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Graphic Novel 16 – Wireless – Part Four

"Hana Gitelman was an Israeli Mosad Operative whose Mother and Grandmother were killed in the same suicide attack. Hana’s lust for vengeance was the very thing that kept her out of the field and in the intelligence office. While she excelled at code-breaking, she yearned to fight in the battlefield. One day a man came with an opportunity to do just that. A man with Horn Rimmed Glasses.

The man said he was with the CIA and that Han was being recruited into a special program. Hana was tested. Physically. Mentally.

Hana discovered that she has an spectacular ability. Hana can sense wireless communication. Her mind acts like a computer and interprets e-mails, text messages and satellite signals being sent being sent wirelessly all across the world. This ability has made Hana the perfect spy.

The man in the Horned Rimmed Glasses sent her on a mission to Africa. A scientist had figured out how to genetically alter bacteria. Hana was sent to retrieve the formula from the scientist’s computer, but was captured in the process.”

Present day – Tanzania, Africa

Hana has escaped from the compound of Dr. Henry Strauss but is confronted by armed guards as she tries to flee. She declares her connection with the C.I.A. but in custody in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania she is told that the C.I.A. has no record of her connection to their organization and that the phone numbers she has are all disconnected.

Two months ago – Odessa, Texas

Hana becomes aware of two incision marks, which Matt Parkman and Theodore Sprague had previously discovered, on her neck.

One month ago – Odessa, Texas

Hana realizes that she can sense wireless signals while training with H.R.G. when she senses the wireless signals from a laptop computer.

Two months ago – Israel

Hana is confronted by H.R.G. while on post duty and initiated into his organization, which she believes is the C.I.A..

The past

Hana recounts the moments of her life that have lead to this moment: Her desire for revenge after the death of her mother and grandmother in a terrorist bus crash, her hero-worship of her fighter pilot mother, the incarceration and torture of her grandmother, her own innocence or the combination of all of these things.

Present day – Dar Es Salaam , Tanzania, Africa

Hana realizes that her capture is only temporary as she understands that the computers where she is being held can help her to escape. She manipulates the system to turn the fire sprinklers on and in the confusion takes a gun from a guard and threatens her captor with it. She realizes that she will become a fugitive but also feels more alive than ever. And she escapes… into obscurity.

Now - Missoula, Montana

Hana has taken a new name, Samantha, and moved to Missoula, Montana. She is “lying low” and hiding from the authorities. Hana can read the wireless signal much better in the clear air of Montana as she attempts to locate HRG. He probably does not realize it yet but he has created a new enemy and she is not the only one.

“Who is Hana going to see? Find out January 22nd at 8:30 PM during a very special SNEAK PEAK… and then at 9:00 PM… the return of HEROES!

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