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NBC Press Release

Air Date: October 30, 2006

TWO HEROES TOGETHER ARE STRONGER THAN TWO HEROES APART; LEONARD ROBERTS ("BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER") JOINS THE CAST AS D.L. HAWKINS, A FUGITIVE THAT POLICE CAN'T HOLD -- Hiro and his buddy embark on their heroic journey to New York, when they are stopped by a Vegas high-roller who offers them a deal they can't refuse. As H.R.G sets up a meeting for his daughter Claire with her biological parents, she hopes that questions about her newfound indestructibility can be answered. Meanwhile, Isaac receives another confusing call from Hiro, but Peter is there this time to pick up the phone and relay a life-saving message. Suresh bids farewell to Eden as he heads back to India to bury his father. An unexpected visitor shows up at Niki's home.

Re-cap of Episode Chapter 6: “Better Halves”

Peter and Isaac are discussing the paintings in Isaac’s studio when the phone rings. Peter answers it to find Hiro and Ando on the other end. Peter tells Hiro that he has a message for him: “Save the cheerleader!” When Hiro does not understand the message Peter tells him to come to New York and they’ll sort it when they get there.

Claire finds out that her “father” has set-up a meeting with her biological parents.

Niki wakes up in her home to find D.L. already inside and waiting for her. He tells her that they are still a family.

The high-roller cowboy stops Hiro and Ando in the parking lot of the casino and offers them a way to make some money and pay off the debt owed. While Ando and Hiro are cheating at cards Ando discovers a gun under the table pointed directly at him. He and Hiro run off to the restroom when the poker room erupts in violence. Hiro and Ando escape out a window. From the sound of the carnage we can only assume that Niki2 has found more of Linderman’s gang.

Mohinder explains to Eden that he is through searching for his father’s ghosts and that he needs to return to India to bury his father’s remains. Eden tells Mohinder that he’ll be back and ensure it when she kisses him.

Niki and D.L. visit the site of the poker game but the damage has already been done. When they return home Niki tells D.L. about the scene in her garage.

Claire’s biological parents visit and Claire tries to get information from them about whether or not they are special. This tactic does not work. When HRG and Mrs. Bennet are in the kitchen getting lemonade his phone rings and we hear the very familiar voice of Eden McKenzie and find out that she is working for, or with Mr. Bennet. She knows about Peter and his flying, about the “guy who can bend space/time” and about Isaac’s precognitive powers. When she tells HRG that Peter said “Save the cheerleader!” his face goes white. Eden is told to “reel in the precog.” HRG escorts Claire’s “bio-parents” out to their car and we find out that they too are plants.

Hiro doubts his worthiness as a true hero but Ando convinces him that every hero has to start somewhere. They jump into their rented Nissan Versa and start on their long journey to New York.

After a discussion about her childhood with her mother Claire becomes suspicious of her “father” and begins to understand that HRG has lied to her.

Niki retrieves the 2 million dollars from the attic where Niki2 had hidden it. D.L. finds her with the cash and accuses her of framing him. Niki2 comes to the front and attacks D.L. After a short fight D.L. phase shifts his hand into Niki2’s chest and knocks her unconscious. D.L. and Micah flee the house.

Isaac uncovers a portion of a painting of Niki that he has completed and we see the symbol on Niki2’s back. When Isaac answers his door we find Eden waiting for him…


* Claire’s home street number is 26877.

* D. L. was a construction worker before he was framed and sent to jail.

* Hiro is wearing his “Vote Petrelli” campaign button.

* Micah and D.L. are looking at a few comics. They are:
1) Nimph… & The Muses Ele…
2) (Fantastic) Tales From Space (Issue # 8)
3) D.J. Doom (Issue # 30)
4) Cosmic Man “I will Avenge My Death! (Issue # 26)
5) 9th Wonders! (Uncle Burks Fine Comics – Issue # 9 [Face of Uluru in sidebar])

* D. L.’s shirt pocket reads: “64 Glory Motorcycles”

*Niki2 tells Niki1 that she has framed D.L., killed his crew, stole the 2 million dollars and killed the guys at the poker game.

* The License plate number on Niki’s red 66 Cadillac convertible is Nevada 320-DCX. (D. C. Comics? Roman numeral for 610?)


Episode 6
1) D.L., Niki and Micah reunite as a family.
2) D.L. and Niki come to the poker game where the High Roller and two of Linderman’s thugs have been murdered. Ando and Hiro were playing cards at the same table only moments before.
3) Peter receives a phone call from present day Hiro and Ando.
4) Eden calls and talks to HRG. She tells him about Peter and his flying, Hiro and his bending of space/time and Isaac’s “precog” painting, confirming that she is in HRG’s camp. Eden is working with or for HRG.
5) Eden visits Isaac’s studio in New York.
6) Claire’s biological parents are working for HRG (or were hired by him.)

Nathan Petrelli

Episode 6
Not in episode.

Peter Petrelli

Episode 6
1) Peter and Isaac try to reconstruct the meaning of the paintings.
2) Peter gives Hiro the same message he was given by future Hiro in the subway.
3) Peter goes to Simone’s to get the missing painting from the group.

