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Monday, January 22nd, 2007 7/8c

Hana / Theodore Preview Commercial

Theodore Sprague is seen in the shack that is lit from the inside, as seen in Heroes commercials. He starts to receive messages on his computer and is trying to figure out what is happening. He types something like, “How are you doing this? I'm not even connected to the Internet.”

“Wireless” replies and sends what looks to be a schematic drawing of some type of ‘gun’ that injects people. “Wireless” also tells him to look at the two needles on the gun, which are in the same configuration as the marks on their necks.

“Teddybear616”, or Ted, says that they should meet. “Wireless” answers back, “turn around” and she is standing there behind him.

Hana Gitelman introduces herself to Theodore Sprague; together they plan to visit HRG. What they have in store for him will not be pleasant… Will he counter with the Haitian? Or does he already know they’re coming? Stay tuned for more…

  • Hana & Ted Preview

  • NBC Press Release: “Godsend”

    Following painful revelations and shocking changes, many “Heroes” struggle to move forward as a new Hero is revealed -- Picking up two weeks after recent events, Nathan's determination to save a comatose Peter forces him to turn to Simone for help. Isaac's puzzling "Hiro vs. T-Rex" painting inspires Hiro and Ando to search for the pictured samurai sword. Jessica struggles against Niki's decision to turn herself into police. With his associate Eden dead and Matt on his heels, H.R.G. tries to focus on his orders regarding Sylar. After being offered a choice by the Haitian, Claire struggles with changes her decision has wrought. Taking up his father's quest, Suresh attempts to share information about who is "on the list" of people with special abilities and the threats to their lives. Meanwhile, a new hero makes a shocking debut.

    Re-cap of Episode Chapter 12: “Godsend”

    Two weeks later…
    Peter lies in a coma in the hospital dreaming of the future when he thinks he causes the explosion that destroys New York. Angela and Nathan Petrelli are visiting and Angela is very unhappy with his treatment.

    Niki/Jessica is being corralled by prison guards, one of which has what seems to be a broken nose and two black eyes, for an interview with her lawyer.

    Claire, keeping the Haitian’s secret, tells HRG that she remembers nothing about the night that Jackie was killed. From the looks He gives him when she leaves we know that she is deceiving him.

    HRG visits Sylar in his cell who looks near dead. A scientist who seems to be in the know concerning Sylar’s “aptitudes” tells HRG that they are “trying to find the code-on switches that define his aptitude” but that they can only detect telekinesis. Hrg tells the scientist that he has been ordered to keep Sylar alive.

    The FBI, headed by Matt Parkman and Audrey Hanson, raid the Primatech Paper Company in Odessa, Texas but do not find Sylar. They do not find Sylar and Matt cannot explain why he can’t read their minds to find him.

    Hiro and Ando are visiting the New York Museum of History and Technology. Hiro views a video about dinosaurs and then tells Ando that he knows that the sword is at the museum. He also tells him that his powers have become weaker since the death of Charlie.

    Still in the coma Peter dreams of the future event when New York explodes. Simone visits and Nathan tells her that Peter said he was “absorbing too many powers.” Nathan asks Simone to take him to Isaac, the artist.

    Micah and D.L. are at home when a strange visitor knocks on the door. He introduces himself as Aaron Mowsky. D.L. gives the briefcase with the 2 million dollars to Mowsky and asks if it is over. Mowsky tells him that D.L. is in Linderman’s debt and that he would know when the debt was called in.

    Back at the museum Hiro relates the story of Takezo Kensei a famous Japanese warrior and we learn the meaning of the symbol. Ando tells us that it is the combination of two Japanese symbols which mean “great talent” and “godsend.” Therefore, the symbol means “a great talent (ability) sent by God.”

    Mohinder discusses the people with special abilities to an FBI agent that has come to his apartment after his phone call. The agent tells Mohinder that a Sarah Ellis, one of the names he gave over the phone, was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head. He then shows Mohinder a picture of Eden McCain.

