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Re-cap of Episode Chapter 2: “Don’t Look Back”
Air date Monday October 2, 2006 7/8C

A glimpse of the future… And Patient Zero!

Tonight’s episode of Heroes, “Don’t Look Back”, revealed a few very interesting plotlines, including a short but intense view of the near future. We also found out Peter’s ability and a bizarre new twist, which involved the removal of brains.

Nathan tries to convince Peter that he did not fly and that Peter’s attempt at flight was really a suicide attempt. Nathan tells him that he landed on a fire escape, which saved his life. Peter doesn’t believe a word of it and neither did we. Claire is still interested in learning the identities of her birth parents. Mr. Bennett (also affectionately known as Horn Rimmed Glasses (or HRG)) tells Claire he will do whatever it takes to help but he is obviously lying. Mohinder walks in on an “exterminator” who is really an intruder planting a listening device. He is most likely working for Bennett (HRG). Mohinder chases him into the hall where he loses his gun only to be picked up by the waifish Eden McKenzie who sends him on his way. Hiro examines a copy of 9thWonders comic book and finds that the story being told is of his time warping exploits. Niki loses four hours while viewing the static-ridden tape of what occurred in her apartment. Claire’s videographer Zach reveals that he has lost the tape and Claire’s cheerleader friend Jackie takes credit for saving the man in the train wreck. Niki returns to her home only to find the garage cleaned up and a Cadillac parked out in front of the house. In the glove compartment she finds a pink slip with her name on it and a note that tells her to follow the map in the trunk. The trunk of the Cadillac contains the map and the remains of the two mobsters. Niki follows the map to a secluded area in the desert only to find a shovel sticking out of the dirt. When she begins digging she reveals a decaying skull. Perhaps her mirror double has done this sort of thing before? We hear that Nathan and Peter’s father was clinically depressed and that he killed himself. Undertones of super power are felt here. Did Mr. Petrelli also have hero-like powers? Hiro decides to find Isaac Mendez and visits his studio. When he gets there he finds a room full of paintings of the same symbol and a very gruesome site. A gun is lying on the floor next to a running puddle of blood. At the end of the puddle is Isaac. He is lying on the floor with the top of his head sawn off and the inside of his skull has been scraped clean. Why would anyone want someone else’s dead brains? What could they possibly achieve by studying dead brain tissue? Matt Parkman, a police officer, is assigned traffic duty outside the home of a murdered couple. While on duty he hears the voice of a little girl. He enters the home and finds the child hiding but not before he sees the mother impaled to the wall and the father frozen with the top of his head missing. The name “Sylar” is heard by a few policewomen talking and Parkman is questioned. He is arrested on suspicion of the murders. In the meantime, Mohinder and Eden discuss his father’s work and theories. She notices that Chandra Suresh has voice mails… one of Nathan Petrelli soliciting votes and the other of Sylar. Eden also finds a portable hard drive, which shows a genetic code scrolling across the screen. Inside the code we see the same symbol that Isaac has painted. Peter confronts Nathan and in a fit of passion walks on air (flies) and we see for the first time that Peter can also fly! At Isaac’s apartment, Hiro is questioned and finds that he has been gone from Tokyo for five weeks and that instead of October 2nd it is now November 8th. During the questioning there is an incredible explosion and the wake can be seen moving towards Hiro and the building he is in. As the explosion threatens to consume him he teleports back to Tokyo.


* The Odessa Register newspaper’s lead headline reads, “TRAIN DERAILS, EXPLODES” and the main story title reads, “Mysterious Good Samaritan Saves Man.”

* The 9th Wonders! Comic book with Hiro on the cover is titled, “I did it!” the exact same words he yelled when he stopped and reversed time for one second.

* Hiro first reads the comic under the marquee of the Palace Theatre.

* The license plate on Niki’s black AMC Gremlin is Nevada 231-ECT.

* Eden tells Mohinder that his father was interested in a 1st Edition of Charles Darwin’s “Origins of the Species.”

* Brody’s football uniform jersey number is 8.