Claire Bennet's "accidents":

Episode 6
1) Hand mauled by a dog at a dog show (per conversation with her mother.)
2) Both hands burned while taking cupcakes out of the oven.
3) Did not wear her cheerleader uniform once in this episode.

Mr. Bennett (Horn Rimmed Glasses or HRG; Claires “father”) :

Episode 6
1) Hires plants to stand in as Claire’s biological parents.
2) Is in contact with and working with Eden McKenzie.
3) Tells Eden to bring in Isaac.

Issac Mendez

Episode 6
1) Isaac begins to believe in his ability when Peter shows Isaac the paintings of the future. Peter is convinced and that seems enough for Isaac.
2) Isaac thinks Hiro is a wrong number.
3) Is vistited by Eden McKenzie at the end of the episode.

Isaac’s paintings:

Episode 6
1) Painting of the nuclear explosion over New York on the floor.
2) Painting of the terrorist bombing of the bus in Israel.
3) Painting of the solar eclipse.
4) Painting of the Odessa train wreck.
5) Painting of Peter Petrelli flying.
6) New – Painting of a man(?) on the side of a road(?)
7) New – Painting of Niki with blood streak on face (and no tattoo).
8) Painting of Claire being chased by Uluru(?)? in the High School amphitheatre.
9) Painting of Hiro and Ando at the Union Wells High School Homecoming.
10) Painting of close-up of Claire with her hand outstretched as if asking for help.
11) Painting of Peter and the locker doors.
12) painting of the silhouette of a man and the dead cheerleader (note: the paint is still wet and dripping, like blood from the painting.)

Hiro Nakamura's “events”:

Episode 6
1) Stops time to change the cards at the poker table and freezes two cards in mid-air.

Mohinder Suresh

Episode 6
1) Seems to be giving up on his father’s research.
2) Disbelieves Peter Peterelli and his stories.
3) Is kissed by Eden McKenzie.

Niki Sanders

Episode 6
1) Niki1 believes that her husband was framed.
2) Niki1 is terrified of Niki2
3) Niki2 admits to framing D.L., killing his crew, stealing the 2 million dollars from Linderman and killing the guys at the poker game.

Micah Sanders

Episode 6

Micah’s Comics:
1) Nimph… & The Muses Ele…
2) (Fantastic) Tales From Space (Issue # 8)
3) D.J. Doom (Issue # 30)
4) Cosmic Man “I will Avenge My Death! (Issue # 26)
5) 9th Wonders! (Uncle Burks Fine Comics – Issue # 9 [Face of Uluru in sidebar])

D.L. Hawkins

Episode 6
1) Returns home to his family but is on the run from the law.
2) Wants to find out who framed him and knows that it was a woman.
3) Takes Niki with him to the place where Linderman’s thugs may know the name of the person who framed him.
4) Apologizes to Niki for not being around and is not angry about her Internet stripping.

D. L.’s Phase Shifting Events
1) Phases his hand through the door at the place where the poker game is being held and unlocks the door.
2) Phases into Niki’s house.
3) Phases out of the room after getting hit with the briefcase by Niki2.
4) Phases through the wall to grab Niki2.
5) Phases his hand into Niki2’s chest and renders her unconscious.

Eden McKenzie

Episode 6
1) Makes a play for Mohinder but does not deter him from leaving to bury his father in India.
2) Is working with or for HRG.
3) Visits Isaac to bring him in on orders from HRG.

Matt Parkman

Episode 6
Not in this episode.

Paul E. Sylar:

Episode 6
Not in this episode.


Episode 6
1) Found on the cover of 9th Wonders! comic book Issue # 9.
2) D.L., while playing with Micah, says, “I am Uluru! I am invincible!”
3) Possible drawing of Uluru with Claire in the Union High School amphitheatre.

Molly Walker:

Episode 6
Not in this episode

The Symbol

The symbol appears to be a shadow (or an eclipse) of the human DNA helix. The intersecting horizontal lines seem to be markers where the DNA has mutated. This is possibly the super-genome or a “new” or “mutated” protein that identifies the Heroes. It can be found in too many locations (see below) to be a mere coincidence. Is it a calling card to those with special powers? And will they rally around it?

Episode 6
1) Found on Niki2’s back in the form of a tattoo when she is fighting D.L.
2) Found on a painting of Niki2 by Isaac. The symbol is painted out but Isaac rubs off the paint to reveal it on Niki2’s back.


rubixcubeman said...

Mission 8: Unexpected Endings: Seek those who have met unexpected endings.( Based on the last episode 6)
Where the sixth sense or ESP fails, we find ourselves meeting unexpected endings. Deaths, trials and mishaps. So we see in the show that D.L. Hawkins has met a somewhat regular and believable fate even for a super or anti-hero. That someone so close should betray is not all that uncommon. Even worse, the idea is not uncommon at all. We see thatcheating can lead to unexpected consequence at least in the comic tv realm. For Hiro, it must be difficult to come to terms with that despite his power to stop time; he is not immune to unexpected endings. There's always a wrench in the puzzle, something that holds us back; something that blinds us... More on the blog..

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