    Claire confronts Zach and asks if they can be friends. Zach is skeptical of her seemingly belated attempt at friendship. They are both under the impression that neither can remember much about what happened the night Jackie Wilcox was murdered.

    Niki/Jessica is talking to her lawyer when he tells her that the District Attorney is seeking the death penalty. Jessica and then Niki take turns coming out and the lawyer tells her that multiple personality disorders are a hard sell.

    Hiro determines that the only way to get his powers back to full strength is to steal the sword, the center of power. When he squints time does not stop but it does slow down considerably. Hiro takes the opportunity to steal the sword and runs away with it before time returns to normal. When he unsheathes the sword he finds that it is only a replica that was provided by the “Linderman Group.”

    Isaac has returned from rehab and is clean and better yet can still paint. Simone takes Nathan to meet him when Hiro and Ando show up as well.

    Claire is told by the Haitian that her biological parents work for HRG and when she asks him to give Zach back his memories she is told that his gift does not work that way. Claire is determined to find a way to make Zach her friend.

    “Somewhere in the Nevada desert” Theodore Sprague is practicing using and controlling his power.

    Claire asks Zach to video tape her and ascends the abandoned tower, again, and jumps off. She is injured, again, and returns a sternum bone that is sticking out back into her body. Zach begins to realize that perhaps Claire is telling the truth.

    Niki on the phone in prison with Micah and D.L. tells them that Jessica is in prison with her as well. Niki asks to hold her son but the guard refuses. When she yells at him he pulls out a telescoping baton which she takes away from him and snaps in half. Other guards enter the room and pin her to the wall.

    Back at Mohinder’s apartment HRG has paid a visit. He tells Mohinder that they should join forces and that he wants Chandra’s list. Mohinder refuses but HRG gives him a business card and tells him to call if he changes his mind. Mohinder tells HRG that he is going to track down those with abilities and warn them about him.

    Matt tries to convince his wife, Janice, that he can actually read minds.

    Peter, still in a coma, sees the future again but this time there is a bearded man present. In quick flashes we see that Peter dreams that he is a pick-pocket. In the dream Peter tells Nathan that he took Ted’s power but could not control it. Again in his dream, the whole of New York is destroyed in an atomic explosion.

    When Nathan returns from Isaac’s he finds that Peter come out of his coma and has left the hospital.

    Simone tells Hiro that she has a connection to Linderman and that he buys every Isaac Mendez painting he can find. She rolls us the painting of Hiro and the dinosaur and tells Hiro to get into his car as they are going to Las Vegas.

    Peter is walking the streets of New York trying to book air fare to Las Vegas, Nevada on his cell phone when he spots the man who he saw pick-pocketing in his dream. The man is, you guessed it, pick-pocketing. He is shocked that Peter can see him as he is obviously the invisible man. As they struggle we see that Peter too is invisible, absorbing and using the invisible man’s power.

    Mohinder narrates the following outro:
    “In the beginning there is discovery, a confusion of elements, the first snow fall of impossible change. Old lives undone, left behind. Strange faces made familiar. New nightmares to challenge sleep. New friends to feel safe with. Only then comes control. The need to impose order onto chaos. Through determination, Through study. Through struggle. All in defiance of a thundering truth. They’re here and the earth shudders under foot.

    Niki pleads, “Oh God, please help me!”

    And Jessica responds, “Who needs God when you’ve got me?”


    * The reporter giving the news of the union wells High School reopening is Angela Bromstad of Channel 5 KVAV.

    * HRG and the scientist discuss a drug that they have given to Sylar. They call it “Glycymerine.”

    * A lone large cockroach appears to be Sylar’s only companion in his cell.

    * The plaque on the wall at the museum reads, “Property of the New York Museum of History and Technology.”

    * The Japanese warrior that Hiro discusses is named Takezo Kensei and he was born in 1584. (A Google search came up with no matches for this name.)