* The address printed on the curb of Niki’s house is 9734.

* But the address on the vehicle registration for the Red Cadillac shows 37 Parker Street in Henderson, Nevada 89014.

* From the vehicle registration: Expiration 6/15/07, ’66 Red Cadillac Convertible, License plate # 307RTM, Clark County Nevada, VIN # 8092WM780248092.

* The actual plate on the red Cadillac is 329 UCX.

* Mr. Petrelli was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder when he was 23. According to Mrs. Petrelli the disorder can have a genetic link.

* Isaac Mendez’s address from the inside back cover of the comic book reads 215 Reed Street the red-border sign on the outside of his door reads “681”.

* Audrey Hanson’s police car license plate reads 1286356.

* Hiro is an honorary member of the Merry Marvel Marching Society. A defunct Marvel comic book fan club.

* There is a missing poster of Hiro tacked to the wall in Ando’s cubicle.

* The newspaper that the policemen show Hiro is the Daily Edition of the New York Chronicle of November 8th, 2006. The lead story reads, “Petrelli Wins in Landslide”

* When Hiro teleports back to Tokyo the clock in the subway reads 11:43. The same exact time that he teleported to New York.

My observations:

Note: Episodes 1 & 2 both begin with Peter Petrelli falling off a building… this may be very significant.

Cast of characters - occupation/ ability:

Episode 1
1) Isaac Mendez – Painter /Psychic (foresight – manifests in his paintings during drug induced state)
2) Hiro Nakamura – Office worker / Bends space-time and teleports
3) Ando - Hiro's co-worker / Unknown or none
4) Simone Deveaux - Unknown / Unknown
5) Charles Deveaux (Simone’s father) – dying patient / Unknown
6) Micah Sanders – Student / Genius, technopath (?)
7) Niki Sanders – Stripper / Doppelganger (Mirror double?)
8) Nathan Petrelli – Politician / Can fly
9) Peter Petrelli – Hospice Nurse / Unknown (perhaps can fly or assumes others abilities?)
10) Mrs. Petrelli – Mother of Petrelli brothers/ Unknown
11) Dr. Mohinder Suresh – Teacher / Narrator – Searching for Patient Zero
12) Dr. Chandra Suresh – Mohinder’s father / Geneticist w/ Hero clues
13) Claire Bennett – High School Student/ Rapid Cellular Regeneration
14) Mr. Bennett – Claire’s “father” - antagonist / Unknown
15) Zach – Claire’s videographer / None?

Episode 2
1) Matt Parkman – Policeman / Can “hear” thoughts.
2) Mr. Petrelli – Deceased / Unknown, but his power may have caused his clinical depression and suicide.
3) “The Exterminator” – Undercover operative / Unknown or none.
4) Eden McKenzie – Works in bookstore - Actress / Unknown (Assists Mohinder.)
5) Policewoman 1 (CIA)– Knows Sylar / Unknown or none.
6) Audrey Hanson - FBI Agent (Arrests Parkman) - Knows Sylar (mentions him as a mass murderer) / Unknown or none.
7) Jackie – High school cheerleader / Unknown or none.
8) Brody – High school quarterback / Unknown or none.
9) Lori – Student at Claire’s school / Unknown or none.
10) Little Girl – Daughter of murder victims / Unknown.
11) Murdered mother – Unknown / Levitation?
12) Murdered father – Unknown / Freeze?
13) Sylar – Unknown / (Assumes others abilities?)
14) D. L. Hawkins – Father of Micha? / Unknown (mentioned by Niki as D.L. to her sister but did not appear in the episode.)


Episode 1
1) Hiro has on his computer a screen saver that looks like a painting from a comic book by Isaac.
2) Micah and Hiro are both reading a comic book called “9th Wonder” with images that look like paintings by Isaac.
3) Peter is the hospice nurse for Simone’s dying (?) father.
4) Simone is Isaac’s girlfriend.
5) Isaac painted the train wreck where Claire saved a worker.
6) Claire’s “father” is following Mohinder.
7) Micah constructed a pinhole camera to view the eclipse. The same eclipse that Isaac painted earlier.
8) Hiro’s co-worker has a video of Niki on his computer.

