Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Graphic Novel Issue 14: Wireless – Part Two

In part one Hana was “abducted” by HRG. In part two we learn a great deal more about Hana Gitleman.

Tel Aviv, Israel: 1992 - After the death of her mother and grandmother Hana was given a battery of psychological tests which enforced her issues of abandonment and trust.

Location unknown: Present - After her abduction by HRG Hana is taken to a secret government location (somewhere where there is a lot of snow) and given psychical training and tested. Her throwing accuracy with darts with left and right hands, her stamina in deep snow for 20 miles or more and her self-defense skills were tested and honed. Her brain waves were measured and samples taken and she was injected with “vitamins.” We also learn that HRG’s boss (or at least someone higher in the chain of command) is named Thompson and is interested in when Hana will “manifest.” In a flood of information Hana realizes that her special ability is code reading and that she may be a key of some type.

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I certainly can’t wait to see Hana in real life. She seems like she could be a great character. And, even if she never shows on the series it helps to know that Kring and Company are thinking about other additional abilities and characters.


KevnlyB said...

Hey there, glad yer keeping these up during these "aggrevating" down weeks. You ROCK!
Anyway, on page four of Hana's second issue, the complex is listed as being in "The Alaskan Tundra".
Keep up the good work.
Kevin Lee B

The Alternative said...

kevnlyb -->

I agree that the down weeks are aggravating and can't wait for Heroes to start up again. I will continue to update each week as we go. Thanks for the information on the complex. As always, it is good to hear from you again.

The Alternative One