    * In a quick flash after Hiro finds Takezo Kensei we see a card that describes Kensei. This card gives the birth year of Kensei and mentions tosei gusoku. The term gusoku, or tosei gusoku, describes a complete set of armor of a particular form as used in Japan from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. The gusoku, a superb example of the armorer's art in Japan, is remarkable for its very high quality.

    * Kensei means "sword saint" in Japanese.

    * Angela Petrelli is told by the doctors that Peter is suffering from “persistent idiopathic fever” which means a fever of unknown origin.

    * During Peter's dream/coma sequence Peter dreams of meeting Claude. This is a future event and in the time sequence has not yet takenplace.

    * Hiro tells us the story of Takezo Kensei (or Kensai depending on which scene you use) as follows:
    "Takezo Kensai. My father used to tell me stories about him before bed. He was a wild savage with great power. All of Japan feared him. Until one day he found... a sacred sword, frozen in the snow. From the moment Kensai held it... it focused all his strength. He said the sword let him control his power. And so he became a great leader. A hero. I'm like him. The sword will give me... the control over the power that I need. It's my sacred object. With it my powers will return and I can fulfill my destiny."

    * In the museum a man is holding what looks like a comic book with a samurai warrior on it. Perhaps even Takezo Kensei.

    * The Symbol is the combination of two kanji : SAI and YO. The first kanji: SAI means "great talent". Other meanings include: ability or talent. The second kanji is YO. This translates to "Godsend". Other meanings include: Reward or Granted. I can also mean to cause.

    * Eden McCain’s real name was Sarah Ellis and she was in the custody of LAPD at one time. Her criminal case number was C20 EP1286.

    * Hiro calls Nathan “flying man.”

    * When Micah and D.L. are visiting Niki they are both wearing visitor badges. Micha’s badge says, “Visitor 25” and D.L.’s badge says, “Visitor 27.”

    * Claude is picking pockets and purses in front of the Angelique Café.”

    * One of the DVD’s for sale on the stand when Claude attacks Peter is “The Invisible Man” starring Claude Raines.

    * During Mohinder’s outro the following images can be seen:
    1) Mohinder with Primatech Paper Company business card in hand
    2) Niki being injected with a sedative inside the padded cell in the prison
    3) HRG’s face looking in at Sylar in his cell
    4) Zach and Claire at the abandoned tower
    5) Hiro with the painting/sword holder strapped to his back
    6) D.L. telling Micah that Niki would be okay
    7) Niki/Jessica lying on the floor of the padded cell


    Episode 12
    1) Nathan is taken to meet Isaac by Simone (this is the first time they meet).
    2) Hiro and Ando come to Isaac’s apartment to find Nathan there.
    3) Peter meets the invisible man (Claude) on the streets of New York
    4) Hana Gitelman meets Theodore Sprague “in the desert somewhere in Nevada.” (from preview before episode)
    5) D.L. meets Aaron Mowsky, a representative of Mr. Linderman
    6) Claire meets the Haitian at the abandoned tower.
    7) Claire and Zach reunite as she tries to convince him that they are friends.
    8) HRG visits Mohinder at his father’s apartment, this is the first time these two have actually met face to face.

    Nathan Petrelli

    Episode 12
    1) Nathan visits Isaac after asking Simone to take him there.
    2) Hiro tells Nathan that he will help them stop the explosion.
    3) In Peter’s dream, Nathan is the only one who approaches him during the explosion sequence.

    Peter Petrelli

    Episode 12
    1) Peter is in a coma in the hospital dreaming the future.
    2) Peter tells Nathan that he absorbed too many powers.
    3) When confronting Claude, the invisible man, Peter takes his ability and becomes invisible too.

    Claire Bennett

    Episode 12
    1) Claire deceives HRG into believing that her mind has been wiped by the Haitian.
    2) Claire attempts to win Zach back as a friend.
    3) Claire finds out that her biological parents work for HRG.

    Claire’s “accidents”

    Episode 12
    1) Claire jumps, once again from the abandoned tower in Texas.
    2) A bone sticking out of her sternum is pushed back into place.
    3) A gash on her forehead begins to heal right in front of Zach’s eyes.