Graphic Novel One: Monsters
1) Mohinder is being photographed by Mr. Bennett
2) The eclipse is shown in numerous scenes in the graphic novel.
3) Peter and Nathan, Hiro, Claire, Isaac and Niki surround Mohinder in one scene.
4) Hidden scenes from graphic novel (click on page 1) show Hiro witnessing the explosion from episode two and teleporting back to Tokyo.

Episode 2
1) A strange symbol (gene helix?) made an appearance tonight in many places: it was found in Isaac’s apartment in paintings (at least 7 times), on a stick-it note on Mohinder’s map, on the laptop computer from the jump drive, on Peter’s drawing, in the pool (hose) at the home of the murdered man and his wife and inside Chandra Suresh’s lizard tank (piece of wood). Also, multiple images of the symbol could be seen in the dirt where Niki was burying her mirror double’s victims.
2) Isaac Mendez is the artist of the 9th Wonders comic book. Hiro discovers himself on the cover of the comic book and finds a picture on the back page of Isaac with his picture shown and his address listed.
3) The voice of Nathan Petrelli seeking votes in the 14th District of New York is on Chandra Suresh’s voice mail.
4) A message from Sylar is on Chandra Suresh’s voice mail.
5) One of the murder victims has his head sawn off and his brains scraped out. Later on we learn that the same fate happened to Isaac Mendez.
6) Hiro visits Isaac’s studio in New York.
7) Mohinder, Isaac, and Peter have all drawn the symbol. Mohinder’s stick-it note, Isaac’s paintings, and Peter’s drawing.
8) The symbol shows up randomly in other places (pool, lizard tank, desert sand, etc.)
9) There is a picture of the moon on the wall in Chandra Suresh’s apartment. Chandra means moon!

Graphic Novel Two: Hiro (The Crane)
1) Hiro's teleportation skills and time warp exploits are discussed.
2) Hiro works for Yamagoto Industries as a Level 3 Programmer.
3) Hidden scenes from graphic novel (click on page 6) show Nathan Petrelli passing in front of his campaign posters. A firetruck passes Nathan on the street on the way to some emergency.

Nathan Petrelli

While its seems evident that both Nathan and Peter have the ability to fly, or in the case of Peter, at least levitate, it occurs to me that Nathan has more control since he has used his power longer, or known about it longer. He suppresses his power because he is concentrating on becoming a congressman and any weirdness surrounding him would cause his campaign to falter.

Peter Petrelli

Is it true that Peter can only fly when he is upset or angry? I think that he has yet to understand or practice his skill and that it may take a while before he can truly control his power. There is no doubt that Peter is an empath. Whether he can assimilate someone else’s power remains to be seen.

Mr. Petretti

Perhaps, he too had powers he was unable to or could not control. Why the multiple suicide attempts, though? Was he “hungry” like Sylar but afraid to hurt people? Is he truly dead or have we already met him? I don’t believe that we have heard the last of him.

Claire Bennett

Claire may be the most important of all the Heroes. On an altruistic level her power means more to the human race than any other. Immortality cannot be far away from rapid cellular regeneration once it is understood. The search for her birthparents may be a critical point to the story and don’t be surprised to find out that Claire has siblings (other than the brother shown). She may be someone that Sylar has his sights on to victimize. And don’t forget that Zach knows all about
Claire’s extraordinary powers.

