)

Episode 2
1) The symbol appears in Isaac’s apartment in at least twelve (and probably more) different paintings.
2) Found on a stick-it note on Mohinder’s map in his father’s apartment.
3) Seen on the laptop computer from the jump drive: it appears twice in the breaks of the genetic code as it scrolls across the screen.
4) Recorded by Peter in the upper right hand corner of his stick drawing.
5) Found in the pool (hose in water) at the home of the murdered man and his wife.
6) (Possible) Inside Chandra Suresh’s lizard tank. Piece of wood shaped like symbol.
7) (Possible) Multiple symbols found in the dirt where Niki was burying her double’s victims.
8) Two instances on the cover of the 9th Wonders! Comic book (with Hiro on cover.) In upper left hand corner and in the background.

Episode 3
1) Seen on Hiro’s comic book (twice) (Comic with Hiro on the cover.)
2) Found twice on the book “Activating Evolution” by Chandra Suresh.
3) Mohinder’s laptop computer shows genetic code and the symbol is seen in the breaks of code at least twice.
4) Claire’s geometry book has the symbol printed on it in red ink.
5) Isaac’s studio shows another painting with the symbol on it.
6) The map in Sylar’s apartment shows at least five photographs. Each photo has the symbol printed on the photo.
7) Found on the necklace of the mysterious man in the bar that Matt could not “read.”

Episode 4
1) Seen on the mysterious mans necklace again.
2) Seen on Chandra Suresh’s book “Activating Evolution” again (x’s 2).
3) Found on the map in Mohinder’s apartment on a post-it note.
4) Niki has a tattoo of the symbol on her right upper back.
5) The symbol is found, in gold, on the handle of Hiro's katana.

The names:

Episode 1
1) Isaac - From the Hebrew name (Yitzchaq) which meant, "He laughs". Isaac in the Old Testament was the son of Abraham and the father of Esau and Jacob.
2) Mendez - A patronymic surname meaning "son or descendant of Mendel or Mendo," given names meaning “knowledge, wisdom.”
3) Hiro - Japanese meaning "broad-minded, just."
4) Nakamura - Japanese surname means, "middle village" and is the eighth most common Japanese surname.
5) Simone – Is a Hebrew name meaning “one who hears.”
6) Deveaux – Is a spelling variation of Devereux, the English (Norman) place name, which resulted from the fused preposition -de- added to the location Evreux, which is located in Eure, Normandy. The name would have been recorded as in this example: John de’Evreux, which meant, John-from Evreux.
7) Micah – The name Micah is a shortened form of Micaiah, which means, "Who is like unto the Lord?"
8) Sanders – A patronymic surname derived from the given name "Sander," a medieval form of "Alexander." Alexander comes from the Greek name "Alexandros," meaning "defender of men" from Greek alexein “to defend, help.”
9) Niki – A derivative of Nicole, which is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "victorious people."
10) Nathan – Is a Hebrew name meaning “Gift from God.”
11) Petrelli – Came from the personal name Pietro, or Peter, which is itself derived from the Greek word petrus, meaning “rock.”
12) Peter – According to the New Testament, Jesus gave the Apostle Peter (whose given name was Simon) the name Rock (Kephas or Cephas in Aramaic; Petros or "bedros" (Greek). The name was transliterated into Latin as Petrus, from which the English form Peter derives.
13) Mathew – It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "gift of the Lord."
14) Parkman – Means the keeper of the park.
15) Mohinder – Sanskrit in origin meaning the great God Indra (the God of the sky).
16) Suresh – Unknown
17) Claire – Is Latin and Greek meaning “bright, shining, clear.”
18) Bennett – From the medieval given name Benedict, originating from the Latin "benedictus" meaning "blessed."

Episode 2
1) Zach – Shortened from Zachariah, Hebrew meaning “remembrance of the Lord.”
2) Brody – Irish or English: From a surname, which was originally derived from a place name meaning "ditch" in Gaelic.
3) Jackie – Feminine form of Jacques, which is a form of Jacob. From the Latin Jacobus, which was from the Greek (Iakobos), which was from the Hebrew name (Ya'aqov). In the Old Testament, Jacob (later called Israel) was the son of Isaac and Rebecca and the father of the twelve founders of the twelve tribes of Israel. He was born holding his twin brother Esau's heel, and his name is explained as meaning "holder of the heel" or "supplanter". Other theories claim that it is in fact derived from a hypothetical name like (Ya'aqov'el) meaning "may God protect".
4) Lori - Feminine form of the Late Latin name Laurus, which meant, "laurel". In ancient Rome the leaves of laurel trees were used to create victors' garlands. Saint Laura was a 9th-century Spanish martyr, a nun who was thrown into a vat of molten lead by the Moors.
5) Eden McKenzie – Eden is the birthplace of man. Eden is Hebrew meaning delightful, adornment, or paradise. Also, the place of creation. Could she be Patient Zero? I think it possible! 6) McKenzie – It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "fire-born; son of the wise ruler." Cainnech, meaning “good-looking”, also influenced the name’s development.
7) Chandra – Sanskrit meaning eminent, illustrious or moon. Perhaps, having something to do with the eclipse?
8) Sylar – English, meaning wood, woodsman or belonging to the forest.

