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Instances of the Symbol in each episode:

The symbol appears to be a shadow (or an eclipse) of the human DNA helix. The intersecting horizontal lines seem to be markers where the DNA has mutated. This is possibly the super-genome or a “new” or “mutated” protein that identifies the Heroes. It can be found in too many locations (see below) to be a mere coincidence. Is it a calling card to those with special powers? And will they rally around it?

Episode 1
1) Found on 9th Wonders! Comic book that Micah was reading (Uluru issue – upper left hand corner) (Note: There is a possibility that this is not the symbol but the comics standards stamp instead.)

Episode 2
1) The symbol appears in Isaac’s apartment in at least twelve (and probably more) different paintings.
2) Found on a post-it note on Mohinder’s map in his father’s apartment.
3) Seen on the laptop computer from the jump drive: it appears twice in the breaks of the genetic code as it scrolls across the screen.
4) Recorded by Peter in the upper right hand corner of his stick drawing.
5) Found in the pool (hose in water) at the home of the murdered Walker’s.
6) (Possible) Inside Chandra Suresh’s lizard tank. Piece of wood shaped like symbol.
7) (Possible) Multiple symbols found in the dirt where Niki was burying her double’s victims.
8) Two instances on the cover of the 9th Wonders! Comic book (with Hiro on cover.) Found in the upper left hand corner of comic and in the background of the drawing in Times Square.
9) (Possible) Fousnd in background of Times Square when Hiro teleports to New York City.

Episode 3
1) Seen on Hiro’s comic book (twice) (Comic with Hiro on the cover.)
2) Found twice on the book “Activating Evolution” by Chandra Suresh.
3) Mohinder’s laptop computer shows genetic code and the symbol is seen in the breaks of code at least twice.
4) Claire’s geometry book has the symbol printed on it in red ink.
5) Isaac’s studio shows another painting with the symbol on it.
6) The map in Sylar’s apartment shows at least five photographs. Each photo has the symbol printed on the photo.
7) Found on the necklace of the mysterious man in the bar that Matt could not “read.”

Episode 4
1) Seen on the mysterious mans necklace again twice. Once by Matt Parkman when the Mysterious man comes to clear his memory and once in Las Vegas when the mysterious man comes to take Nathan away from the hotel room.
2) Seen on Chandra Suresh’s book “Activating Evolution” again (x’s 2).
3) Found on the map in Mohinder’s apartment on a post-it note.
4) Niki2 has a tattoo of the symbol on her right upper back.

Episode 5
1) Seen again on Hiro’s katana. It is printed in gold on both the front and the back of the handle.
2) Seen on the mysterious black man’s necklace (X’s 2). Once, when taking Nathan through the parking structure and once when confronting Brody in the hospital.

Episode 6
1) Found on Niki2’s back in the form of a tattoo when she is fighting D.L.
2) Found on a painting of Niki2 by Isaac. The symbol is painted out but Isaac rubs off the paint to reveal it on Niki2’s back.

Episode 7
1) Found on Jessica’s back in the form of a tattoo.

Episode 8
1) Found on the computer monitor in Chandra Suresh’s office.
2) Found on the painting of Jessica.

Episode 9
1) On Jessica’s back (twice – once when shooting the rifle and once when talking with the gun runner)
2) Zach gives Claire a copy of “Activating Evolution”, the symbol is on the cover.
3) Drawn on the Greyhound bus stop sign by hand.
4) Claire is reading her copy of “Activating Evolution”, the symbol is on the cover.
5) On Chandra Suresh’s desktop computer screen.
6) Mohinder has a galley copy of “Activating Evolution”, the symbol is on the cover.
7) The Haitian is wearing the necklace when he captures and subdues Sylar.

Episode 10
1) Chandra gives Gabriel Gray his book “Activating Evolution.” The symbol is on the cover.
2) The book “Activating Evolution” is seen on the desk of Chandra when Gabriel Gray returns his book. The symbol is on the cover.
3) The Haitian is wearing a necklace which has the symbol on it.
4) Gabriel Gray gives the book “Activating Evolution” to Brian Davis. As he is looking over the book Gabriel (Sylar) kills him. The book is seen on the floor in the pool of blood. The symbol is on the cover.

Episode 11
1) The Haitian is wearing his symbol necklace at the Odessa Sherriff’s office. The symbol is on the necklace. (The necklace is seen twice in this episode)
2) Jessica’s tattoo reveals the symbol when she is arguing with Niki in the woods.


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