Claire’s “accidents”:

Episode 1
1) Two foot pole through the neck (Discussed by Claire in Episode: Chapter 1: Genesis)
2) Jumping from a high structure (Episode: Chapter 1: Genesis)
2a) Dislocated shoulder (Episode: Chapter 1: Genesis)
2b) Ribs sticking out through skin (Episode: Chapter 1: Genesis)
3) Fingers caught in the garbage compactor (Episode: Chapter 1: Genesis)
4) Intense fire at train wreck (Episode: Chapter 1: Genesis)
5) Multiple stab wounds in the chest (Episode: Chapter 1: Genesis)
6) Exposure to radiation (as reported on news from train wreck) (Episode: Chapter 1: Genesis)
7) Hit by a truck (As seen in Episode: Chapter 2 preview)

Episode 2
1) Broken neck (head twisted all the way around) in an accident on the football field. (Episode: Chapter 2: Don’t Look Back)
In Theatre Trailer
1) Broken every bone in her body.
Mr. Bennett (Horn Rimmed Glasses or HRG) :
Listening to Sylar on Chandra Suresh’s voice-mail it is very hard to determine whether Mr. Bennett and Mr. Sylar are the same person. Their voices sound very similar to me but I don’t believe they are the same. Perhaps the similarities were included on purpose by the writers to provide drama and intrigue. Is he evil? Could he be after Sylar himself? Putting a finger in the leaky dike, so to speak. There seems to be a genuine affection for Claire but that could very well be an act. Also, Claire’s little brother… does he also have a latent power? Has Bennett (HRG) collected him for another purpose?

Mr. Bennett (Claire’s “father”)

Episode 1
1) Seen in Mohinder Suresh’s father’s apartment after his death.
2) In Mohinder’s cab. (Matrix reference: "…but I'm sure there are a lot of Suresh's where you're from, it's like Smith or Anderson." Smith and Anderson are the antagonist and protagonist in the Matrix.
3) “Father” of Claire Bennett.

Episode 2
1) Mr. Bennett (HRG) may be Sylar but more information is needed to verify.
2) Mr. Bennett (HRG) has Zach’s tape of Claire’s “accidents.”

Issac Mendez

Like Hiro Isaac has seen a fragment of the future. He knows that the attack on New York, and perhaps the entire world, has to be stopped. As an artist, the most accessible medium to send out your message is through the mass production and distribution of your comic. So he decides to tell the story in the pages of 9thWonders! (Cool name for a comic, BTW) and decides to include his address inside the pages! Has Isaac begun his search for the Heroes? Perhaps he feels they will come to him if they know where he lives? Is a gathering of the Heroes eminent? Is this why Sylar killed Isaac? If so, then it would prove that Sylar is afraid of the combined powers of the Heroes. And that would mean—game on! And what role will Simone and her father play in the drama? They have been very quiet the past two episodes but I can’t shake the feeling that they will be crucially important in future episodes.

Isaac Mendez:

Episode 1
1) Isaac Mendezas a large painting of Uluru hanging over his bed, which implicates him as the artist of “9th Wonders”, making Hiro and Micah his fans. Hiro may even be searching for him while he is in New York.
2) The painting that Isaac is covering with black paint is of a hand holding a vial of foaming liquid. This may be something to look for in the future.

Episode 2
1) Isaac is found by Hiro in his studio with the top of his head sawn off and his brains scraped out.
2) Is the artist of the 9thWonders! Comic books.
3) Originator of the symbol?
4) Dies on November 8th?!?
5) Isaac lives at 215 Reed Street, # 7, N.Y., N.Y., 10010 (from back page of comic book. )

Isaac’s paintings:

Episode 1
1) Eclipse of the sun.
2) Suicide bombing of a bus in Israel.
3) A hand holding a foaming vial of liquid.
4) Train wreck and ensuing explosion.
5) Nuclear explosion in New York City.
6) Image of Peter Petrelli falling from a building.
7) Image of Claire Bennett in her cheerleading uniform.

Graphic Novel One: Monsters
1) Isaac paints the explosion over New York City on the floor of his studio.

Episode 2
1) Nuclear explosion in New York City, now painted on the floor of his studio.
2) Small color painting of mushroom cloud in corner of studio.
3) Painting of Peter Petrelli falling/flying.
4) Small black and white drawing of mushroom cloud in corner of studio.
5) The painting of the hand holding a foaming vial of liquid now has “the symbol” painted into the black paint.
6) The symbol is found in at least seven (or eight) different paintings.
7) Yellow painting, with blue and red lines (obscured by camera angle) on wall in Isaac’s apartment (when Hiro faints.)
8) Unfinished page to 9thWonders! comic book.

