Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Graphic Novel 15 – Wireless – Part Three

“Hana Gitelman was an Israeli Mosad Operative whose Mother and Grandmother were killed in the same suicide attack. Hana’s lust for vengeance was the very thing that kept her out of the field and in the intelligence office. While she excelled at code-breaking, she yearned to fight in the battlefield. One day a man came with an opportunity to do just that. A man with Horn Rimmed Glasses.

The man said he was with the CIA and that Han was being recruited into a special program. Hana was tested. Physically. Mentally.

Hana discovered that she has an spectacular ability. Hana can sense wireless communication. Her mind acts like a computer and interprets e-mails, text messages and satellite signals being sent being sent wirelessly all across the world. This ability has made Hana the perfect spy.”

In Odessa, Texas Claire asks her “father”, HRG to help her with her math homework as he talks to Hana Gitelman on the phone. Hana is spying in Tanzania, Africa on the compound of Dr. Henry Strauss, microbiologist and evil-son-of-a-bitch. Strauss has discovered a way to alter bacterial DNA making the harmless microbes in the stomach deadly. The pure evil is that he has developed a formula for an antibiotic that he is selling to the highest bidder.

Hana is caught by Strauss’s goons, escapes but is once again confronted. Will she escape? Or will Strauss capture, torture and control her? Stay tuned for Wireless - Part Four.


Grace said...

Thanks so much for posting durring the weeks 'Heros' was not on! i can't believe thta i am saying this, but i am looking forward to monday!

The Alternative said...


Millions of people all over the world are all looking forward to Mondays. How ironic is that? I intend to continue writing each week even if "Heroes" isn't on. I am even contemplating an article a week during the summer. Anyone have a suggestion they'd like an article on?