    Mr. Bennett (Horn Rimmed Glasses or HRG)

    Episode 12
    1) HRG has duped Matt Parkman concerning the location of Sylar.
    2) HRG visits Mohinder and tries to get him to join his cause.
    3) HRG took surveillance video of Matt on stake out in their parking lot in an attempt to get him thrown off the case.

    Isaac Mendez:

    Episode 12
    1) Isaac has kicked the “H” habit.
    2) Tells Simone that he can still paint without the drugs.
    3) Tells Simone that he still loves her.

    Isaac’s paintings

    Episode 12
    1) Peter and the flying lockers at Union Wells High School.
    2) Hiro and Ando under the Homecoming sign at Union Wells High School.
    3) The Israeli terrorist bus explosion (is this the same bus accident that killed Hana Gitelman’s mother and grandmother?)
    4) A fire truck at the Odessa, Texas train derailment and fire.
    5) Painting of the “exploding man.”
    6) Hiro facing off with the dinosaur.
    7) Sylar, in shadow, standing over the body of the dead cheerleader.
    8) Peter flying, trench coat floating out behind him.
    9) The headshot of Claire Bennet.
    10) Charlie holding a number of plates in her hands at the “Burnt Toast Café.”
    11) The silhouette of Simone.

    Hiro Nakamura

    Hiro’s “events”

    Episode 12
    1) Hiro tells Ando that his powers have become weaker since the death of Charlie.
    2) Hiro attempts to stop time but can only slow it down. He takes this opportunity to steal the sword from the museum.

    Hiro’s Sword

    Episode 12
    1) Belonged to Takezo Kensei, a Japanese warrior.
    2) Has the symbol emblazoned on the handle.
    3) Is a replica provided by the “Linderman Group.”

    Mohinder Suresh

    Episode 12
    1) Is tempted by HRG to join his group but refuses.
    2) Is told by HRG that Eden cared about him much more than she should have.
    3) Tells HRG that he will track down people with abilities and warn them of him.

    Niki / Jessica Sanders

    Episode 12
    1) Is in prison awaiting trial.
    2) Is told by her lawyer that the D.A. is seeking the death penalty.
    3) Displays typical multiple personality disorder traits in front of the lawyer.

    Micah Sanders

    Episode 12
    1) Is injured in a fight at school when he defends his mother from children who called her a “Psycho Killer.”
    2) Visits his mother in prison (?)

    D.L. Hawkins

    Episode 12
    1) Phase shifts through the glass wall separating Niki from himself and Micah.
    2) Returns the two million dollars to one of Linderman’s associates.
    3) Is reminded by Linderman’s associate that a debt is still due.

    Eden McCain

    Episode 12
    1) Forced to suicide by Sylar in Chapter 11 - Deceased
    2) Was found dead with a gunshot would to the head in Ramsey Lake in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, an apparent suicide. Why and how was her body moved to Canada?
    3) Was once arrested by the LAPD (see mug shot)
    4) Eden McCain’s real name was Sarah Ellis.

    Matt Parkman

    Episode 12
    1) Tries to convince his wife that he can read minds.
    2) Is tricked by HRG when Sylar cannot be found on the premises of Primatech paper Company.
    3) Cannot read HRG’s mind because the Haitian is close enough to block him.

    Gabriel Gray - Sylar

    Episode 12
    1) Is in a comatose state in the custody of HRG and his scientist.
    2) Is being used to find the gentic code “switches” that work abilities.
    3) Has a pet cockroach?

    The Symbol

    The symbol appears to be a shadow (or an eclipse) of the human DNA helix. The intersecting horizontal lines seem to be markers where the DNA has mutated. This is possibly the super-genome or a “new” or “mutated” protein that identifies the Heroes. It can be found in too many locations (see below) to be a mere coincidence. Is it a calling card to those with special powers? And will they rally around it?

    Important Note: Tonight we found out the true meaning behind the symbol. At the museum Hiro tells us the story of Takezo Kensei but Ando uncovers the meaning of the symbol when he tells us that it is the combination of two Japanese symbols which mean “great talent” and “godsend.” Therefore, the symbol means “a great talent (ability) sent by God.”