Hiro Nakamura

Hiro has seen a glimpse of the future and he is very frightened. Now that he knows what will happen what will he do to prevent it? Obviously, our young programmer friend will not be able to convince anyone that the end of the world is near (whoever in T.V. does?) While a bit weak-kneed after the Issac be-skulling (all right, you tell be what word to use here ‘cause it sure ain’t beheading!) Hiro will need to find a way to marshal his strength to help save the world. This should be very interesting!

Hiro’s “events”:

Episode 1
1) Makes the clock stop and reverse for one second.
2) Causes the subway to be fourteen seconds late.
3) Teleports into the women’s room of a nightclub.
4) Teleports from Tokyo to New York City.

Episode 2
1) Discovers himself as the subject of a comic book.
2) Warps time (October 2nd to November 8th and back again.)
3) Teleports from New York City to Tokyo just before being eliminated by an explosion.

Mohinder Suresh

Mohinder is the narrator of the story and the catalyst behind the search for Patient Zero. In the end he may bring all the Heroes together to fight the evil Sylar and his allies. The edge he has is the book of answers and the research notes that his father kept. The need to find out how his father died will be outweighed by his need to find Patient Zero and stop Sylar and his group. Eden may be introduce as a love interest but Mohinder will need to keep an eye on her until she declares which side she is on.

Mohinder Suresh:

Episode 1
1) Is reconstructing the map in his father’s apartment of supposed Hero activity.
2) Finds audiocassette tape labeled “Sylar” in his father’s apartment.
3) Believes that mutated or “different” genetic codes may be the next step in evolution.
4) Is being followed by Mr. Bennett.
5) Has his father’s folder of Hero incidents.
6) Is not heard entering his father’s apartment.

Graphic Novel One: Monsters
1) Mohinder has a fixation with the Hindu goddess Kali.

Episode 2
1) Is not heard entering his father’s apartment. Hmmm….
2) Believes that the answer to patient zero is in the genetic code.
3) Finds genetic information on a portable hard drive in his father’s apartment.
4) Has an image of the symbol on his map.

Chandra Suresh

Graphic Novel One: Monsters
1) Chandra worked for the Chelsea Cab Company at the corder of Cedar and Trinity.
2) His death was called an accident but his cab was ripped to pieces!

Niki Sanders

Niki’s mirror double may be the most powerful of all the Heroes we have met. Does she need Niki to survive or would she continue to thrive in the mirror world even if Niki were dead? The implication is that Niki and her double are on the edge between what is right and wrong and that she/they could easily cross over at any time. The glimpses of her doppelganger that we have seen tell us that she is capable of great harm. And this isn’t the first time…

Niki Sanders:

Episode 1
1) Finds two hit men dead in her garage studio after waking up.
2) Her double communicates with her through the mirror.
3) Has very smart son.

Episode 2
1) Mirror double cleans up the mess from the killings.
2) Mirror double purchases red Cadillac
3) Mirror double leaves a note in the glove compartment and a map and the bodies in the trunk of the car.
4) Lives at 37 Parker Street, Henderson, NV. 89014 (Auto registration)

Micah Sanders

Genius, technopath and polymath, young Micah is another child of two individuals with unique powers. Does this amplify the degree of the power? If so Micah may be a power to be reckoned with in the future. He may know more than he lets on too.

D.L. Hawkins

Although not yet seen in any episode D.L. Hawkins is important and has seen considerable discussion on the boards. Niki tells us in episode two that D.L. is on the run from the police but insider information tells us that he is in prison and has the ability to walk through walls. Could he be on the run after escaping from prison? That possibility exists. But why was he in prison? Could he have taken the fall for one of Niki’s earlier mirror-double murders? It is possible that D.L. could walk through walls and took the blame knowing he could escape at any time. But why did he wait until he was in prison? Couldn’t he have walked out of the jail cell prior to his trial just as easily? Perhaps his power is one that does not manifest itself until a trauma occurs?
From and NBC Press release October 5th, 2006:
"... a fugitive from justice (D.L. Hawkins) continues to baffle authorities who twice have been unable to contain him. "

Eden McKenzie

This character is shrouded in conjecture and rightly so. When Mohinder first meets her and introduces himself she fails to give him her name. She also tells him that his father shared his theories with her. But why would he do that? It does not seem to make sense to me that a genetics Professor working on a key to special powers would share that information with an antique bookstore employee. Even a lonely old professor would not share sensitive information. I think that she may be a mole or a plant that is destined to side with the Heroes.