Episode 3
1) Hawkins - Usage: English; A patronymic surname derived from a diminutive of Hawk; Originally a nickname for a person who had a hawk-like appearance or who acted in a fierce manner.
2) Linderman – Diminutive of Linder; the surname Linder is thought to be derived from a locational field name related to the linden tree. The name is also related to the occupation of woodcutter or wood carrier. The earliest Linders who lived in "la Linda" were woodcutters or carriers.
3) Molly Walker – The name Molly is of Irish origin. Pet form of Mary (Latin) "star of the sea." In use since the late Middle Ages. In the past, "moll" had meant a prostitute or a gangster's girlfriend, making the use of this name uncommon. Walker is the surname for a fuller, or person who walked on damp raw cloth in order to thicken it. Derived from the Middle English "walkcere," meaning "a fuller of cloth," and derived from the Old English "wealcan," to walk or tread.
4) Audrey Hanson – Audrey is of English origin and means “Noble Strength”, The surname Hanson is of Scandinavian, German and Danish origin, and its meaning is "son of Hans." Hans is a variant of John (Hebrew) "the Lord is gracious." In Hindu, it comes from a Sanskrit expression meaning, "swan."

Gallery Photographs
1) Paul E. Sylar – (See Sylar above) – Paul - From the Roman family name Paulus, which meant "small" or "humble" in Latin. Saint Paul was an important leader of the early Christian church, his story told in Acts in the New Testament. He was originally named Saul, but changed his name after converting to Christianity. Most of the epistles in the New Testament were authored by him. This was also the name of six popes.

Episode 4
1) Lori Trammel – (See Lori above) – Trammel - Origin: English, the Trammel family has descended through the lines of the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture. Their name comes from having lived in Devonshire at the manors of and Tremayle.


There has been some discussion concerning mutated and/or manipulated DNA as the reason behind our Heroes powers. But why would someone go through the trouble of sawing someone’s head off and scraping out the brains if it wasn’t important. I can’t think of a psychological reason why this might be done but for research purposes it makes sense. Einstein had his brain removed and studied after his death. Perhaps the powers we are seeing are not genetic manipulations at all but rather from evolution and the power of the brain. Why then the double helix symbol? Mohinder Suresh began the series with the question, “"People only use 10% of their brains, what if they used more?” Could this then be the real reason behind their powers? Have our Heroes somehow found a way to tap into additional brainpower? And, is Sylar being controlled by Mr. Bennett (HRG)? And the question that I keep asking myself, “What is Sylar’s power?” Could he assimilate others abilities?

Episode 1
No reference or images to brains found.

Episode 2
1) Molly Walker’s father had the top of his skull opened up and presumably the brains removed. 2) Issac (five weeks into the future) has his skull opened and brains removed.

Episode 3
1) In Sylar’s apartment Eden finds an open book with some brain operation depicted.
2) Claire is impaled in the brain by a large piece of wood.

Episode 4
1) Claire has a large piece of wood removed from her brain.
2) Zach tells Claire that her brain was “rebooted.”

The Addresses:

Episode 1
None found.

Graphic Novel One: Monsters
(Streets named after super heroes or fictional characters?)
1) Cedar and Trinity (Address of the Chelsea Cab Company)
1a) Cedar - Not yet linked to a superhero (if you have any ideas please let me know)
1b) Trinity - Character from the Matrix

Episode 2
(Streets named after super heroes or fictional characters?)
1) Isaac lives on "Reed" Street – Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) was a superhero and leader of The Fantastic Four.
2) Niki lives on "Parker" Street – Peter Parker was the real name of Spiderman!

Episode 3
1) Sylar lives on Trenton Place - Not yet linked to a superhero (if you have any ideas please let me know)

Episode 4
1) Isaac’s apartment number reads 681 when it was (according to the address in the comic book) 215 Reed Street. (An odd inconsistency here!)

Pop-culture references in Heroes:

In the world of Heroes there has been quite a few mentions to pop-culture. Most notably Hiro and Ando discuss Star Trek and comic books. I have attempted a list of pop-culture references here as part of the documentation of the Heroes world.