    Episode 12
    1) Found on the sword replica at the museum (multiple shots were shown of this same symbol – at least four that we could count.)
    2) Seen, once again, on the necklace of the Haitian as he walked away at the Primatech Paper Company.

    The Mark (The Partial Symbol?)

    Episode 12
    1) During the preview prior to the episode Hana Gitelman talks to Theodore Sprague about a strange gun that shows the same two marks on its tip.
    2) Hana Gitleman also has the mark on her neck (Graphic Novel” Wireless Part Four”

    Pop-Culture References

    Episode 12
    1) Zach asks Claire if she is auditioning for “America’s Next Top Model.”
    2) Micah tells D.L. that some kids at school were calling Niki “Psycho Killer.” This may be a reference to the Talking Heads song of the same name (1977 “Talking Heads: 77”)


    Newsworthy note: during the airing of tonight’s episode Mohinder was given a business card for Primatech Paper Company (see above image). A link can also be found on the NBC Heroes website. Call the 1-800 number on the card, listen to the prompts, get the code (option # 3) and then go to the website at Primatech Paper Company put in the code (under the Jobs tab) and send off your information. It seems additional information will be supplied to those on the mailing list. It gives new meaning to the question, "Are you on the list?"


    You will have to enter personal information to the Primatech site to get the messages.

    P.S. My code was “mt36”

    Contacting Primatech Paper

    1-800-PRIMA16 (1-800-774-6216)

    The recorded message is as follows:

    “Thank you for calling Primatech paper. All operators are currently assisting other customers. If you know your parties access number you may enter it at any time during this recording.

    To reach our sales department press 1
    To reach our shipping department press 2
    To reach our personnel department press 3
    For all other questions please try us again later

    To reach our sales department press 1
    To reach our shipping department press 2
    To reach our personnel department press 3
    For all other questions please try us again later

    Thank you for calling Primatech: paper, people, performance since 1962.

    Option 1:
    Our sales associates are currently assisting other customers. To learn more about Primatech Paper please visit us online at www dot primatech paper dot com or try us again later. To return to the main menu press the star key.

    Option 2:
    Our representatives are currently assisting other customers. Please visit us online at www dot primatechpaper.com or try us again later. To return to the main menu press the star key.

    Option 3:
    Primatech Paper is always on the lookout for motivated people with abilities that fit our needs. Please visit us at www dot primatech paper dot com and click on job opportunities.

    Enter the following code to access the application: mt36. If you would like us to alert you to other opportunities via text message please enter your cell number followed by the pound sign. To return to the main menu press the star key.

    Thank you for calling Primatech: paper, people, performance since 1962.”
    After calling the Primatech number and following the instructions a number of e-mails and text messages will be sent to you. Below are the messages that I have received to date from the Primatech Paper Company (after entering the code and your personal information):

    E-mail Message:
    From: Primatech Paper
    Date: Monday, January 22, 2007 8:00 PM
    Subject: Important Message from Primatech Paper
    Thank you for your interest in Primatech Paper. We will be in contact once we evaluate your application.

    Text Messages:
    "From: 46622
    Thank you fro your interest in Primatech Paper and taking the time to complete our employment application. To receive updates by text message, reply JOBS. 8:00 pm 1/22/07"

    “From: 46622
    Sorry, you texted (jobs)jobs, which we didn't understand. Please check the spelling and try again, or reply HELP for more info. 12:49 am 1/23/07”

    "From: 46622
    Thank you. A Primatech Paper representative will be contacting you in a few weeks with the next steps. 12:54 am 1/23/07”

    Enter your cell phone number under option 3 above and you receive the following message:

    “From: 46622
    Would you like to hear more about Primatech Opportunites via text message? Reply YES now. 11:40 am 1/23/07”

    "From: 46622
    You'll be hearing from me again soon. We have a lot to do together. 11:46 am 1/23/07"

    More about Primatech Paper Company:

    If you point your browser to http://primatech.mlogic.mobi/ you'll find yourself at another primatech page with three links: Products, Careers and About Us. Clicking on Products takes you to another page (see below). Clicking on "click here" will take you to the Careers page. The phone number is also a hot link but apparently is not yet available as the page is not found.