Eden McKenzie:

Episode 1
Not seen in pilot

Episode 2
1) Rescues Mohinder from the “Exterminator.” She picks up his gun and chases the “operative” away.
2) Notices voice mail messages on Chandra Suresh’s phone.
3) Finds portable hard drive in lizard tank.
4) Discussed theories with Chandra Suresh. This seems a bit odd to me. Why would Mohinder’s father discuss this very important information with her? Could she be a mole?

Matt Parkman

His ability will prove to be vitally important should all the Heroes gather together. He will be the central processor, the listening post and the command center. He may be the one who ultimately makes all the connections between characters. Does he get to close to Sylar? Is that why we see him with Bennett and his associate in the previews? Does he use his skills as a detective and thought-reader to dig too deep?

Policewoman1 (CIA Agent) (redhead)

The remarks made by this character make me believe that she has her own agenda. She may possibly be working for Sylar or with him. Consider this, she says that the little girl is “of utmost importance.” While this might be exactly what every parent would want to hear from the police under these circumstances it seemed to me like she meant something else entirely. Also, it makes sense that the little girl has some power herself, as it seems both her parents were Heroes.


(According to Mohinder Sylar is Patient Zero) Could Sylar be the result of genetic testing gone very wrong? Was he created by a covert scientific government organization? And whom does he work for? While his voice is similar to that of Mr. Bennett (HRG) I do not feel that they are one and the same person. It is obvious that Sylar is using his power for evil. His power may be the ability to assimilate others powers. His name is being associated with mass murder and that’s never good. There is no doubt that Chandra Suresh was working with Sylar but probably only as a means to uncover the identities of the Heroes. It is most likely that Sylar killed Professor Suresh and may even be responsible for following Mohinder.


Episode 1
1) The name “Sylar” found on a cassette tape by Mohinder in Chandra Suresh’s apartment.

Graphic Novel One: Monsters
1) Syler is named Patient Zero by Mohinder Suresh.

Episode 2
1) “Sylar” mentioned by policewoman1 at murder scene in connection in a murder or murders in Barstow, CA.
2) Name repeated by Matt Parkman to policewoman1
3) Policewoma2 said, “Sylar, the last words of a dying victim.”
4) Heard on Chandra Suresh’s voice mail… “The hunger… I can’t control it!”

“The Exterminator”

This may be a literal connotation rather than a nickname too! Who could he be working for? The possibilities seem to me to be three: First, he could be working for Sylar but I somehow doubt this. Sylar seems more like a lone wolf to me. Second, he could be working for Mr. Bennett (HRG), which makes more sense. Or, third, he could be working for a government agency that has somehow learned that the Heroes are walking the planet unmonitored. Regardless, the bug he was planting was real and someone is interested in what Mohinder has to say.

The Symbol

The symbol appears to be a shadow (or an eclipse) of the human DNA helix. The intersecting horizontal lines seem to be markers where the DNA has mutated. This is possibly the super-genome or a “new” or “mutated” protein that identifies the Heroes. It can be found in too many locations (see below) to be a mere coincidence. Is it a calling card to those with special powers? And will they rally around it?

Episode 1
Did not appear in the pilot episode (that I could find)

Episode 2
1) The symbol appears in Isaac’s apartment in at least seven (and probably more) different paintings.
2) Found on a stick-it note on Mohinder’s map in his father’s apartment.
3) Seen on the laptop computer from the jump drive: it appears in the breaks of the genetic code as it scrolls across the screen.
4) Recorded by Peter in the upper right hand corner of his stick drawing.
5) Found in the pool (hose in water) at the home of the murdered man and his wife.
6) Inside Chandra Suresh’s lizard tank. Piece of wood shaped like symbol.
7) Multiple symbols found in the dirt where Niki was burying her double’s victims.