Episdoe 1
1) Star Trek – Hiro and Ando discuss the series.
2) “Boldly go where no man has gone before.” Star Trek reference and part of the series signature
3) Song “Mustang Sally”- written and performed by Mack Rice and best known through a cover by Wilson Pickett.
4) “Don’t pull a Roger Clinton on me!” said by Nathan Perelli – Roger Clinton was the brother of President Bill Clinton and was known for some erratic behavior.
5) Godzilla model on Hiro’s desk – from Japanese movie.
6) Spock’s Death Grip – Star Trek reference.
7) The song “Eyes” by Rogue Wave.
8) The song “I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning (Road to Joy)" by Bright Eyes.
9) “Beam me up Scotty!” – Reference to Star Trek usually spoken by Captain Kirk.
10) Song “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys - karaoke in bar.
11) X-Men no. 143 and Kitty Pride – reference to the X-Men Comic books by Hiro to Ando.
12) “Boldly go where no man has gone before.” Star Trek reference and part of the series signature.

Graphic Novel One: Monsters
1) Nissan Versa driving towards the eclipse in New York City.
2) Kali – Hindu goddess of Ultimate Reality and Source of Being but is also a figure of annihilation.

Episode 2
1) Unidentified Bollywood song – When Hiro first reads the comic.
2) Hiroshima – site in Japan of nuclear detonation.
3) 1966 red Cadillac – belonging to Niki.
4) Amber alert – mentioned by police women concerning little girl.
5) Kix cereal – being eaten by murder victim prior to being frozen.
6) Human genome project - Project goals were to identify all the approximately 20,000-25,000 genes in human DNA, determine the sequences of the 3 billion chemical base pairs that make up human DNA, store this information in databases.
7) Policeman asks Hiro if he ate the brains – Possible reference to the many Zombie movies including “Dawn of the Dead.”
8) Merry Marvel Marching Society – Marvel comic book fan club. Hiro is an honorary member.
9) Space time continuum – Star Trek reference - Hiro and police officer in Isaac’s studio. Her says, “Star Trek.” And the police officer says, “he says he can bend the space/time continuum.”
10) Spock’s Vulcan hand sign – Another Star Trek reference - the sign was done by Hiro.
11) End of the world / nuclear explosion – October 2nd, 2006 11:52AM or 11:53AM.

Graphic Novel Two: The Crane (Hiro)
1) Nissan Versa driving towards the eclipse in New York City.
2) Superman figure in Hiro’s apartment.
3) #1 June 1938 action Comics – Rare!
4) Origami – Hiro makes cranes out of the comic pages
5) Hiroshima Peace Memorial

Episode 3
1) Video iPod – Ando downloads Niki video from the Internet.
2) Nixon watch – The model is called “The Connect” - Hiro owns this watch.
3) Young boy with cape watching Peter try his superpowers.
4) Macaroni ‘n Cheese – Eden brings Mohinder dinner.
5) Rocket with boosters – on street where Hiro saves the girl (and in the comic book)
6) JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – poster in background of scene where Hiro rescues little girl.
7) Skull ring – found at burial site by Niki.
8) “People in Hell want ice water, too!” popular saying when asking for something unobtainable or impossible.
9) “Acting” magazine – women in plane (between Hiro and Ando) is reading this magazine.
10) Dell Inspiron computer – Matt’s wife is working on this laptop computer.
11) Nissan Versa – Car rented by Hiro at the airport.
12) Hot Spur Car Rental Inc. – company Hiro rented his Nissan Versa from. This seems to be a purely fictional business.

Graphic Novel Three: Trial By Fire (Nathan)
1) Nissan Versa driving towards the eclipse in New York City.

Episode 4
1) Peter Parker and Spiderman are mentioned by Ando to Hiro.
2) “Rainman” reference – When Hiro and Ando are coming down the escalator in the casino they are dressed in suits very much like Dustin Hoffman and Tom Crusie in the movie “Rainman.”
3) Montecito Casino - Fictional casino from the NBC drama "Las Vegas."
4) During a video montage transition the song “Eyes” by Rogue Wave plays.
5) Zach calls Claire “Little Miss Miracle Grow.”
6) Zach tells Claire that she "rebooted" after the stick was pulled from her head.
7) The music playing when Niki2 is in the hotel room with Nathan "The Girl in the Other Room" by Diana Krall is playing.
8) Hiro resembles (or is portrayed as) Trunks a character from Dragonballz that can move through time and is a great warrior.

Graphic Novel 4: Aftermath (Claire)
1) Nissan Versa driving towards the eclipse in New York City.
2) Hidden link on page two of comic takes you to Claire's MySpace page at:

9th Wonders! Comic book hidden links:
1) The Hiro Comic Review
2) The Nathan Comic Review
3) The Nathan Campaign Commercial
4) Claire Bennet’s MySpace Page


Andrew Fowler said...

Don't forget about the InSinkErator that Claire puts her arm into in the pilot! (The one involved in the recent lawsuit)

Also, RNA is often interpreted visually with the exact same appearance as the S-shaped symbol. Look at the striking similarity:

The Alternative said...

Thanks for the information...

I especially appreciate the website and the RNA "symbol" reference.

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The firm represents an offshore structure with advanced asset management technologies in production and delivery of pipes for oil and gas.

It is based in Panama with offices around the world.
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