    We are proud to offer a full array of paper products designed to meet every imaginable use. From large-format banners, to everyday copier paper, to our unique "RainbowTM" line of vibrant colors designed to be both visually appealing and sharply printable, Primatech has just the right product at just the right price. To order a catalog or to get more information, call toll-free at (800) PRIMA16 (800-774-6216) and one of our sales reps will be happy to speak with you.

    And if you're interested in joining the Primatech Paper family, click here to complete our employee application. We're always on the lookout for great new talent."


    Thank you for your interest in joining the Primatech Paper family.

    Please take your time to complete the following application form completely and honestly. One of our HR representatives will be calling you shortly should you meet our qualifications. Good luck!"
    Enter you name and cell phone number and you'll be directed to a page that has the simple message:

    "Trying to crack into this thing. I’ll let you know how when I do. Give me about a week."

    We presume that this is a message from Hana. More to follow...

    "About Us

    Since 1962, Primatech Paper has been an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality paper products to retail outlets around the world.

    Whether your company caters directly to the consumer or to Fortune 500 companies, Primatech offers a wide-range of products to suit all of your paper supply needs.

    As a concerned corporate citizen and conscientious neighbor, Primatech has paved the way in the use of environmental best-practices to protect the rain forests and our neighbors. We also pride ourselves on forward-thinking benefits packages and work/life programs for our employees, because we know that retaining great people is the bedrock of our success.

    Paper. People. Performance. That's Primatech Paper."

    Text Message:
    "From: 46622
    Hav u applied @ www.primatech.com? Pswrd is MT36. Do this so we can strt wrking 2gether to bring ‘em all down. 7:24pm 1/24/07."

    Missing letters from this message then are: e yo at aso a o to th


    Anonymous said...

    According to the cast commentary, when Niki/Jessica snaps the baton in half, it is the first time that Niki is aware that she did so under her power, that Jessica didn't do it.

    The Alternative One said...

    You could tell that Niki was very surprised when she broke the baton. And we could tell, without doubt, that it was definitely Niki and not Jessica. The look on her face told it all. The question is... where is this going? While the Niki/Jessica storyline is my least favorite they certainly have given us something to think about. And, poor Micah - both his parents are considered criminals and both will soon be fugitives. Yes, you heard it here first - Niki will escape from prison! (I don’t see another way out for her.)

    Grace said...

    yay! heros is back on! but whats up with all the info on the paper?

    The Alternative One said...

    Nice to hear from you again Grace! The Primatech Paper Comany information if for an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) which NBC launched on Monday, January 22nd. I am posting a little bit each week concerning the game but will not be heavily or actively playing... just lurking and reporting. Thanks again for posting a comment.

    Grace said...

    ohh.... ok! that makes more sence... i thought you had suddenly become really intrusted in paper. do you have any ideas how Nathan could have exploding guy's power? It seems like he has no control over it. it's so nice to have the mysteries of 'Heros' back!

    Sam said...

    the symbol is also a tatoo on nikki's back. u see it on her in the episode where she fought with DL in their home, u also see it in Isac's painting of her.

    Starseeker said...

    Thanks for doing the entire phone thing, alternative - as always, your slavish attention to detail wins you my allegiance and fealty as Lord of Heroes. =)

    I wasn't about to call 1800 U.S. numbers. =)

    In Aussie news, Heroes premiered it's first ep wednesday just past. I'm feeling from talking to random people that the feedback is highly positive - all the closet comic book nerds NOT at the forefront of internet stuff are jumping on the bandwagon. =)

    Unfortunately, one of our not so smart newspapers (The Age - A Melbourne based daily) decided to post each 'Hero' from the first eleven eps, with all their abilities and bios included. Needless to say, this probably totally spoiled the fun of watching for anyone reading it.