The names:

Episode 1
1) Isaac - From the Hebrew name (Yitzchaq) which meant, "He laughs". Isaac in the Old Testament was the son of Abraham and the father of Esau and Jacob.
2) Mendez - A patronymic surname meaning "son or descendant of Mendel or Mendo," given names meaning “knowledge, wisdom.”
3) Hiro - Japanese meaning "broad-minded, just."
4) Nakamura - Japanese surname means "middle village" and is the eighth most common Japanese surname.
5) Simone – Is a Hebrew name meaning “one who hears.”
6) Deveaux – Is a spelling variation of Devereux, the English (Norman) place name which resulted from the fused preposition -de- added to the location Evreux, which is located in Eure, Normandy. The name would have been recorded as in this example: John de'Evreux , which meant, John-from Evreux.
7) Micah – The name Micah is a shortened form of Micaiah which means "Who is like unto the Lord?"
8) Sanders – A patronymic surname derived from the given name "Sander," a medieval form of "Alexander." Alexander comes from the Greek name "Alexandros," meaning "defender of men" from Greek alexein “to defend, help.”
9) Niki – A derivative of Nicole, which is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "victorious people."
10) Nathan – Is a Hebrew name meaning “Gift from God.”
11) Petrelli – Came from the personal name Pietro, or Peter, which is itself derived from the Greek word petrus, meaning “rock.”
12) Peter – According to the New Testament, Jesus gave the Apostle Peter (whose given name was Simon) the name Rock (Kephas or Cephas in Aramaic; Petros or "bedros" (Greek). The name was transliterated into Latin as Petrus, from which the English form Peter derives.
13) Mathew – It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "gift of the Lord."
14) Parkman – Means the keeper of the park.
15) Mohinder – Sanskrit in origin meaning the great God Indra (the God of the sky).
16) Suresh – Unknown
17) Claire – Is Latin and Greek meaning “bright, shining, clear.”
18) Bennett – From the medieval given name Benedict, originating from the Latin "benedictus" meaning "blessed."

Episode 2
1) Zach – Shortened from Zachariah, Hebrew meaning “remembrance of the Lord.”
2) Brody – Irish or English: From a surname, which was originally derived from a place name meaning "ditch" in Gaelic.
3) Jackie – Feminine form of Jacques, which is a form of Jacob. From the Latin Jacobus, which was from the Greek (Iakobos), which was from the Hebrew name (Ya'aqov). In the Old Testament, Jacob (later called Israel) was the son of Isaac and Rebecca and the father of the twelve founders of the twelve tribes of Israel. He was born holding his twin brother Esau's heel, and his name is explained as meaning "holder of the heel" or "supplanter". Other theories claim that it is in fact derived from a hypothetical name like (Ya'aqov'el) meaning "may God protect".
4) Lori - Feminine form of the Late Latin name Laurus, which meant, "laurel". In ancient Rome the leaves of laurel trees were used to create victors' garlands. Saint Laura was a 9th-century Spanish martyr, a nun who was thrown into a vat of molten lead by the Moors.
5) Eden McKenzie – Eden is the birthplace of man. Eden is Hebrew meaning delightful, adornment, or paradise. Also, the place of creation. Could she be Patient Zero? I think it possible! 6) McKenzie – It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "fire-born; son of the wise ruler." Cainnech, meaning “good-looking”, also influenced the name’s development.
7) Chandra Suresh – Sanskrit meaning eminent, illustrious or moon. Perhaps, having something to do with the eclipse?
8) Sylar – English, meaning wood, woodsman or belonging to the forest.