    In other other news, (since you've got a Lost blog as well) I saw an interesting entry in another blog (just in case I'm not supposed to directly post other people's blogs here, I'll just tell you to google "Heroes vs. Lost: The Rumble in the Sci-Fi TV Jungle" if you wanna find it) doing a categorical comparison of the first season of lost vs. the first 11 eps of heroes, written just before the interim.

    It's all very interesting: 8/21/07 is now my favourite set of secret numbers too. =)

    Keep it up!
    Your devoted reader. =)

    Grace said...

    YAY!!!!! heros is on tonight. If you have forgotten, (which if you have that is sad becuase this is BIG info) we find out claires daddy. ALSO: see the movie 'bring it on: all or nothing' it has hayden (claire) in it and she playes a cheerleader, too. she is a great actress in this also!!!!

    Starseeker said...

    What's happened to alternative?

    You haven't posted on any of your blogs for the last two weeks!

    Hope you're okay man.

    Neway - I know I keep saying it every few episodes, but Heroes 14 is the mostest besterest episode evar!


    grace said...

    Yea, i'm worried. i hope he isn't suffering from post-finding-out-claires-dad-syndrom

    Starseeker said...

    Hahahaha... Good 1 grace.

    Okay, thoughts on ep 14 (even though it's totally in the wrong place)

    When he becomes overwhelmed by his powers (just before Claude punches him out), you hear the distinct sound of digitized signals and perhaps a modem as well.

    My belief is that Hana Gitelman (read the nbc web comics) is around somewhere!

    Claire's dad
    Totally freaked me out. I was guessing during the ep that Claire's dad was Claude. Cause such a anti-social badass dude must have some kind of backstory involving getting people close to him hurt. What better than a wife and child burned to death in an inferno?

    Which begs the question - if you'll excuse my french, I wonder if there is a woman on earth that Nathan Petrelli has not already done the dirrrrty with?

    Is smoking hot!
    Her accent makes it even more sexy. Oh man... I love Heroes.

    What's not to like about the plot progression so far? Ando gets a crush on Hiro's sister (imho, *not* very pretty by asian standards), Hiro gets off scot-free in a very intelligent move (a bit unchracteristic, perhaps? He doesn't usually show such good 'social smarts', or maybe we are asked to make an exception in this case, since he is in his element with his own family's political struggles) and we get to see George Takei in yet another TV series. Very cool.

    Hiro's Dad
    I was gunning for him to be Linderman (cause wouldn't that be cool?)
    But now that it's revealed that he's just some guy here to bring his eldest back in line, the Gaijin thug's (white guy thug) comments in Japanese don't really make much sense anymore - it's far more ominous than it needs to be.

    I wonder why (even under instruction) the thug would be so rude and threatening to his own boss' son, given that Hiro's dad was realy to give him near absolute power as Vice Executive President.

    Her storyline continues to not really be very engaging, and there is not much character development (she's the same crazy split personality girl the whole way through). The only 'change' we see in this story line is the addition of D.L. and Niki sleeping with Nathan. While the dynamic between the family does change, we just keep seeing the same stuff we've seen for the last 13 episodes. i.e. Jessica is strong, Niki tries to stop it, but is powerless against Jessica's evilness, Niki/Jessica talk to each other through mirrors, Linderman's a bad guy who makes people do bad stuff, her son likes playing scrabble.

    We found out every single one of those tidbits in the first 2 eps of Heroes, and it hasn't really gone anywhere in 12 episodes.

    Still not a fan of this storyline.

    Simone and Issac
    Damn Issac is one smooth dude (not to mention totally hot). I'm confused as to Simone's feelings - they're not really very consistent - though perhaps all her actions make sense to women. (no offense intended)

    Concering Simone and Issac's rooftop conversation: is Peter really that far away when wathcing themto realise that the situation is not really as bad as he thinks it is? Cause if he was really the sneaking boyfriend that Claude makes him out to be, wouldn't be lean in a little more (since he's invisible anway) to listen in on the conversation, and realise that Simone speaks of their relationship in past tense?