There has been some discussion concerning mutated and/or manipulated DNA as the reason behind our Heroes powers. But why would someone go through the trouble of sawing someone’s head off and scraping out the brains if it wasn’t important. I can’t think of a psychological reason why this might be done but for research purposes it makes sense. Einstein had his brain removed and studied after his death. Perhaps the powers we are seeing are not genetic manipulations at all but rather from evolution and the power of the brain. Why then the double helix symbol? Mohinder Suresh began the series with the question, “"People only use 10% of their brains, what if they used more?” Could this then be the real reason behind their powers? Have our Heroes somehow found a way to tap into additional brainpower? And, is Sylar being controlled by Mr. Bennett (HRG)? And the question that I keep asking myself, “What is Sylar’s power?” Could he assimilate others abilities?

The Addresses:

Episode 1
None shown.

Graphic Novel One: Monsters
(Streets named after super heroes or fictional characters?)
1) Cedar and Trinity (Address of the Chelsea Cab Company)
1a) Cedar - not yet linked to a superhero
1b) Trinity - character from the Matrix

Episode 2
(Streets named after super heroes or fictional characters?)
1) Isaac lives on "Reed" Street – Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) was a superhero and leader of The Fantastic Four.
2) Niki lives on "Parker" Street – Peter Parker was the real name of Spiderman!


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It seems you missed one thing... In episode 2 it now seems that Peter Petrelli has some dort of Psychic powers because he draws (stick figures) of him hovering in mid air towards his brother while on the hospital bed. Issac needs herion to see and maybe Peter was on morphine and saw it... I think I'm the only one who saw that oddly enough but I hope not. And as for the double Helix idea, well I think you're on the right track but here's my two bits. It's just half of the helix and those three parts are of a "new" protien type that allows powers.

Also the gun that Hiro picked up in Issac's apartment, looked like the same gun that the "exterminator" had. Maybe's there's a connection with that gun and who has it now.

Only time will tell.

Z said...

very well done summary + connections

The Alternative said...

Loki Seto-->

I agree that Peter has extraordinary powers. Maybe even beyond what we have seen. Personally, I think he can assimilate others powers but we'll have to wait to see if this developes. I don't think that drugs are necessary for the powers to manifest themselves. I think that you are 100% accurate in your asesment of the "half helix" and that a "new" or "mutated" protien or gene is responsible for the powers. Do you think the electromagnetic pull of the sun during the eclipse has anything to do with it?

As for the “exterminators” gun… I agree that it is probably the same gun. However, Hiro picks it up in Isaac’s apartment on November 8th and Mohinder and Eden fought with the “exterminator” on October 2nd (provided there is no weird time-warp thing going on.) Eden was the last person seen with the gun but a lot could happen after October 2nd. I am sure that this will become a focal point in a future episode.

Thanks for posting and I encourage you to come back and post often.

The Alternative One

Zlatko Unger -- >

Thanks! The connections and summary will be an on-going feature. I also intend to continue with the character descriptions and any other clue or event that seems interesting. For instance, I have added the significance of addresses today (see Post 2).

The Alternative One

Anonymous said...

This was an amazing summary, I love the show and this summary helps me link some of the things together that weren't making sense while watching the episodes.
Ps. I did not notice the sign before but now that it's mentioned, it's seems almost a half of a helix. My idea of it is that it may be a developement in the bodies of these heroes. Mind and DNA. (cause of the brians)

Anonymous said...

'Electromagnetic pull of the sun'?

Erm, no... the sun does not pull on us electromagnetically.

It pulls on us gravitationally, and that's about it.

You might have gotten your wires crossed - the sun emits a "solar wind" - a huge wave of constantly incoming charged particles that we are thankfully protected from thanks to the Earth's magnetic field.


During an eclipse, we in fact shielded from the solar wind!

An eclipse is nothing special in terms of gravity, either - the moon's gravitational pull is insignificant on a human scale, not to mention a molecular scale.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah - it just skipped my mind - light (as in sunlight) is electromagnetic.

But it doesn't "pull" - it transfers energy to us.

And of course an eclipse stops sunlight from reaching earth, affecting the planet in various profound ways... equivalent to an early night time. (Insects come out, roosters crow when the sun comes back out, etc.)

But probably not affecting DNA in anyway.