    That's pretty insecure for a guy that seems so sure of other things.

    God complex
    Of course Mohindir has a god complex, he's a biologist (*cue comedy drums*). So I figure that his ambitions to fine Heroes and 'just tell them about what they are' seem a bit small and short sighted for someone of his vision. He was willing to chase dream all over the world - doesn't his imagination extend beyond that?

    Peter's god complex (I'm important, I'm important, I do stuff, I'm not bad) is starting to grate a little bit. I know it's the character, but perhaps the character should be allowed to develop a bit more into other things - we need to see OTHER goals he has, and if he doesnt have other goals, then we should give some screentime to other characters who need it, instead of continually reinforcing what is known.

    Imho, the webcomics are totally awesome, esp during the haitus period.

    The artwork AND storyline in "Super Heroic" (the one where Peter is dreaming in a Coma) is very lacklustre, though - that's the only one that has let me down in terms of quality of artwork, and expansion of 'Heroes' lore - it just reiterates the saviour complex that Peter has.

    Other stuff
    I'm hoping Peter will just explode already and get this story arc done with, because it's starting to drag a little bit.

    Micro-plot holes and (imho) inconsistencies in characterisation , continual tying of every single character together combine to just to keep the tension level just a little exhausting, as we're waiting week after week for a single event to happen.

    Grace said...

    thanx for leaving that starseeker. however- i have toagree with you on the nikki/jessica thing because if i remember correctly, in the begining of 'Heroes' jessica trapped nikki in the mirror, or the other way around.


    also--- alternive, if u are reading this, i hope thta your better! It would totally stink if you missed an episode of the show.
    O! maybe your just working on your lost blog...

    Starseeker said...

    Hi Grace!

    Fwoar, we're like a day from episode 15, and the blog is sitting on ep 12...

    i'm really paranoid something bad has happened - most of alternative's previous posts have come up like clockwork.

    Maybe he's living it up in the Bahamas on holiday or something?

    =) *fingers crossed*!

    Starseeker said...

    Alternative's last post was on Jan 26th, on his fan fiction Lost blog, which was about three weeks ago...

    I'm just paranoid - maybe he's got a real life and a few missed posts on a blog is nothing out of the ordinary. :D

    Grace said...

    heroes was so good last night!!!! sorry i havent been here in a while, my computer died :( . anyway- i really hope alternive is ok! i would stink if he missed an episode! or 3! anyway- lets all hope that he comes back soon!

    Grace said...

    hey yall! i just made a blog and my new posts to this blog will be as 'coolerdancer' . here is my blog!!! http://ruondalist.blogspot.com/

    grace said...

    AH!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE IS ALTERNIVE?????

    byrev said...

    MOST POWERFULL POWER IS: "Mind Materialization" ... so U can HAVE Any Power you Think or Materialization object or situation !!! :)) COOOLL ... some one from this series must take this ideea and make real this new character !!!
    Original ideea from BYREV: "Mind Materialization Power"

    Grace said...

    byrev- there is already a charcter like that- Peter Patrelli. he just has to remember how he felt when someone who had that power was near him.



    Grace said...

    AHHH!!!!! PETER is dead, SYLAR took his power, ALTERNIVE is missing, HIRO didn't save the world (yet i think) and HEROES isn't coming back untill april! what is the world coming to?

    Grace said...

    AHHH!!!!! PETER is dead, SYLAR took his power, ALTERNIVE is missing, HIRO didn't save the world (yet i think) and HEROES isn't coming back untill april! what is the world coming to?

    Grace said...

    k.... i am really worried now.... what happened to starseeker and alternive?? its like they just dissapeared!!!!!!! i hope that u r still watching heroes because u r both the biggest fans ever!!!!

    grace said...

    What the heck??????? where is everybody? heros starts tomorrow!

    Grace said...

    even if you are just looking, plz post a comment! thanx!!!!

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